Garage Decorations for the Model S

Garage Decorations for the Model S

I have had my Model S since February and have a large wall in my garage. I want to make it my Model S shrine. I've started by doing a small painting job as you can see in the photos. Any other ideas? I've looked for posters and have found a few but they are ridiculously expensive ($40) or so. Help me out!!!

cwmenne | 15. September 2013

That's cute. What is the wainscot material on the lower portion of the wall? Looks good.

Tâm | 15. September 2013

Very nice! Thanks for sharing. How did you get the Tesla logo up on your wall?

If you don't mind. I would like to repost the pictures here so we don't have to go to 4 links:

Tâm | 15. September 2013

Hmm, failed picture coding! There should be a review feature before posting. This is very embarassing!!!

Brian H | 16. September 2013

Google docs images are accessible for display only by the 'owner', AFAIK.

judimasters | 16. September 2013

I took a picture of the concept drawing in the showroom in Bellevue WA. II is the same color as yours and mine, BLUE!!! Looks awesome so if blown up would look great in your garage.

APU | 16. September 2013

I've seen other posts where they have pictures in the post without needing to hit the link. I'm not super computer literate but it should be easier to post pictures. Any thoughts as to how to do it.

The wainscot is a basic carpet that I have laid out along the wall to prevent door dings, etc. It works pretty well.

For the design, I painted a red square, then found the best resolution image i could find online of the logo and used a vinyl machine to make it. The machine is used for wall art typically. I've got a black set of the logo, same size. Any thoughts for its use.

Any help with the photos would be great! Thanks!

earlyretirement | 16. September 2013

Looks great. Out of curiosity, where did you find the big posters for sale? I think it would be easier (and less time consuming) to just buy a poster and frame it and mount it. Did you see them online on Ebay or did you see them somewhere else?

I like your wainscot for the wall to protect the car. That looks nice and very functional to protect the car. Kudos.

SarahsDad | 16. September 2013

You can get vinyl Tesla "stickers" up to 28" here:

Haven't tried them so can't vouch for quality, etc.

thranx | 16. September 2013

Put up big mirrors on both sides of the garage and hey infinity of Teslas.

earlyretirement | 16. September 2013

@ SarahsDad,

Thanks. I think I'll order it and try it out. Even before I saw this thread I started to get my garage more organized. I have NEVER been the type that cared what my garage looked like and I haven't washed a car myself since high school several decades ago. LOL.

But after getting the Model S I've been hand washing it. Spent a small fortune on waxes, washes, sprays, cleaners, towels.

I am getting my garage repainted and also called California Closets to see about coming out and giving me an estimate to make custom shelving to store all this stuff and get more organized.

I ordered some artwork for Nicoli Tesla as I think that would be great to honor him so ordered some cool posters and framing of some of his original patents which look cool.

My wife is happy because she has been trying to get me to get the garage more organized for a while and it took getting the Model S for it to happen. :)

APU | 16. September 2013

I found some 36x24 posters on amazon. It looks good but it's $44. I don't know. Maybe I'll just go to it. I like the old Nicola tesla poster decor as well. It would add a nice touch. Thanks! I too have become a fanatic about my garage. It looked cleaner than its ever been since getting my model s. I'll add more as I continue to work on it.

Brian H | 17. September 2013

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