GPS keeps getting "stuck" in latest software update

GPS keeps getting "stuck" in latest software update

I'm a new model S owner and have been driving for a couple of weeks with no GPS problems. Two nights ago I got the latest software update and the GPS is now sporadically getting stuck from 30 minutes to an hour, then it "unsticks" and starts working again.

Yesterday I drove from home to work, 65 miles one way. It said I was home for the first 40 miles of the trip. I called Tesla and they said to reboot the display, so I pulled over and rebooted (hold both steering wheel buttons down for 10 secs). It didn't immediately fix the GPS, but about 5 minutes later it magically started updating my location. I figured that was that.

But later that night, on my drive home, it did it again. 10 minutes into my drive it stopped updating, about 30 minutes later it fixed itself. None of this ever happened before the software update.

Anyone else having these issues?

David Trushin | 11. Juli 2013

When i first started using the nav, i was puzzled by the fact that sometimes it would stop updating my position. Then i noticed that this would occur regularly when i used my finger to shift the map, like when i wanted to see what was coming up. I found a button on the upper right of the nav window that restored the position update. I think it has an x in it.

David70 | 11. Juli 2013

I have 1.33.51 and I've noticed the same thing as you (David T). All of a sudden, after not having paid attention, I see that the map is stuck at some location from 15 or 20 minutes ago. In the upper right corner of the map is a button (or whatever) that is grayed. Upon pressing it, it turns blue and the correct location starts displaying again.

tobi_ger | 11. Juli 2013

There seems to be a mismatch (out of sync) between Garmin(?) and GMaps?

Bob W | 11. Juli 2013

David is correct, see page 21 of the manual. There's a small circular icon in the top right corner of the Navigation window above the "Zoom in" button. Tap the icon, and it changes color to blue, and it keeps the map centered on your current location. There's also a "Checkered Flag" icon to recenter the map at your destination, when you're Navigating.

When you slide the map around, auto-centering is turned off, and you have to tap that circular icon to turn it back on.

David Trushin | 12. Juli 2013


Robert22 | 12. Juli 2013

Think of it as either you moving over the map or the map moving under you (button on- Blue)