Elon Seemed Sad on Conference Call

Elon Seemed Sad on Conference Call

Elon seemed a little sad on the conference call, like something was wrong in his personal life. Maybe he is having issues with his one of two ex's.

DTsea | 11. Februar 2015

Or maybe missing his numbers and losing more money and having 1400 cars stuck on late ships bummed him out.

risingsun | 11. Februar 2015

Hard to tell. He was just overseeing a successful rocket launch an hour and 20 minutes before the conference call.

risingsun | 11. Februar 2015

But he sounded emotionally off like someone just broke up with him. He could hold it together if it was just some bad numbers.

eltonf | 11. Februar 2015

He sounded exactly like he always sounds. I think you're reading too much into it, maybe looking for an issue.

risingsun | 12. Februar 2015

He seemed a little perturbed. I love the guy and think he is amazing, just saying.

Captain_Zap | 12. Februar 2015

He wasn't sad. He was frustrated and he wanted to set the record straight. I was at an event where he spoke and he said that he would make a statement and he expected the outcome would be positive for the stock and the opposite happened. He was flabbergasted. That is why he will not take SpaceX public.

Even though Elon wanted to set the record straight in the earnings call, it appears that it is not what the "press" is reporting, again.

I feel bad for him.

Captain_Zap | 12. Februar 2015

Welcome back, BTW. The stock didn't dip enough for you?

logicalthinker | 12. Februar 2015

Can somebody post a link to the recording?

And why are these conference calls, not video chats?
No, seriously? It seems rather grossly outdated.

logicalthinker | 12. Februar 2015

ah. I *think* this is the call. Or is this another call?

Red Sage ca us | 12. Februar 2015

Yes. He is sad. He is bummed about stupid reporters asking the exact same idiotic, leading, loaded questions he has already answered, over and over and over again, as if they didn't hear him any of the 38,764 times he answered them before. He is POd that no matter how well the company does, TheStreet, MotleyFool, and [SHARK ASSAULT] will continue to misrepresent what he says and and intends for his company. He doesn't understand how people can be so willfully stupid -- on purpose. He doesn't comprehend how people thrive on jealousy and envy. He is a decent human being, with a brain the size of a planet, and may at times wonder if it is even worth the effort of saving people who are incessantly trying to destroy him before his work is complete. If not for his boys, he just might consider the option of saying, "Screw this -- I'm out!"

Plus, he has a bunch of [FARGIN' BASTIDGE ICEHOLES] telling him he has to be 'more professional'... That he has to 'keep his mouth shut'... So that he 'doesn't give away too much'... As if there is anybody around who has an inkling of even how to begin to start to try to consider the outside possibility of maybe attempting to compete with Tesla Motors on an even footing -- some day. And that doesn't even count the well meaning observers and advisors and lawyers and fans who want to bend his ear to drop some little insignificant tidbit of what they think he ought to do every other 3.14 seconds. It's enough to make one consider that maybe Howard Hughes had good reason to lock himself up in a hotel room in Las Vegas with restricted access.

He really wishes there were someone else around to take the reigns and run Tesla Motors the right way, by his direct example, and keep it on course to the proper goal instead of being sidetracked by the annoying voices of conservative reason that want you to go slower, take your time, don't be so rigid in your beliefs, or firm in your stand about making affordable cars, and why not just remain a niche supplier of 'Toys for the Rich', and who cares if Toyota wants to use your batteries in a Prius or Mirai as long as the checks clear, and why not take Mercedes-Benz money to make their plugin-hybrid S-Class the best it can be, so that we can take the money and run, reduce CAPEX by eliminating expansion plans, and just send a couple of cents per share each quarter to every stockholder like a good boy. Uh... No.

It would be nice if he could simply cuss people out... except that it wouldn't be very nice. So you just muddle your way through the horrible 75 minutes or so of the quarterly conference call and hope like heck no one asks you to release a 500 mile battery and forget about building the Model ☰ at all. You know what? [FOUL, FILTH, FLARN, FOXTROT, PHLEGM, FORGET] YOU, MAN!

Basjames | 12. Februar 2015

Reg sage

Very well said. I totally agree. And, while I'm in this mood I have to comment on the large amounts of whining coming from south of the border.
Us Canadians can now pay up to $155,000. for a P85D. I have a P85 and have ordered a D. But, we are very very happy to have the car, we are not going to whine.

gabriel_babin | 12. Februar 2015

@Red Sage ca us

Beleive me or not, Tesla Motors is exactly the company I've always wanted to form for 4 years. At that time I've been really concerned about the global warming so I began to research about the solutions by reading some books and checking articles on the Internet... Then I discovered Tesla Motors. At the first glimmpse I wasn't much hyped by it because there was only the Roadster for sale (that was a niche) and didn't know about the Master Plan. So I let it go a bit. Time passed and in mid 2013 I returned on the site of Tesla Motors and began to check on the forum and on the web for articles and news about it. I then quickly discovered the master mind behind this company: Elon Musk. I'm following the company since that time. Tesla Motors is just "awesomness" in a can and this is exactly how I've always seen my company. It's like a train that cannot be stopped. It blows my mind everytime. Elon is doing what I was thinking for 4 years, but he came first without I knew it. It feels a bit like it's my "baby" even if I've never worked for Tesla. So today I'm really happy to see this company that shakes things up.

