Goldman Sachs Tesla Meet & Greet + GEN III SUV?

Goldman Sachs Tesla Meet & Greet + GEN III SUV?

Interesting tidbits:

Longer term, Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) envisions selling around 500K units through a combination of the Gen 3 sedan (around 200K units), Gen 3 SUV (about 150K units), Model S/X (roughly 90K units) and the next Gen Roadster. From a timing standpoint, the company intends to start deliveries of the Model X in 2015 and hopes to start the Gen 3 production by 2017.

The main goal of the production team currently is to get production levels of 20K on a single shift across most processes (currently body assembly and finished assembly are still running on a 2 shift basis) and then ramp up to 40K units in 2 shifts.

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) envisions that the cost per KWhr will decline to less than $100 over the next 10 years which is a roughly 75% reduction from the current levels.

TSLA has $17.1mn in revenues from GHG credits in Q1 and expects them to continue to remain a source of revenues in the long term.

Teslation | 27. Mai 2013

Tesla has also mentioned in the past a Cabriolet ( convertible ) version of the the model S, that should help sales of MS, including the Gen III version, without much parts variation.

EDH AL | 27. Mai 2013

Nice article! (But the file foto must be ancient [in Tesla time] or just plain peculiar: accelerater and brake peddle are reversed and the center "console" treatment looks like the Beta version).

GeekEV | 27. Mai 2013

That's the foot rest on the left hand side, but it's catching the light weird and making it look shiny instead of plastic. Zoom in and you can tell...

EDH AL | 27. Mai 2013


Ouch! My bad. Thank you.

Brian H | 28. Mai 2013

There are no foot peddles. The feet are not selling anything.

They do press on pedals, though.