Doug | 24. Juli 2010

Raodster is the best car I have ever owned including two BMW over the years and also a Porsche and Lotus Cortina. Roadster has made me a better driver and it is the most fun of any car I have ever driven. Also it has been trouble free.

davidcjones | 26. Juli 2010

I live in Vermont and must drive on dirt roads. There may be a lot of dust. How does the electric motor stay cool (or does it not get that hot)? Would dusty conditions be taxing for it?

Thank you


Todd Burch | 27. Juli 2010


Do your roads look like this? :)!/video/video.php?v=509042...

Roadster's received plenty of dust testing, especially now that it's got millions of miles on the roads and several evolutions under its belt. I wouldn't worry about a little dirt, except for that fact that you might have to wash it more frequently :).

Jehuda | 30. Juli 2010

I have just ordered the roadster 2.5 model with upgraded suspension. I was wondering if anybody has compared this model with the sport version . Is there enough performance difference to subtantiate the cost

humanuspermoveo | 06. August 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, This is THE FUTURE. Thank god for Tesla.

HMeetis | 07. August 2010

I think its just great that tesla will be producing a more affordable EV. It seems the American car companies simply can not do it. The chevy volt held much promise but the asking price is 41k$ sorry GM i am not going to pay that kind of money for your product. Now Tesla is going to release a product that well hands down is better than the volt and is 8k$ more. GM is going to try and take advantage of US customers right up until this is release i bet then realize their error.
With all this healthy competition it looks like i can hold out hope to be a very proud Tesla owner in a few years.

Brian H | 11. August 2010

excellent point! Especially considering that the Volt may end up burning gas for most of its battery charge, should you venture beyond 40mi/day.

BTW, did you notice my post on the previous boards about Oklahoma? If you file taxes there, you're eligible for a 50% of purchase price credit for a pure EV! The Volt won't qualify; the Model S will.

fooooooooo123 | 19. Februar 2013


fooooooooo123 | 19. Februar 2013