HOV Lane Access Stickers is the REAL head-turner!...

HOV Lane Access Stickers is the REAL head-turner!...

So, I have had my MS since mid-November 2012, and have received an average amount of looks here and there (mostly from people familiar with Tesla). I really don't think most folks notice the MS as anything out of the ordinary, compared to say a Fisker, Karma... (which is fine by me). Plus where I live, seeing luxury cars, exotics, etc is a fairly common thing.

However, now that I have my California 'Access Ok - Clean Air Vehicle' (carpool / HOV lane access sticker) on my MS, I am getting people literally driving around my car with curiosity. Of course here in insanely crowded Southern California, having an 'Access Ok - California Clean Air Vehicel' sticker on your car, is about the equivalent to Willy Wonka's Golden-Ticket! Then I realize, Tesla has never done any advertising to the general public, and not everyone is a tec-head / car-geek (like myself), and are unaware of a luxury car that is also zero-emissions that can qualify for the program.

Ironically, this is the last thing I thought would draw the most attention to an MS, however, I guess when suffering from 'bumper-to-bumper syndrome' on a daily bases (that most suffer from where I live), I too would be curious how such a nice looking luxury vehicel gets legal single-occupency access to the HOV lanes. ;-)

dstiavnicky | 11. Januar 2013

In Ontario, Canada we actually get GREEN lettering on our license plates. Grants access to HOV and only available for 100% electric vehicles. Can't wait.

I suspect this will be the first thing other drivers notice as they are very rare on any vehicle that most people would actually want to look at... actually, only other MSs.

thad.omura | 23. März 2013

Tikiman, could you please post some pictures of how applied the stickers?

rockyb | 23. März 2013

I live in Maryland, and have apllied for an HOV sticker. After I receive it and begin to use the HOV lane, I fully expect to be given the middle finger solute by other drivers for this reason. I am at the ready, however. I have written "ELECTRIC CAR" on a white paper and plan on waving it when this is encountered. Perhaps I will just tape it to the passenger window, small enough to not be too ugly but easy enough to be noticed.

gldlcks55 | 25. April 2013

Tikiman how did you apply your sticker? On the painted portion if the rear panel? I'm considering putting it on the rubberized panels c

elguapo | 25. April 2013

@rockyb I am also in MD and will take delivery soon. What's the HOV application like? Is it just on the MVA website? Thanks.

Peter7 | 25. April 2013

It's here, easy and free:


Darmok | 25. April 2013

In Nevada a statute enacted 4 years ago authorizes the DOT to enact regulations allowing alternative fuel vehicles to use HOV lanes. So far DOT has done nothing, though our neighbors to the west and southeast have had successful programs for many years. Meanwhile, about half the cars in the HOV lanes have one occupant. If it weren't so frustrating it would be amusing watching these a--holes bail out of the lane when there's a cop ahead, which in full rush hour is quite dangerous.

larmorfreq | 25. April 2013

HOV access makes the MS a time machine. You can actually buy time.

oakport | 25. April 2013

I picked up my MS on December 27, 2012 and I applied for the HOV stickers early in January. BTW, I live in California. Late in February I received a letter from the DMV issuing agency, along with my $8 check, informing me that I must reapply because my registration had not appeared on their computers yet! I had received my pink slip and registration some weeks before and wondered about their system. It is very near to May and I still don't have the stickers. Maybe I will get them in May?!? Or maybe I will hit the lottery.

gldlcks55 | 25. April 2013

I just received my decals today after more than 80 days with my first application. I saw the cheque debited two days ago and half expected it to arrive today. I had it installed professionally for $25 using a 3M film for easier removal when time comes to peel it off. I thought it would disfigure the car but if actually looks like it belongs there. I actually used the HOV lanes today even before I had it installed. I saved $2.50 on bridge toll today and for the next 550 days. :-)

sbrizius | 26. April 2013

I just got my stickers and would like to have them professionally installed with the 3M film. I live in Long Beach, CA. Anyone have any recommendations.

