Drag racing my new 85P

Drag racing my new 85P

I spent Saturday arvo at the Samoa Drag Strip in NorCal where I live. I drag raced solo and several times against various street rods in the 1/4 mile. The S blew them all away except a 600 hp 2013 Camaro Z28 which caught me in the last couple 100 yards. I would have beat him except for breaking traction at the start due to deteriorating track conditions and the fact that I had a 225 pound passenger on board. Best time: 12.58 seconds and 118 mph. There was much interest and marveling at the S. even the hard core gasoline alley types were agog with the speed and styling. I made about 6 or seven runs and only took 15 or 20 miles off the range in total. I'd love to calculate the amount of "fuel" that used vs the Camaro which probably drank down 3 or 4 gallons per run. Also, mine is 100% sun fuel by 7 kw solar array at home. Elon, we love you, brother!

Litennn | 15. Juli 2013

I will be taking mine to the track as soon as my friend finishes his Hot Rod so we can go head to head.
Since his will be belching Fire I added the ION drive to my Tesla.

Brian H | 15. Juli 2013

Don't forget to add the dry ice fogger.

THEKING | 15. Juli 2013

12.58 in the 1/4 and you were beating all cars.
were you racing against prius and volt's (lol)