"The Grey Leather Interior enters production in November 2012 and may delay delivery."

"The Grey Leather Interior enters production in November 2012 and may delay delivery."

Of course it will...And, of course it's the only interior color that I like. Nards.

jbunn | 12. Juni 2012

Depends on your configuration. If you are a 40kW or most 60kW's and any config without the air suspension it's not on critical path. I was thinking grey too. Course I'm P4100 or so, 60kW, and wasn't planning on the air ride, so I'm not getting it in 2012 anyway. Double nards.

The only upside is that I recall at Fremont I head one of the execs say Tesla would have calender years, not model years. For example, the Ford 2013's will be out in a few months. I believe cars from Jan 1 will be Tesla S 2013's.

TheAustin | 13. Juni 2012

I'm P2009 and planning an 85kW...My rep was estimating late summer/early fall (which sounded overly optimistic in the first place)....The difference between August and Novemeber is big, even though it doesn't sound like it is (I'd like to be driving it in summer rather than almost winter)...But I've been waiting over two years now since I made my reservation, so I guess another couple of months isn't so unreasonable. It's just a bummer that there really was no other choice...I would never get a black interior, it's way too hot, and their tan is just way too reddish. So, Grey November it is :/

inkynote | 17. Juni 2012

I saw leather samples at a dealership and the tan is much more low key in real life. If you can get your hands on a real sample you might think it's fine.

CurrieG | 17. Juni 2012

As I am world res ~8000 (Canada #P252) I do not expect to see my Model S full Perfomance until Feb /2013... Therefore Gray Leather in Nov/12 will not be an issue.

EFusco | 17. Juni 2012

Well crap...that's the only color I liked too. If the tan is that much lighter it might be OK, but at this juncture I think I'll just go with the cheaper black cloth interior and be done with it.

Already ticked about the air suspension bit.

Crow | 17. Juni 2012

He he! He said, "nards."

BryanW | 18. Juni 2012

I'm considering tan vs gray leather as well. I'm US reservation P889, so might put me right around when the gray becomes available, might delay me a little.

One of my concerns with the tan is the seat belt being black. I was thinking pacific blue for the exterior, tan and obeche wood for the interior. Thing is, with tan, the seat belts are black. Tan, black, brown wood, blue, it's seems like too much, like wearing a black belt with brown shoes.

Gray with piano black, or gray with obeche wood both seem to work as the gray mutes the black in the seat belt. Tan with piano black also seems to work (based on the design studio rendering). But with the tan and wood, the black seat belts stand out.

I noticed that the Model S Signature with white leather comes with matching seat belts, so clearly this has been thought of.

Is this tan / black seat belt color combination giving anyone else pause for consideration?

olanmills | 18. Juni 2012

This is where I'll mention once again that I'm so sad that the white leather is only for sigs


Brian H | 18. Juni 2012

Given the limited volume of autos, and that TM does not make that particular part in-house, I'd assume there're constraints on buying lots and how many it can buy economically. Perhaps when deliveries are 4X as high the variety available will approach the lower fringes of what the (currently) bigger makers offer.

[Side note: the 'validation' glitches offer unintended and unexpected edit opportunities! Thx, gremlins.]

Brian H | 18. Juni 2012

Kroneal | June 17, 2012

He he! He said, "nards."

It means the same as "Dadgum it."


Crow | 19. Juni 2012

Not where I grew up, it doesn't.

Brian H | 19. Juni 2012

Heh. Well, in general impact terms. But if you want to get particular, it's the contents of what sounds like the surname of Honoré. (Poor fellow didn't marry till he was 51, and died later the same year. Lacked conditioning and endurance where it counted, I guess!)

David M. | 19. Juni 2012


Boooo . .