Good Charging Hotels

Good Charging Hotels

(Edit) Schlermie and dbfish have created a spreadsheet, form, and map to enter and view hotel charging information. Even if you add a location to this thread, please also add it to the spreadsheet, using the form.

The spreadsheet can be found here:

The entry form can be found here:

The map can be found here:

And here is another version of the map that includes a link for the form:

Thanks. (end edit)

I have been complaining that there are no good apps or websites that help us find places to stay that have usable charging facilities. If I were ambitious, I would try to create such a site or spreadsheet (I don't know how to create an app). However, until that happens, I thought I would start a thread where people can list hotels, motels, RV parks, etc., where you can stay overnight and easily charge your Model S. Please include enough detail to make the list useful. I'll start with a couple of places out west, and bump the thread periodically by editing this first post with additions.

1. Seven Feathers Casino Resort and Truck & Travel Center in Canyonville OR, south of Roseburg. Owned by the Umpqua Indian Development Corporation, this facility is about halfway between Seattle and SF. The hotel is good quality and inexpensive, plus the company has several other places to stay nearby, along with five restaurants, entertainment, and other recreational opportunities. The truck stop is across the highway, accessible by a free, 24 hour shuttle. It has a free 70 amp Roadster charger (adapter required for S), a free 30 amp Aerovironment charger, and a CHAdeMO DC fast charger. The adjacent RV park also has NEMA 14-50 outlets, but I believe there is a cost to using them.

2. Heathman Hotel, Portland OR. Located in downtown Portland, the Heathman is a luxury hotel with all the amenities. A pair of Blink level 2 chargers is located in their garage. I have not used these chargers (I HAVE stayed in the hotel, and it is really nice), but I was told that a charging spot can be reserved by guests. I booked under an AARP rate, and parking was free, but there would otherwise be a cost to parking as well as using the Blink chargers. I don't believe these chargers are listed in ReCargo or the other apps.

3. Paso Robles Oaks Hotel, on Highway 101 between LA and SF. See thread started by Hills,

4. We found this hotel well situated in Novato. The restaurant is great, the hotel is okay and the staff couldn't have been more helpful. Even put up cones to reserve the charging station. It's only a J1772 (ChargePoint) but it sure saved our skin when we wandered too far from home.

Inn Marin
250 Entrada Dr, Novato, CA
(415) 883-5952

5. The Hyatt at Indian Wells, CA. They have a 14-50 in their valet parking area. $25 bucks to valet is alot cheaper than a tank of gas!

6. Salt Lake City UT: Hilton Salt Lake City Center has a NEMA 14-50 in their valet parking area.

7. La Jolla, CA (near San Diego): Hotel La Jolla has a NEMA 14-50 around back for guests, 7955 La Jolla Shores Drive La Jolla, CA 92037

8. North of Baltimore, MD: Residence Inn and Fairfield Inn, White Marsh has a park-and-ride across the street with several Chargepoint Level 3 J-1772 connectors.

9. KOA at Circus Circus in Las Vegas, NV is next to the hotel. They charge a 24 hour "storage" fee of $20 plus tax to park in a paved RV space and hook up to the NEMA 14-50. No overnight sleeping in the car allowed!

DouglasR | 17. März 2013

I just tried Schlermie's link ( and was delighted to find that it is now populated. I haven't checked all the entries, but it looks like most from this thread have been entered. Also, there is a link to a map and form -- the form looks like the one dbfish introduced above, and the map link works (dbfish's map link still doesn't work for me).

Anyway, if the two of you have gotten together on this, that's great! I will modify the first post to include this link.

DouglasR | 17. März 2013

I added this information to the first post:

Schlermie and dbfish have created a spreadsheet, form, and map to enter and view hotel charging information. Even if you add a location to this thread, please also add it to the spreadsheet, using the form.

The spreadsheet can be found here:

The entry form can be found here:

The map can be found here:


DanD | 17. März 2013

Thanks for this effort. I hope to add a few.

Certainly every KOA facility with cabins could be on the list.

I've found hotels on Plugshare, but as was suggested earlier, it'd be great if you could filter for them.

A big problem is unifying all of the Tesla options which include 100s if not thousands of campgrounds, all of the Elements HOtels, a big number of hotels that will make a plug available.

A hotel that I hope to try in an upcoming trip from NJ to NC is the Omni Hotel in downtown Richmond, VA.

mpottinger | 17. März 2013

@ DouglasR

The Mt. Evans post, I think.

