Granny Mode ?

Granny Mode ?

The model X seats 7, implying it is for families. Families have children. Some of these children may be teenagers. It's possible that some of these teenagers may be boys. What isn't possible is that a teenage boy will drive the model X in a responsible fashion. Along with the "Sport and "Insane" modes, can we have a "Granny" mode? They could use the specs from a Leaf or a Volt for the governor. As an added bonus, granny mode will naturally be much gentler on the electrons. You could switch to it when you are feeling range anxiety. I bet if they tuned it right, Granny mode could get an EPA rating of 350 miles. (Apologies in advance to any actual grannies. Maybe "Eco Mode" is a better name)

ir | 17. April 2015

You might want to check the news: it is called "valet mode"

Makes the car drive like a Prius and requires a password to disable.

PBEndo | 17. April 2015
vandacca | 17. April 2015

Thanks for the link @PBEndo. That was a good laugh. | 18. April 2015

borderline elder abuse:-))
don't tell my wife about this thread

Boredwithnames | 19. April 2015

Just the title "Granny Mode" made me laugh without clicking on it.