Everyone has an agenda - NYT, Tesla, Market place

Everyone has an agenda - NYT, Tesla, Market place

listened to Market Place today, they commented on the whole kerfuffle, had a commentator from Wired - who, while she didn't slam Tesla didn't exactly come to their defense either. Leaving open the possibility that Tesla may have been ill advised in "inviting NTY" to test the car on a road trip. I was left at the end of the interview feeling that market place didn't quite present the story the correct way…

this evening I learned two things:

a) the commentor's husband was fired from Tesla
b) she is currently working for Nissan and helping them market the Leaf

somehow I feel this should've been disclosed - because it would add further color to the commentator's perspective...which I now feel was deeply biased.

everyone has an agenda…

Brian H | 14. Februar 2013

Hm, d'ya suppose hubby was fired because he had a biased TV commentator wife?

RedShift | 14. Februar 2013

Doctor, I was listening to that piece as well. I share your feelings regarding the reporter. Didn't know about the firing. Thanks for sharing.

RedShift | 14. Februar 2013

Meant to say dortor.

jat | 14. Februar 2013

@dortor - what, are you expecting journalistic integrity? Have you been on this planet long? :)

GeirT | 15. Februar 2013

We are Brodered.

archibaldcrane | 15. Februar 2013

Heard it on my drive into work this morning, don't think it was a particularly unfair assessment.

dortor | 15. Februar 2013

I agree - it was certainly not a hatchet job - but she didn't point out numerous issues with the NYT article…she was not overtly negative, but I would've expected more an an outright dismissal of the NYT information.

peahl | 15. Februar 2013

You are so right.
Journalism is never about truth or accuracy it is just about money.
First about the money the writer needs to feed himself and then about the money the company the writer writes for need for the welth of it's owners. I am 68 years old and from my experience if there is something published in a newspaper about something in my environment where I know the facts, let's say I know the person or the locations where the writing is about, in 100% of those cases there is something inaccurate, the spelling of the first or last name, the spelling of the street name or the house number etc. So take everything that is published just as the opinion of the writer or the company he/she writes for and do not look for truth or accuracy. The same is true for this, it is just my opinion and if I spelled something wrong (english is not my first language) so let it go.

Brian H | 15. Februar 2013

The problem is not spelling; it's selection of facts and adjectives.

peahl | 16. Februar 2013

I knew that I would step on the feet of some people that do not value accuracy and do not care about sloppy workmanship like the not tightened bolts or the missing hill assist.

amf6 | 16. Februar 2013

Dortor: I share your impression of the piece. Vaguely negative, certainly not positive, and not well informed. Mediocre journalism.

kalikgod | 16. Februar 2013


I didn't catch the piece. Is it online anywhere? Link? From your description, it sounds like the "reporter" was Chelsea Sexton. She just wrote this article for Wired, I am guessing this was basically a repeat of the same.

Assuming it was Mrs. Sexton, she is a legit EV supporter. I would say her expertise is marketing, not journalism however. She was on the original GM EV1 marketing team and has stayed active in the EV industry ever since. She co-founded Plug In America, and was heavily featured in the documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car".

As far as Nissan, they sought her out to try to help them understand their own LEAF customers as they were struggling to handle the expectations with regards to battery performance and degradation.

Her husband was let go from Tesla (6 - 12 months ago?) after many years (3 or 4) working there (in service?). Sorry memory is failing me a bit there, but remember reading something about it when he was let go. I don't think she has any bone to pick with Tesla as a company, but maybe with some selective service managers there.

She has been a steady advocate for the EV industry for 10+ years. She does have her own feelings on how EVs should be marketed and they often conflict with the approach taken by the manufacturers, including Tesla.

I feel like I need to add a disclosure that she is not a friend of mine, I have never met her, and I actually love that Elon came after NYT.

torst1 | 16. Februar 2013

Stop whining will you?
Let it go. It is over now. The rest of the world stopped caring already.

So NYT was wrong, Sir Tesla spoke his mind, CNN tested case closed.
Some people will try to milk every story to the max. Things might go like that in the media. They've done before with the Top Speed show.

People forget and they don't care. Easy as that. There are thousand's of reviews on the net every day. Some are slaughtered, and some does not deserve it. World moves on - yet you keep whining. Let it go before you pop a vane.

Brian H | 16. Februar 2013

Bull. The NYT is not any old paper. Many/most of the papers in the country live on NYT reruns/reprints/rewrites. Its decline in quality has been traced by almost every one of them. It needs to be called out.

Perhaps EM believed his appeal to their better natures would work. I laughed.

EVMD | 13. September 2013

That is why you need to watch FOUX sorry FOX news to be informed