New Hyatt in Denver has charging. There are also multiple parking garages downtown that have charging and are very close to good hotels. Denver Center For Performing Arts and the Tremont Garage both have charging,for example.

dbfish | 18. März 2013

I've updated the map quite a bit, the old link doesn't work but the new link does that DouglasR put at the top of this thread. Thanks!

Each entry has a link to search ReCargo, which has an existing way to check-in and update information. I assume in the future this Google map will be obsolete by allowing to filter for hotels on Recargo or other websites, so I'm keeping it simple for now. I'm adding all the Mariott stations as well. I'll update the map every day or two and sync it with reports I find on TMC or Schlermie's spreadsheet. Thanks for those who have entered in hotels on the form!

One thing I may get dinged for - I'm not listing hotels on the map that are across the street from public stations. I'd rather have a hotel responsible that I can go to about charging problems and not worry about a car left in a public lot overnight. | 18. März 2013

IMHO I think Tesla would do well to partner with a nationwide hotel chain (Choice/Hyatt/Holiday Inn/Starwood etc.) to have a few NEMA 14-50 outlets at each hotel. This would be along the supercharger routes and at destination locations. The ability to overnight charge (without pitching a tent at a campground) would be a big selling point.

This would take pressure off the supercharger network since you would leave in the morning with a full charge and require less time at the superchargers. It would also benefit the partner hotel since they would be prefered by MS owners (& MS owners likely have some disposable income)

There has to be some management types at these hotel chains that are forward thinking in this regard...

DouglasR | 18. März 2013


Thanks for doing this. It looks like the project is in good hands, so I will not try to update this thread unless you or Schlermie request me to do it, e.g. to accommodate a new link or spreadsheet.

I didn't realize that you were updating the map by hand. Have you looked at sites that will do this automatically? There are two that I have used, one is better than the other, but I can't remember which. Both are free, as I recall. They are and Both allow you to take an existing spreadsheet and map the address fields to a Google map.

@KeninR -- I believe many of the KoAs have cabins as well as tent sites, although you still may need to bring a sleeping bag.

DouglasR | 18. März 2013


I just found some old spreadsheet/map projects I did using the tools I mentioned above. was better because you could click on the map pin and get all of the spreadsheet fields (phone number, etc.). Anyway, if you are really updating the map by hand, you might want to look at this.

shs | 18. März 2013

Not all KOAs are EV friendly. I just called the Sacramento KOA to inquire about renting 3 cabins for 3 days for a group that will be carpooling in our MS and they wanted $50 a night to charge!

DouglasR | 18. März 2013

Wow! In addition to the price of the cabins? If so, I hope you took your business elsewhere.

Maybe we need another list of "bad charging hotels."

shs | 18. März 2013

It does seem unlikely that they will get our business.

dbfish | 19. März 2013

I noticed the geocoding of points to addresses was off on the map. That's fixed now. And yes, DouglasR, I wrote a custom PHP wrapper using Google's Geocoding API. New locations will automatically show up off the coast of Africa (Latitude 0, Longitude 0), and I'll run the Geocoder every day via a crontab.

I also found a big list of Florida hotels mapped already that I will be adding, thanks to a TMC member!

AND one more fun thing - Did you know Google can search Recargo and parse out Hotels? This almost makes this map obsolete ( although it's nice to browse a map to see points). Try this search:

DouglasR | 19. März 2013

Great info, dbfish. And having the pin link to Recargo gives me all the data I need. I do like your map, however, and I think Chargeplanner is also very useful.

How are these hotels getting into Recargo and Plugshare? When someone adds a hotel to the spreadsheet using the form, is your script then adding it to both of these sites?

dbfish | 19. März 2013

I have not added the hotels to Plugshare or Recargo, if they exist already other people have added them, but it would be good if they were all added to Recargo as people check into them with firsthand knowledge, photos, etc.

For any other questions or ideas for the map, please email me at

P4768 | 20. März 2013

I found this good map of charging in the Las Vegas area:

DouglasR | 01. April 2013


EclecticCitizen | 28. April 2013


Jewsh | 28. April 2013

Many Best Western hotels in Canada have Sun Country 90A units... nice work Best Western!

