Feedback on Model S Espresso Accessory Beta

Feedback on Model S Espresso Accessory Beta

Hi there,

I have a few comments and some observations about the beta program for the Tesla Model S espresso accessory attachment.

First, I have to say that the design is beautiful! As always, the Tesla engineers have put a lot of work into designing something that seamlessly blends into the car, and as always, it looks like it belonged in the car from day one.

Setup is fairly easy, although not without a few hitches. After unpacking the espresso unit, it slid easily into the frunk's rear compartment. Once the grinder was attached on the side, the fit was comfortable and not too tight. It took only a few minutes to feed the dispensing tube through the air vents to the dashboard; however, a small metal wire or something to help push the tube through would be very helpful. It also helps to have someone to work with you and pull it from inside once it gets through, as you may need to work it from both ends to keep it from bunching up in the frunk. The spigot is, again, very attractive, and looks wonderful against the interior paneling. The foamer performs wonderfully, and the cup-clip is perfectly positioned to avoid splatter on the display. Suddenly, those small cup-holders seem perfectly reasonably sized!

There were some issues with the packaging and installation, though. First, I was not aware that the cargo net was a prerequisite, to keep the unit from sliding out when braking too hard. This should have been stated up front during the ordering process. Better still, given the price of this accessory, it would be nice to include this in the package. Second, connecting the grinder to the drive train was much more difficult than it looked from the diagrams. By far, this was the biggest challenge and led to a lot of swearing! I would assume that this is only an issue for us early buyers, however, and this won't be a problem once the option becomes a factory add-on.

Lastly, the temperature setting seems to be a little off. When I configured my milk to be heated to a tepid 190 degrees for my five-year old, it stopped heating at a mere 180 degrees, 182 tops. I'm sure this can easily be addressed through a software update.

Overall, I highly recommend this accessory for anyone who needs to get their cup of joe on the go, and doesn't want to run the risk of scuffing up their side-view mirrors at your local drive-thru, or wasting valuable time chit-chatting with the barista about how wonderful it is to own a Tesla, and what model you got, and blah blah blah.

One request, though: it would really be nice if a future software update could include an option to lock the rear spigots. I'm finding it really difficult to keep those kids in their jump seats after downing a couple shots of espresso!

Thank you as always, Tesla!

Keith S.

mwojcie | 01. April 2013

Any word on the Frozen Yogurt Accessory? My kids will really like that one.

jat | 01. April 2013

That's not nearly as nice as the smoothie machine that fits in the center channel (the real reason they didn't include more storage there).

inverts | 01. April 2013

tepid would rather be around 4.1*10^1F ;-)

inverts | 01. April 2013

sorry not F, but C.

TikiMan | 01. April 2013

I have the espresso attachment also, and have found that after installing the 4.3 ver software upgrade, it delivers a far better crema!

HzSoGood | 01. April 2013

My ceramic burr grinder attachment is a great upgrade. I am selling it on eBay for $499.99

hnashif | 01. April 2013

I think that the use of thermoblock heater/pump system running off of the 12v battery may be an over reaction to east coast test drives in sub freezing temperature. Since most of the cars are sold in CA, the esspressp attachment should have a dual boiler running off of the main battery. After all, you can't get micro foam using a thermoblock system.

DouglasR | 01. April 2013

I saw a review of this in the NY Times. The guy was able to get only about a half cup out of the machine, and ended up having to go to Dunkin Donuts for the rest.

paulehardy | 02. April 2013

Tesla desperately needs to implement a software upgrade to more accurately calculate range when the espresso machine is in use. Not only does the high temperature of the coffee and steamed milk seriously affect range, but a strong cup influences how how heavily I mash the accelerator.
Also, what about free coffee beans for life along with those free electrons at Super Chargers?

BarryQ | 02. April 2013

I'll take 2 of them and the automatic doughnut dispenser for when the cops stop you for speeding!

jdb | 02. April 2013

Great post. I have followed directions and am enjoying the cup of Joe on the go. But my doors are now unlocking.

Ohms.Law | 02. April 2013

After bugging my Accessory Delivery Specialist about the delay in it finally arrived last weekend. Is anyone else having trouble with windshield fogging? Regardless, I do like the way the spigot wiper matches my Alcantara headliner.

agiangone | 02. April 2013

I don't understand all the fuss, my Fiat 500 has a Gaggia in the base package...

Tiebreaker | 02. April 2013

Is there a separate compartment for decaf? My wife only drinks decaf, and I refuse to drink decaf. If I can't select decaf on the fly, it is a deal breaker.

herkimer | 02. April 2013

Please don't tell anyone, ('cause I think it might not be legal), but my local auto-tech was able to outfit the Espresso Accessory with a secret Lazy Susan arrangement, which allows you to "flip" the accessory from "good morning" espresso functionality, to "good afternoon" happy hour mode! It's kind of amazing, just flip a little rotation switch and "voilá" you move from "rev" to "regen." With the flip, now have your choice of Martini, Margarita, or any of a predetermined list of specialties! In fact, the handsomely digitized "barista" who served your espresso deluxe in the morning, transforms instantly into a seductively efficient full bartender, capable of storing over 3000 recipes! Even responds to voice command: just say "Key Lime Martini" or "Sex-on-the-beach with a twist, please," and your personlised beverage is produced with astonishing speed and accuracy! Now, for another $2k (seems expensive, but its worthwhile if you think about it), you can install the "instant clear" mode, so that, in case you see flashing lights coming your way, just say "clean it up, Tessie," or something to that effect (you have to pre-set the voice recognition so that only authorized persons can access the accessory) and before the officer even arrives at your window, the car is clear, and coffee and donuts have been served, along with minted breath for every passenger!

David Trushin | 02. April 2013

Tesla also just unveiled the microwave plus which fits nicely in the opening in the frunk (did you think they called it the microwave for nothing?) The perfect addition, you can now heat up your croissants to go with your cappuchino. It also has toaster oven capability built in, but that won't be activated until a later software release.

Captain_Zap | 02. April 2013

Did they partner with Jura on these units or are they building them in house?

jjs | 02. April 2013

Don't buy spesso thing. I have brother, who doesn't like coffee, but know much about it. I have tasted his Telsa spresso and it very bad. Wait until bugs worked out. I not saying I don't want spresso thingy I do. It just take time for new car spresso company to work out bugs. Brother also tell me that in cold you get much lower coffee amount. It just not work well in cold weather. I know my brother live in Canada and drive all sorts of cars with much better spresso thingies, Mercedes, Farrari, Bentley, all have better spressos.

OK. I need to back down to my bedroom downstairs. Don't tell mom I posted again.

Brian H | 02. April 2013

Mom spank. Big time.

JohhnyS | 02. April 2013

I saw that the supercharger install at Harris Ranch has espresso dispensers and a soda machine perfectly positioned for the driver's window. Who needs to fill up their frunk!

Captain_Zap | 07. April 2013

My espresso accessory must not have the newest version of 4.3 firmware update. I'm still having issues when making cappuccinos. It is either blowing foam all over the place or the temperature isn't hot enough.

I'm still on version .35 and I understand that it was less buggy than the .40 update. Should I go ahead and download the .40 if it appears or is it recommended that I wait for the .45 update? The lattes are ok but I really prefer my cappuccinos.

David Trushin | 08. April 2013

I downloaded the .45 update and the cappuccinos are marveilleuse. But the draw on the battery in cold weather is unacceptable. I'm waiting for sleep mode. I sure hope I can make coffee when the car is in sleep mode. Also, I like the new scheduling feature. Now I can have the battery all warmed up and ready to go and a cappucchy in my cup holder when I leave.