first 1,000 miles driven

first 1,000 miles driven

First 1,000 miles driven in my Tesla S, yay.
The car has been fine for the most part, and I enjoy driving it a great deal (driven over 400 miles in the last 2 days alone!) but two issues keep popping up (quite literally):
* Squeaky brakes
dunno what's up with that, tesla looked at it once and re-seated brake pads on front wheels, it
didn't help much.
It happens at the last moment when you let off the brake pedal a bit before a complete stop, but it's annoying as hell
* door locks
- passenger side handle extends, but pulling the handle does nothing.
Rebooted the car (press both scroll-wheels at the same time, hold for a couple of seconds),
pulled the handle from the inside, then tried from outside and it started working again
- new bug (that one is a bit scarier): rear passenger door just opened on its own for no apparent reason.
I was pulling into the garage and stopped completely at the time, let's hope it doesn't do that
while I'm driving.
I'm not saying handle extended, it propped itself open as if you pulled the handle.
No one was in the back or touched it from the outside.
Didn't call Tesla yet, wondering if anybody else seen this before.
* BT doesn't pair with the phone
seen it a couple of times, rebooting the phone usually helps, although I had to reboot the car once to fix it

The door handle bugs are a bit worrisome, my kids are usually on back seats, and being completely locked out is another concern.
They are fancy high-tech handles, but I'd really prefer something completely mechanical or at least a mechanical override.
You can still make the handles flush with the body, but that's once piece that has to work 100% of the time and work reliably.

Vawlkus | 04. März 2013

Could be you have a slight accent that the electronics isn't registering properly. Is there an option to teach a Model S to adjust for vocal patterns/accents? If not, then it should go on the list for software upgrades.