Financial cost of Iraq war would buy 20 million Model S? (Check my math)

Financial cost of Iraq war would buy 20 million Model S? (Check my math)

At just over 2 trillion$$ (not including future care of Veterans), we could have built 20 million Model S, same number as quantity of new cars that will be purchased over the next 4 years. It would save 11.6 billion gallons of gas, prevent 242 million tons of CO2 emissions and provide 4 million factory jobs here in this country.

Instead we threw it away (IMO).

carlk | 20. März 2013

You math seems to be perfect.

The irony here is Irag war is all about oil. 20 million model S could have gotten us off middle east oil dependency in no time.

brandtlings | 20. März 2013


GeekEV | 20. März 2013

@carlk - I'm not so sure it would. According to Wolfram Alpha,, there are 254 million vehicles in use in the USA. Even if you were to assume that half of those were already using non-oil-based fuel (WAY optimistic IMHO), the 20 million Model S's would only replace 15% of gas guzzling vehicles.

evpro | 20. März 2013

I used google-supplied number of 580 gallons per car per year, 20lbs per gallon of CO2 emissions and 5.5 million passenger cars purchased per year.

Too bad CO2 is invisible - if ICE cars produced a one pound steaming turd for every mile driven we might have done something sooner.

DouglasR | 20. März 2013

@evpro -- Oh, I don't know. Horses did that for many years, and we just cleaned up after them. It took better technology for people to change. Well, we have that now.

carlk | 20. März 2013

Geek, Just pulling these out my head US imports about half of oil it needs. About half of those imports are coming from middle eastern countries. So maybe 25% of gas we use are originated there?

Now stretch it a bit and assuming MS will only replace the gas guzzlers, since it's a very big car, and not cars like Prius or Civics. The savings then could be very close to 20%. That will make those Persian Gulf countries bag us to buy their oil even if we still need to import some.

Of course the money is already spent this will never happen.

amirlit1975 | 20. März 2013

The cost of the Iraq war could pay for a lot of thing. Teslas being only of them. Let alone Healthcare, Education, infrastructure...etc. unfortunately, the financial cost is only one part. We'll never make up for the blood and families suffering...on all sides.

FLsportscarenth... | 20. März 2013

Lets see, could have replaced EVERY federal, state, county and city fleet vehicle with a Model S or a Model X (bye bye Chevy Suburban gas guzzlers), could have installed superchargers at EVERY federal, state, county and city facility parking lot and at EVERY interstate rest stop, could have installed enough wind generators along the midwest wind belt to produce 25% of our national requirement (yes we would still need natural gas plants to cope with variability, but that would retire a lot of coal plants) AND improve the grid to ship that power to the cities where it is needed.

Oil is NEVER going away, but if that money was spent as described above, we would not need to import it... With fracking we might have become exporters like Norway!

2 Trillion could have bought US energy independence and a renaissance of the US auto industry (negating the need to bailout GM). And people laughed at Ron Paul.

No one loves peace like a veteran...

Brian H | 21. März 2013

The US is expected to become an exporter by about 2020 or so.

gianni.terragni | 21. März 2013

And the human cost?

The total is 4588 deaths and more than 43,993 wounded allies, most Americans. Suicides (6,250 in 2005 alone) among American war veterans.
And the dead Iraqis? Talk about 600,000 deaths. And the wounded? 2-3-4 millions? Who will ever know?

BYT | 21. März 2013

There is also the jobs it would create and the revenue from taxes and the environmental bonus of 20 Million less cars polluting our oxygen supply.

Negative: My Model S would be a little less special, like the Honda Accord on the Highway... :)