Now you would say : what were you doing during those 4 years ? Well, I was studying in CEGEP (the thing between high school and university we have in Quebec) and I went to the labor market for 1 year. I rapidly realized that I did not like my work and if I wanted to do what I have in my mind, it would be better for me to get an engineering diploma. I'm now in my second session at university in electric engineering. I'm not even sure to start an electric car company after my bachelor degree. Why ? Because I don't want be in the way of Elon, I don't want to compete with him. I can't see myself doing this. He is my inspiration. In other hand, I can surely see myself working with him. Ah! It would be such an honor. This is my dream right now.


mille | 12. Februar 2015

Gabriel, it's good to see that you have a dream and it's probably going to happen with a lot of work. Passion will guide your way to Tesla.

Keep up the good work!

dlake | 12. Februar 2015

If the SpacEX launches are anything like NASA shuttle launches, people involved usually get very little sleep before the launch. He may also have been stressed out about the weather being too severe and seas too rough to recover the rocket after launch.

That being said, he might need to delegate more responsibility/authority to JB and crew at Tesla. It must be difficult to be CEO of two high profile companies.

drax7 | 13. Februar 2015

Red Sage I agree totally with your view.

Steve Jobs never got a favorable review on the release of any of his products
During his lifetime.

To listen to that moron of a Cramer critique Elon infuriates me . When I was short bear sterns at around
80 per share ,
He kept pumping it up until I was forced to cover. To then see the company collapse a few months later.

carlgo2 | 13. Februar 2015

Anal-ists know no more than monkeys as proven by dart-throwing experiments. Since they can't actually predict anything, they make their money by manipulating the market up and down. They have the most useless jobs in society.

Musk makes the mistake of trying to convince them on rational grounds. They do not care. He should know that and not invest too much emotional energy in any attempt to get them to some level of enlightenment, any more than you can train snakes.

I think Jobs was in a similar situation, but was a bigger psychopath than any of them. They came to respect that, as a bad golfer respects a pro. Musk needs to channel his inner evil and cast it upon them.

Watt fun | 13. Februar 2015

Gabriel +1

Red Sage ca us | 13. Februar 2015

Gabriel: Git 'er done. Don't be evil.

Brian H | 13. Februar 2015

There's no one to "take the reigns" yet, or the reins, either. Maybe he's breeding his own successors?

Red Sage ca us | 13. Februar 2015

I knew that looked funny...


SamO | 13. Februar 2015


Elon is groom JB Straubel for succession purposes.

Elon will "leave" to work full-time at SpaceX on getting to Mars.

And launching worldwide internet satellites.

GeekEV | 14. Februar 2015

I really like Elon's open and frank style, even if he sometimes says things he probably shouldn't. He's an engineer and likes to talk about what's possible and what's being worked on and all the cool ideas he has. I'm am engineer too (software variety though) and I absolutely eat that stuff up. I often get frustrated at the lack of transparency and honesty from other companies. I can tolerate and forgive a lot of you're just truthful with me and sincere in your efforts to fix it.

Bryan.whitton | 15. Februar 2015

GeekEV You are so right on about this whole honesty thing. I have been very clear with my kids and my employees. It doesn't matter what goes on, tell me the truth! The only one that can shut down the company is me. Your mistakes or missteps are learning points only. I am not interested in blame, just corrections.

It amazes me that that simple request can be ignored. My kids learned it and to this day we have a wonderful relationship. There are of course limits on what we share(there are topics no kid wants a parent to share:-)). But I was always amazed that there would be a problem with others learning that. I have had several employees that did learn it and we have had a wonderful relationship. Others that couldn't and they were no longer employed. I cannot support and respect a person that lies, even if it is a lie of omission.

Red Sage ca us | 15. Februar 2015

GeekEV & bryan.whitton: +42 UP! Precisely! I'm a big fan of The TRUTH. Honest, straightforward, direct, to the point. Simplicity at its finest. Those with an engineering mindset typically want to share their discoveries and their enthusiasm in the accomplishments of others.

ragtopday | 15. Februar 2015

He is getting divorced for the second time from the same wife

Go to the link to see her picture she is really hot looking. I think any red blooded man would be upset about loosing her even though he was the one that filed for the divorce. I have been divorced twice and it was one of the most dipressing things I have ever been thru

It’s now being widely reported that Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has filed for divorce again.

According to TMZ:

“Elon Musk is pulling the plug for the second time on his marriage to Talulah Riley — and she’s leaving with a $16 million payday.”

“The CEO of Tesla Motors and his actress wife originally married in 2010 and split 2 years later. Talulah got a $4.2 million settlement that time.”

The pair remarried in 2013, but TMZ reports that Musk filed for divorce last night on New Year’s Eve.



Remnant | 20. Februar 2015

Yet, there may be another reason for grief at Tesla:

"Tesla CEO Elon Musk told Bloomberg Businessweek this month that Apple was seeking to hire away his workers, offering $250,000 signing [up] bonuses and 60 percent salary increases."