How do I access private threads?

How do I access private threads?

I have been reading the forum since I ordered my Model S (which I now have and love thank you very much) and on occasion people refer to the private threads. I have no idea where those are or how to access them. I have searched the entire web site and I have even volkerized it. Can anyone walk me through it?

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Michele | 07. März 2013

Private threads are marked with a "key" at the end of the title line. You have access to them as a res holder & owner.

Michele C. | 07. März 2013


I just scrolled through about 7 pages of forums. I can not see a "key" after any of the titles. Can you give me an example? | 07. März 2013

On page 1 you should see "Latest Model Delveries" that is a private thread. I think private thread titles are still observed by general members.

jat | 07. März 2013

You may need to ask Tesla to add you -- I didn't have access to private posts until I requested it. Volkerize won't find private threads since Google can't index anything behind a login.

jat | 07. März 2013

@KevinR - no, if you don't have access you don't even see them at all.

Cindy.holland | 07. März 2013

It sounds like Tesla has not activated your login as a reservation holder. You need to ask them to do this and then be sure to login in when you want to read the forums. At that time, you will see the private threads.

gregv64 | 07. März 2013

Are you logged into the web site? You should be able to go to the My Tesla page and see your reservation, and then access the forums from there. | 07. März 2013

@jat Thanks, I had previously read they were. I stand corrected.

Michele C. | 07. März 2013

Thank you, Kevin. I could not find "Latest Model Deliveries", so I guess I have no access.

Thanks everyone else, I will contact Tesla and have them activate my login.

Captain_Zap | 07. März 2013

I had to send an e-mail to Telsa to activate my access.
I gave them my RN number and name and they flipped the switch.

akikiki | 07. März 2013

Michele C: You have a login. That's how we see your post here as Michele C. Forum readers that do not log in can't post comments to threads. So since we see your login and since you can post, you are logged in. You want to ask Tesla to grant you Reservation Holder or Owner status on the forum. They flip the switch that Cap Zap mentioned and you see the private threads.

nickjhowe | 08. März 2013

@KevinR - this is what a private thread looks like:

Uploaded with

nickjhowe | 08. März 2013

Or at a bit more reasonable size: | 08. März 2013

@nickjhowe- Thanks- I can see & have access, I was mistaken in thinking everyone saw the private thread titles.

nickjhowe | 08. März 2013

Sorry - meant to @ Michelle, not @Kevin.