Experience with Rear facing child seats

Experience with Rear facing child seats

Hi Forum,

I was hoping to see if anyone has gotten these delivered/installed and what your experience has been? They told us it would be a few months before they were available in any mass quantity. Few basic questions:

1. Are they easily foldable (ie single person can do it without a lot of strength?)
2. Can they be permanently removed (ie once the kids are grown up)?
3. Do your kids actually like being back there?
4. Do kids complain at all about dizziness/nausea (ie moving forward but visually looking backwards can cause equilibrium issues and motion sickness for some people)?

Honestly, I think I only got them so I can say "I'm throwing the kids in the trunk" without child protective services coming after me. Unfortunately now threatening kids by saying we're going to throw you in the trunk if you don't quiet down really won't have the same effect ... oh well, will have to start threatening with the frunk. ;>)

xradr | 30. August 2013

Thanks for the thread bump Brian H. It reminded me to give a 6 month update.

The kids still love/prefer the jump seats. One thing I would highly recommend is a heavy rear tint (15% or equivalent worked for us). Sun/heat really builds up back there, despite AC, etc can get quite hot in the summer. Cheers all and happy driving!!!!


J.T. | 30. August 2013


You're probably going to have to start a thread for your answer.

earlyretirement | 30. August 2013

@jtodtman - I got my answer from Tesla. My DS confirmed that there is NO safety latch for this back seat, which is surprising to me. I'll try to make a YouTube video this weekend to highlight the problem.

But my Delivery Specialist's answer was "tell your kids not to touch the button in the middle while the car is moving".

Those of you that have young kids know that when kids aren't paying attention or in the event of an accident where the car gets hit or something and the kids get frazzled, they might accidentally hit the button that folds the seat down.

Initially I was worried about the safety of the back seat from an impact. Then with all the talk from Elon about how safe it was and how the car is reinforced, I wasn't worried. I never imagined I'd be worried from the standpoint that these seats can easily come down if your kid accidentally hits the button.

I do think in future models they will really need to add some safety feature to address this problem. I can't imagine I'm the only one that had this happen. And keep in mind it happened to me on the first day picking up the car. In real life driving around with kids, I could see it happening to others.

I'm not complaining as I LOVE the car. I just don't want to see Tesla suffer in the event of a serious accident and a potential lawsuit as I think it could have been designed better with a safety latch so it can't move while the car is in motion.

Brian H | 30. August 2013

About the IR block; I believe TM now adds it to the rear window. The newer cars should have less need for aftermarket tint.

201w77 | 01. September 2013

@earlyretirement- can't you just change the control setting for "child locks" to ON? ...or is this only for the two back doors?

@bent- I just assumed that a reinforced feature (second bumper) to protect the occupants of the jump seats from a rear end collision would have some "residual" safety value in protecting others in the car (outgrown kids now sitting in the second row) from a potentially serious rear end collision. Do you see it differently?

bent | 01. September 2013

201w77: a completely rigid car (built like a tank with inch-thick steel) would transfer all of the forces of a crash to the occupants and generally break every bone in their bodies in any serious accident. To prevent this from happening, instead of being completely rigid cars are built with crumple zones that absorb the impact at the cost of destroying the car. A "reinforced bumper" is presumably quite rigid and so in general would tend to increase g forces on the occupants as compared to having a normal crumple zone in its place. The only reason it would make sense to have the extra bumper is that it prevents the chassis from crushing the third row occupants as it crumples, but then possibly at some cost to the first and second seat occupants.

Normally you would want to have a crumple zone along the whole baggage area of the car, sacrificing everything in your cargo space as the rear of the car gets squished in order to protect first and second rows. But with a third row you no longer wish to sacrifice your third row kids as a crumple zone and so you put in the rigid bumper to stop the crumpling just short of squishing them. As the impact reaches the bumper and stops crumpling there will be a sudden jolt to everyone in the car, possibly causing injury. But this is still preferable to crumpling your kids.

Again, this is armchair speculation and I have no idea what the engineering actually looks like in this case.

MichaelN | 01. September 2013

My jump seat came with the car, but there was an issue with the seat back engaging - after several attempts at fixing the problem Tesla decided to replace the jump seat assembly and sent a ranger to do so -it took about 30 minutes - I watched so that I would know how to take them out - two bolts hold the seats flip-up hinges in place - snap off the cover and remove the bolts, take out the seat - I don't know if the snap covers would reinstall without the seat in place, but if not maybe Tesla will come up with a snap cover that will fit -
remember to put the bolts back in - they hold the engine in place - just kidding, thought a little humor might help the digestion -

MichaelN | 01. September 2013

201w77 - In reading some info on the third row seat protection, it said that the third row seats require a second bumper and further that this makes that seating the safest in the car - I didn't know this when I bought the jump seats, but knowing it now makes me glad I did -

markapeterman | 01. September 2013

How is this different from them just unbuckling their seatbelt?
My kids have never done this in 8 months, but I explained what it was and how dangerous it could be, just like unbuckling. I agree that they could make it harder to unlatch, but I like how simple they are to fold up also.

201w77 - The control to the back hatch is disabled when the car is in gear.