Alex K | 28. April 2013

@Jewsh | APRIL 28, 2013: Many Best Western hotels in Canada have Sun Country 90A units

You do realize that the "90A" charger is actually a Sun Country CS-90. And the 90 refers to the circuit breaker rating. The charger actually charges at 70A. The J1772 standard allows charging up to 80A and that would be a Sun Country CS-100 unit.

dbfish | 29. April 2013

I've been slowly adding more locations to my map of mostly Tesla Owner Approved overnight lodging with EV charging, and thanks to those who submitted new locations! Over 110 added so far, from Hawaii to Denmark.

Jewsh | 29. April 2013

@Alex K:

Fair enough. Either way it's a welcome change to the 30A Chargepoint units I've seen most commonly.

rodneynelson | 11. Mai 2013

I need a hotel in the city of Orange. Anyone have suggestions?

DouglasR | 11. Mai 2013

California? New Jersey? Connecticut?

cerjor | 11. Mai 2013

We stayed at Ayres Inn in Orange. Nice hotel with pleasant staff. No charging station.

mcptwo | 11. Mai 2013

We recently stayed at the La Qunita, a Waldorf Astoria Hilton Hotel in Indian Wells. They had 4- NEMA 14-50 outlets in their basement parking area. No cost to guests, No valet required. They were very courteous in allowing us to charge out Model S. Although may hotel staff did not know they even had EV charging.

Earl and Nagin ... | 12. Mai 2013

My recommendation for finding hotels near charging is to find a public charger using or Look at the nearby chargers to find out if they are hotels. If not, put the address of a charger into When you click "search nearby", enter hotels and hotels near that location are displayed. Find one in an easy walking distance.
It isn't elegant and it would be nice if recargo or plugshare allowed you to filter on chargers at hotels but we're still the pioneers.

cgiGuy | 03. Juni 2013

@jenstewart: Sounds like you wrote this from Margaritaville.

I'm assuming jenstewart is a spam-bot, based on the incoherent post and the linked article (which I wouldn't recommend clicking).

ajamison | 03. Juni 2013

I noticed some of those are Level 3 chargers, can the Model S even work with a standard Level 3 charger? If so what is the amprige of a level 3 charger i know its like 480-500 volts but not sure what that translates in in amps

DouglasR | 03. Juni 2013

Most stations listed as Level 3 are CHAdeMO DC chargers, which the Model S cannot use (maybe an adapter some day).

As for jenstewart's post above, please flag it as inappropriate so that it will disappear.

shs | 14. Juni 2013

The Firelite Lodge on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe (Tahoe Vista) recently added a 14-50 EV charging station. I found it the day after it was listed on CarStations and immediately made a reservation as I was attending a conference nearby and previously had not found a motel nearby where I could charge.

We stayed there the last few nights and charged our Model S with no problem. There is a 208V 14-50 at the motel, and at a nearby vacation rental, the owner has also installed a 240V 14-50 for EV charging. I tested both and both worked fine.

We were their first EV customer and the first night when we charge with the 208V circuit, the voltage drop was more than I expected. I mentioned this to the owner and by the next night he had completely rewired the station increasing wire size and bypassing several circuit breakers that were in the previous configuration, thus recovering 10V at the car! The owner is a Tesla/EV fan and very accommodating. Our room at the motel was very nice and a good value for the area.

Brian H | 14. Juni 2013

Great deal. The plan is coming together ...

Aerof16 | 15. Juni 2013

Just wrote this to Starwood...

Dear StarwoodHotels, I have enjoyed your organization and have been a Gold member for almost 10 years. I most appreciate your environmentally conscious approach. As such I propose that you get ahead of the other major resort chains by offering Electric Vehicle Charging Stations to your Hotels. I will be taking delivery of my new Tesla Model S next month. When I take a road trip, I will be staying at hotels that have charging capability. The capital outlay for this upgrade will be more than reimbursed by the loyalty that you would engender by an affluent customer base. Every day more electric vehicles are being built in the USA. Tesla, Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf to name a few. I look forward to staying at Starwood Hotels that feature charging stations.


Starwood Gold Preferred

djm12 | 15. Juni 2013

To contribute to the cause, I sent a nice note to Yelp to add an EV filter. For anybody out there with a Yelp or Travelocity account, please let them know that this is important.

Aerof16 | 15. Juni 2013

Starwood's Reply 20mins later:

Dear Mr. xxx,

Thank you for contacting Starwood Preferred Guest. I hope this email finds our esteemed Gold Preferred member well.

Mr. xxx, congratulations on your upcoming delivery of your Tesla Model S electric vehicle. Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide is committed to being on the cutting edge with regard to offering electric vehicle charging stations to our properties. We appreciate your positive feedback.

