Get Amped - Home Edition

Get Amped - Home Edition

Last night we had our own version of the ‘Get Amped’ party. A Tesla flash mob! 25 people at our house, friends and friends of friends, some kids. Dsm brought his signature red over and I had my midnight blue. Everyone had a blast, you couldn’t stop people from gushing about the car. But there were two really amazing personal testimonials, one from the general manager of the local BMW dealer and my next door neighbor, who is an oil and gas wildcatter.

Both were really impressed. The oil and gas guy said, ‘This is unbelievable” literally 10 times in a row as he drove the car around our neighborhood. 10 minutes earlier he had been joking that he was going to buy a monster truck to offset our diminishing carbon footprint! Some people just laughed as they drove or rode. Some people who are not easily excitable were really excited.

Common refrains were, “We’re driving in the future”, and “It feels like we’re part of history”. Everyone thought the car was gorgeous, inside and out. No one asked where the cupholders were. Someone asked about where the kids were going to put their McDonalds bags. I said, “In your car.”

I thought people would like it, I was somewhat amazed that everyone loved it. EVERYONE.

I have to admit I was a little worried it would come off as hedonistic to have a party for your new car. Maybe it was. Perhaps some people thought that coming over, but I’m pretty sure no one thought that as they left. The car transcended all that. That in itself is remarkable.

We know Tesla doesn’t have a demand problem, but if they ever wanted to introduce customers to the car in a 21st century, networked way, perhaps they’d figure out how to encourage ‘Get Amped – Home Edition’ parties. While no one left making a reservation (that I know of), I’m sure a lot of people wanted to (and we did have one a couple months back at dsm’s party). The positive impression of Tesla spread, and I’m sure these folks told friends at church today (in fact I know one did) and will be telling people at work come Monday. They’d better be ready to pump out 50,000 Gen3′s the first year…

I was thinking that Tesla would do well to compare to Porsche as an investment. It sells about 35,000 cars a year in the US, after celebrating its 80th birthday a couple years ago. See ya.

stevenmaifert | 20. Januar 2013

As a Solar City customer, they will reimburse me for hosting a Solar Party and pay me $400 for every referral that signs a contract. Seeing as there is a common thread between the two companies, Get Amped - Home Edition may well be part of a Tesla future marketing strategy.

Cattledog | 20. Januar 2013

steven - That's an interesting bit of news regarding Solar City. I'm not sure in states where there are weird dealer laws how that might work. It would be cool if they at least asked folks on making the reservation to identify someone as a referral, that way they could at least have a list for those helping the cause and send stocking stuffers.

Brian H | 20. Januar 2013

Use the Teslas in "Reason to go Solar" parties?

Cattledog | 20. Januar 2013

OK, a couple short videos now up on the blog, enjoy!

jackhub | 21. Januar 2013

I can see it now! The tupperware party of the 20teens. Great Idea for circumventing those silly dealer laws.

Maybe we could have these get togethers to give instruction on new deliveries where state laws do not allow Tesla in. That would be a good activity for areas having Tesla clubs.

bushman | 21. Januar 2013

Sounds like a great time. Where did you get the wine glasses? My car is coming in the next two-three weeks and that would be a nice touch to celebreate with my wife.

GLO | 21. Januar 2013

I love it! These are great ideas. If we'd read this sooner we would have scheduled one at our house tonight for when we return home. Maybe over the weekend...