Falcon Wing Door Opening?

Falcon Wing Door Opening?

Sorry if this has been discussed before, but how will the doors be able to open in any parking space (I.e. Costco), especially with a large suv (I.e.Chevy Tahoe) beside you?
Any explanation or guesses would be appreciated.


jordanrichard | 03. September 2015

It will actually take less space than a conventional door. The doors are double hinged. there is a hinge on the roof and then another at the edge where the roof becomes the side of the vehicle. So initially the door goes straight up and the door part stays vertical, then at a point the whole thing swings out and up. You can go to the X page on the site and there is an excellent example on how the doors will work.

proven | 03. September 2015

The one thing you'll have to watch out for is your head. Yes the doors go up first and then out, but for someone standing near the door they need to watch out!

vandacca | 03. September 2015

[humour]Especially if you're on a bike. Decapitation is a real concern. ;-) [/humour]

jordanrichard | 03. September 2015

Yes indeed, it could be like a skit from Monty Python....." it's only a flesh wound..."

Seriously though I do think it is going to be a real issue in people's garages. Yes, the doors will have sensors to prevent it from hitting the ceiling, but if the doors don't go high enough, how are you to get out of it with out doing a "tuck and roll". One shouldn't have to wait until they pull out of the garage before being able to let their kids/passengers in.

Go to the page that has the demo of the doors and see how high that door has to go to make it easy to climb in/out of the X.

DonS | 03. September 2015

Any house with a 7' high roll up garage door will be fine to clear the falcon wing doors. Some older homes with a single door panel that tilts may not be able to open doors all the way. (These old garages also tend to be small, so the front doors aren't going to be any easier to access.) | 03. September 2015

How many times has this been discussed? Let me count the times.................

I recommend visiting the highly informational Model X web page. If you are using a tablet, put your index finger on the photo on the lower right hand part of the page. Slide your finger up and down slowly, causing the doors to move. Pay close attention to the right hand door (the one on your left). Note how easily it clears the Model S parked next to it. Note how the door extends less than a foot from the side of the car at its furthest point of extension, well above the nearest part of the neighboring car. Wiser persons than me have measured the travel of the door and have averred that the maximum height reached is about 85". Clearly the car next to the X will be in far less jeopardy than if it had a conventional swinging door. A sliding door is a non-starter without adding 6 or more inches to the length of the car and using a different frame. The Honda Oddysey is 202" long for example. The Model X is 196" long.

Madatgascar | 04. September 2015

Yes, this has been discussed ad nauseam over the last year or so so. Along with the heavy snow / ice on the roof, rain, etc. Will be interesting to see the real world experiences.

jordanrichard | 04. September 2015

My house was built in 1968 and ground to ceiling, it is 94 inches. However, that is not including the garage door opener, which hangs 9 inches down. Actually it is mounted flush up against the ceiling. So that brings the ceiling height to 85 inches.

So here is where there may be a problem. Watching the "video" on the Tesla site where you can drag the doors up and down, in order for the vertical part of the doors to be clear enough to get in and out, the doors have to be fully up. So factor in the height of the X add the fully extended height of the falcon doors, that is going to probably be higher than 85 inches. Now, yes typically garage door opener and its track are in the center and could the doors won't hit it when opened. Are you that confident that every time you pull into the garage, that you are dead center. For certain you are not going to be able to open the FD with the garage door open.

There is or there used to be a picture on Tesla's site that showed an X in a garage with its doors fully open. The garage had what appeared to be very high ceilings. Higher than and house I have been in.

I just think people are going to make certain that the X will indeed fit in their garages, being used as it was designed, before they commit to buying one.

ernie | 04. September 2015

In most garages...if you back in the overhead door should not be a problem. That would also put the charging port next to the wall where most chargers would be. Well at least in my garage. Most I suspect are two car garage type current car might have to swap. One goes in nose first and the other rear end in to the back wall. Currently have 14-50 but will also put in a 100 amp. My wife just MIGHT want one too. Who knows. | 04. September 2015

@jordan: The person that extrapolated the 85" used the very animated photo on the web page. I think he assumed coil suspension and 19" wheels. The X comes with 20" or 22" wheels. 85" may be a little low, come to think of it. If one gets the air suspension, I think the car is a little lower when deflated. You may have to move.:-) | 04. September 2015

I apologize to everyone. My memory suffered a slip. Here is the thread that I recalled incorrectly:

The number is 79.5 inches, extrapolated from the height of the Model S, assuming 19" wheels on the Model S, I guess.

So, @jordan you won't have to move afterall. Phew! But if you are 6'6" tall or taller, you may have to duck a little.