Should you require additional assistance, simply reply to this email. If you prefer, you may chat with us online or we can call you. Thank you for your loyalty to SPG since 2002.

Please fill out our customer service feedback survey and let me know if the customer service you received today met your expectations.

Best Regards,

Christie Rodriguez
Specialist, eCommunications Department
Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide

OK, Those of you who are premier members at Hyatt, Marriot, and Hilton and Holiday Inn... It's your turn! :)

We'll let the Leaf folks contact Motel 6...


RedShift | 04. Juli 2013

Just finished Fremont to San Diego round trip. Visited the Legoland, Sea World, Getty museum and a bunch of other attractions. For Legoland, the Sheraton at Carlsbad is very nice with 3 pay to use J1772 chargers. This hotel also has a private entrance to Legoland which is very nice. parking is 15$, plus extra charged by Blink. In LA, we stayed for one night at the Doubletree in Culver City. (Off Centinella exit on the 405) this was a fair hotel - rooms are a bit outdated, but price is right. Charging by the 2 J1772 chargers right by the parking entrance is free, though parking is 15$ for everyone. (Saves you the morning run to the Hawthorne supercharger)

bp | 04. Juli 2013

I'm currently at an Element Hotel - which is a 'green' hotel. They have hybrid parking spots and an EV charging station.

However, this is not a place to bring a Model S for an overnight charge - because they have ONE Chargepoint station - and it's only a 110 outlet.

stimeygee | 04. Juli 2013

Which Element are you at? I'm staying at one in Lexington MA in a few days and I'm pretty sure they have a 220. Hope so at least!

Brian H | 04. Juli 2013

You should gently inform them that technology has moved on. They may not know. :D

Hills | 18. Juli 2013


Brian H | 18. Juli 2013

"I'm so sorry, sir. We'll charge you, but not your car! BWAAHAHAHAHAAA!" <Click&gt>

Brian H | 18. Juli 2013


safrank | 18. Juli 2013

Montauk Yacht Club-Montauk NY
Equinox Hotel-Manchester VT

Both have 14-50 outlets-free to use.

hsadler | 05. September 2013

Pebble Beach Resort is currently installing chargers. There are 2 on line at The Inn at Spanish Bay. Each has a 14-50 outlet and a J1772 cable which will reach the length of the Model S.

I tested both 14-50's (you get 40 amps), but could not get the J1772's to work - 'check charger' msg came on the 17" display and the iPhone App. Personnel are contacting electricians to check.
Could not check to see what happens with 2 vehicles charging.

They will soon be installing at The Lodge.

It has not been stated that they are for hotel guests only. But then, you are a guest once you pay admission at the gates.

They are Gratis.

Side note: you have to park under pine trees to use - watch for sap.

O EMSHN | 06. September 2013

Don't know if these have been reported:

Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn has NEMA 14-50 (40A, 208V).

Bacara Resort in Goleta near Santa Barbara has NEMA 14-50

Hyatt Highlands Inn, Carmel, CA has 110V plug in garage that they will let you use overnight

Brian H | 07. September 2013

And if you see a blob of pine sap falling towards the car, just what do you recommend doing?? ;p

romainiacWV | 07. September 2013

The Greenbrier Resort here in WV has EV charging. J1772. Free for guests, call ahead and they will rope you off a spot. For those that have never been to WV or the Greenbrier, it would be a great road trip.

tes-s | 07. September 2013

King of Prussia Mall in PA. Tesla has a roadster charger, HPWC, and 3 NEMA 14-50 outlets. Call ahead so there will be an open spot for you. Several hotels with all price ranges within 1/4 mile.

hsadler | 07. September 2013

@Brian H

"And if you see a blob of pine sap falling towards the car, just what do you recommend doing??"

It's obvious to the most casual observer. You block it with your body - or if one is nearby - throw a family member to block it. Make sure the family member goes well over the car so as not to land on it.

DouglasR | 07. September 2013

Actually, the Model S incredible acceleration, you could simply hop in and drive it out of the way!

PJDoty | 08. Oktober 2013

Just back from a long weekend on the North shore of Lake Tahoe. The Hyatt Incline, NV offers free charging for its guests with two 240V 14-50 EV charging stations.
Be aware that they are exposed to the elements, meaning snow, rain, and pine pitch. I suggested some sort of canopy but I doubt that they'll go for it as all other parking is uncovered.