PBEndo | 26. April 2013

I recently got the HOV sticker for South Florida and it is wonderful. I save 15 minutes and a lot of frustration/stress every day on my roundtrip commute. Where it really helps is when there is a major backup (accident, heavy rain etc,. The HOV lane rarely backs up at all, while the other lanes are sitting still. It is a major intangible benefit of the Tesla.
When you add the time I save not going to the gas station every five days (as I did in my ICE car), I save at least 1-1.5 hours per week. Ironically, I love the car so much I wouldn't mind spending a little extra time in it!
I am a little worried that the Highway Patrol may not be familiar with the car yet and pull me over to verify that I am eligible for the sticker - but it hasn't happened yet.

gldlcks55 | 26. April 2013

Pros use the 3M film to sandwich the decals. If the te comes to remove them for any reason, the decals come off in one piece and reusable I hope.

hsadler | 26. April 2013


"If the te comes to remove them for any reason, the decals come off in one piece and reusable I hope."

If they do come off in one piece, to re-use, just apply to another piece of the film. Thus 2 layers of film.

rchiang | 26. April 2013

Does anyone know if you apply for HOV at one state can you also access other state too?
Like I live in MD but sometimes have to drive in VA HOV.
Anyone know the answer to that?

TikiMan | 27. April 2013

I just applied mine to the lowest visible un-painted part of the rear bumper.

celtrog | 27. April 2013

Live in LA.....
Drive the 10 fwy which is a fastrak lane now.
You MUST have a transponder to drive in what used to be the carpool lane.
Tesla gets NO special treatment vs an ICE......
Weird and stupid IMHO

ayap | 17. Mai 2014

@celtrog, a Tesla with Clean Air Vehicle decal does get special treatment (see below). You just need to use the FasTrak like everyone else but set the setting to 3 even if you're diving solo:
Vehicles displaying a DMV issued white or green Clean Air Vehicle decal can use the ExpressLanes toll-free with a switchable FasTrak set to 3 (3+ person carpool).

bevguy | 18. Mai 2014

In Tennessee the HOV lane sticker is available for hybrids, but not for the Tesla. Go figure. Apparently this has to do with some federal "approved" list.

I haven't pursued the issue because I seldom drive inuring rush hour. In any case HOV lane restriction is routinely ignored by lots of drivers. So it doesn't save much time in Tennessee.

HOV lanes are a political creation. By shoving more traffic into fewer lanes, it slows down the traffic in those lanes , there is more congestion thus more stop and go, thus more total fuel consumed. So the real world effect of HOV is to burn more gas and create more CO2. But it sounds so good...

AmpedRealtor | 18. Mai 2014

HOV lanes are a political creation. By shoving more traffic into fewer lanes, it slows down the traffic in those lanes , there is more congestion thus more stop and go, thus more total fuel consumed. So the real world effect of HOV is to burn more gas and create more CO2. But it sounds so good...

Spoken like someone who can't get a sticker... LOL! :)

info | 18. Mai 2014

I've had my CA HOV stickers for 4 months and have not put them on because they look terrible, IMO. I only need them every few months and wonder if there is a magnetic way to attach them (I now, it's aluminum, but is there any other removable method that doesn't need film or adhesive)?

Red Sage ca us | 18. Mai 2014

Carpool/High Occupancy Vehicle lanes were put in place to encourage car pooling to work or school.

HOV lanes exist due to the prior reasoning that people tended to live over HERE, and all would work over THERE. People in the same neighborhood, driving to the same location to work. That location typically being the 30 Year Job at the Plant. The problem is, there have largely not been any jobs of that sort for thirty years. Also, in locations such as the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan area, people from all points on the map may work just about anywhere. You would be lucky to find someone in your entire home neighborhood who works in the same city, let alone the same company.

Given the demographics of the Real World, HOV lanes serve no actual purpose and do not reduce traffic or lower emissions or save fuel. They do allow states and municipalities another means to institute highway robbery, in the form of fines to 'violators'. They also allowed for the dual use of public roads so that designated lanes require a toll for travel -- something that used to be illegal.

Surprise! It's all about the money.

RUNS KWH | 18. Mai 2014

Would this work to put the HOV stickers on? I read on one of these forums to buy some auto film and then adhere the sticker to that and then put it on the car.