Gray MS delievered Friday to SATX

Gray MS delievered Friday to SATX

My dolphin gray/black 85 Pano with 21" silver wheels came Friday. So far I'm in love. Most pleasant surprise is how well the A/C works. I live in San Antonio and it was 91 on Friday. The MS sat in a hot parking lot for several hours. With the IPhone App I vented the car then turned on AC 3 minutes before I got in...perfect. The car was pleasant. That's why I felt confident in ordering the black interior. Also the tech inside the car, from touch screen to music to voice command to bluetooth calls, works so much better than the Jag XJ I had. I've already been stopped by several people to talk about it. I received my MS 29 days after I clicked the Confirm button.





bigez1 | 24. März 2013


Wow - less than 30 days!

My sole regret is not going with the dolphin gray.

Black/Black 85,Air

elguapo | 24. März 2013

Jealous! Enjoy the car!

cgiGuy | 24. März 2013

Congrats.. I'm in SA, too. Waiting on a blue 60.

hnashif | 24. März 2013

Mine was also 29 days from clicking confirm to factory pick up. I picked it up at the factory 3 days after it was ready due to my schedule. Yours had to be delivered some 1700 miles. My is grey, too.

ColonyGolfer | 24. März 2013

Hope the Gator fan doesn't have rivets in those jeans!

Brian H | 24. März 2013

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swhardy | 25. März 2013

You have no idea how happy I was to read this post. I was really torn as to whether or not to get the pano roof as I live in the Phoenix area. Also, I had narrowed my color choices down to silver and grey. I finalized on March 8 with silver and last week saw some additional pics of a grey MS and started having 'color remorse'. I called Tesla on March 21 and asked if I could change the color. Jeff told me 'not to get my hopes up' but called back the next day and said they could. These pics and your experience in the heat make me feel good about my decisions. Unfortunately, Jeff also mentioned my delivery is '60-90 days out'. I'm a 60 with 19s, grey leather, tech, pano, air, sound, obeche gloss, and supercharging for those of you keeping track.

rroonnbb | 25. März 2013

loves my dolphin grey too!

Jewsh | 26. März 2013

Love the second pic with the big Tesla grin. Congratulations and enjoy.