Fortune comparison of the Model S with the BMW i3

Fortune comparison of the Model S with the BMW i3

Here is article from Fortune analyzing the competitive situation between the MS and the BMW i3 that I found on the CNN Money website.

They compare the cars looking at several categories and either give an advantage to one car or the other, or call a tie, as they did when it comes to range.

They list Tesla’s range as a claimed 300 miles, but for the comparison they use the Edmunds report of using 251 miles of range to go just 121 miles. They then compare that to the i3’s claimed 93-mile electric range that can be extended to 186 miles using a small gas engine. And they called that a tie.

Unfortunately we all know how totally unrepresentative the original Edmunds range claim was. Too bad that Fortune didn’t make a more honest effort to get range under normal driving/charging circumstances from any number of other sources. There are a couple of other strange things in this article making me wonder if perhaps there was some bias involved. Hmm, could that be?

AmpedRealtor | 25. Juli 2013

No bias, just ignorance on the part of the author. If you can't compare two EVs without clearly seeing a gas engine in an EV as a bad thing, you have a problem between your ears.

SamO | 25. Juli 2013

There is a bias towards car companies that pay for advertising.

BMW, Ford, GM, Toyota all advertise on CNN.

Tesla does not.

It's not a simple line to draw between these two, but that thinking creeps into the editorial process.

tobi_ger | 25. Juli 2013

They should have compared to i8, not i3... though totally different class they still come out with a questionable result.

phat78boy | 25. Juli 2013

I like that they tied with technology. So an i3 that is basically a luxury volt is in the same technology class as Tesla? Hmmm, ok.

AmpedRealtor | 25. Juli 2013

They also compared a shipping vehicle to one that is vaporware.

KOL2000 | 25. Juli 2013

i3 = either fancy looking Leaf or volt depending on wether you add the lawnmower engine
Tesla = a thing of beauty and engineering masterpiece I wouldn't trade for a Lamborghini.

Mathew98 | 25. Juli 2013

I will start a comparison between the MS and a golden unicorn. Guess which one will win in the greenest category?

I can compare the MS against anything you want as long as there's payments involved...

See, it's very easy to be a journalist. Objectivity comes at a price.

AmpedRealtor | 25. Juli 2013

I kind of like the fact that the rest of the world doesn't quite "get it" about EVs. I feel like I'm in an exclusive club right now and it feels so good - I know something they don't know! I'm going to enjoy this as much as I can, because in a few years when Ford is trying to sell EVs to the Walmart buying public, it's going to be a different world out there.