How to listen to audio books from

How to listen to audio books from

Has anyone figured out how, if at all possible, to listen to audio books?

I spend 90% of my driving time listening to audio books, and if/when Telsa provides direct support for ipods, I'll be fine, but until then I'm looking to see if anyone has figured out a way to listen to this audio format?

I get my car on Tuesday (yeah!) so I have not played with it myself.

In my Prius I simply connect the headphone jack on my ipod to the audio in jack on the car....easy peasy.


sandman | 02. Februar 2013

Do it from your phone and use bluetooth to connect phone/device to the car

David Trushin | 02. Februar 2013

Just put the audiobook on a usb memory stick and stick it in the usb port.

Richard M | 02. Februar 2013

I have an iPhone that I use to listen to Audible content. Like sandman suggested above, I use Bluetooth to send the audio from my iPhone to my Model S, and this works great for audio books with Audible as well as other apps such as Rhapsody.

trydesky | 02. Februar 2013

Thanks for the bluetooth suggestion, that should do it.

As for putting in on a usb stick, the format is encrypted, so I doubt Telsa will be able to decrypt it, but I'll give it a try.

bbmertz | 02. Februar 2013

Yes, I too frequently listen to Audible books on my iPhone via Bluetooth. Will be nice if/when a future software update will allow us to control our iPhones via the 17" screen and also offer speed-sensitive volume adjustment (like BMW) to enhance our listening experience.

bp | 03. Februar 2013

I also listen to Audible books on my long commutes.

In my previous car, I would convert the audiobook to CD - and listen to it on the CD. The car would remember the place where I last listened to the CD, even when I switched from CD to radio, satellite or hard drive.

Currently, with the Model S, the only usable solution appears to be using a Bluetooth connected device. If you copy the audio book to USB, you risk losing your place in the book, if you switch to a different audio source - and getting back to that spot in very long books is too difficult with the Model S UI right now.

I've copied all of my personal music to a USB thumb drive - and have my phone running the Audible application in the background all of the time. With my phone connected, when I select the phone in the audio source list, it resumes the book from where I last stopped - even if I switch audio sources. Plus, it will automatically pause when the car stops, switch audio sources or place a phone call.

While it would be better to have Audible available as an app in the car, this solution is workable - and has one nice advantage - the phone always knows where the current bookmark is located - so I can listen to the book on my phone even when I'm not in the car.

A nice feature for a future software upgrade would be for Tesla to enable "bookmarks" in files on the USB drive or the built-in memory - so that it would go back to where playback last stopped (maybe only on long audio files) - and if they had that feature, audiobooks would work without the phone.

But until then, Bluetooth to the phone works pretty well.

FYI - also found that you can listen to voicemail in the car by selecting the phone as an audio playback device while the voicemail app is running.

GaryOrlando | 17. Februar 2013

The Blue Tooth works great until it drops the connection. I have to be quick on the phone's pause button or it will keep playing and I lose my place. The phone is a Galaxy S3.

Anybody else have that issue or is it my equipment? Is there a way to test whether its the phone or the car ?

jat | 17. Februar 2013

@GaryOrlando - I have no issue at all with Bluetooth from my GS3, and my wife has listened to her Audible books in the Model S using her Galaxy Nexus over Bluetooth. The only complication is you have to manually switch between phones which are paired.

pete2212 | 17. Februar 2013

Gary, I've had that issue before, but usually only 5-10 second dropouts at most.

I've found the 30 second rewind button to fix anything I might have missed, you can set up a widget so it's available from the default unlock screen, or if audible is running it's an option on on the pull own screen as well.

twestberg | 10. Juli 2013

I use my iPhone connected through Bluetooth. It works... ok. If the iPhone stays in my pocket the signal often drops out, so I have to move the phone to a cup holder (and remember to bring it with me). The screen display seems to just make up artwork to go along with the book, but that's no big deal.

I would really love a version of the Audible app running natively in the Tesla; allow me to download books to the flash (like the iPhone) and sync positions with the iPhone. It's unlikely to happen (Tesla doesn't have the volume to warrant Audible doing the development, even if the Tesla software had been open, and Tesla has many other things to do before they might try to port the audible software, even if it was open).

Our best chance for such a thing is if the CEO of Audible owned and loved a Model S, or if the CEO of Tesla were an Audible fan. Let's hear it for the possibility of CEO's fulfilling a whim!

Loonsailor | 12. Oktober 2013

I listen to books in my MS using the audible app on my iPhone and a bluetooth connection. It worked pretty well until a couple of days ago. Until then, I could start and stop the book by pressing the left dial on the steering wheel, though if I wanted to do the forward/back 30 second thing, I needed to do it on the phone. Now, though I can still listen, I can no longer start/stop playback from the wheel or from the touch panel screen. The screen icon switches from play to pause, but the phone doesn't respond. I'm not sure what's changed.

Well, at least I can still listen.

bp | 13. Oktober 2013

Occasionally I'll have issues like this - which usually get resolved by restarting both the phone and the touchscreen.

Loonsailor | 13. Oktober 2013

How does one "restart the touchscreen"?

David Trushin | 13. Oktober 2013

Hold in both buttons on the steering wheel.

Loonsailor | 13. Oktober 2013

Thanks. Rebooting the phone fixed it.

cerjor | 13. Oktober 2013

I check out audio books from my local library. Most often these are .mp3 so I save them to a USB flash and plug that into the car. Works well.

bp | 14. Oktober 2013

While I considered converting the audiobook to .mp3, it's actually better using the Audible app on my smartphone - because if I decide to listen to the audiobook away from the car, it always resumes at the latest point in the book.

The only better solution would be for the Audible app to be available in the car - and have it sync bookmarks.

Haven't heard about the "App Store" for a long time...

ks-man | 21. November 2013


I'm not sure if this changed with a software release but I put MP3 audiobooks on my USB key and the car remembers my place even if I switch to another source. One thing I always do which I'm not sure if this helps it keep the location is I pause the book before I get out of the car. It makes sense to do this with a book as the audio would keep playing as you get out of the car which obviously isn't ideal for a book.

Like I said before. My guess is this changed with one of the software updates since February but if not try pausing before switching sources.

tes-s | 21. November 2013

I also listen to Audible played on my iPhone through bluetooth.

bp | 22. November 2013

USB will remember the position in any audio file - and resume from the last position when returning to the car or switching back from another audio source.

EXCEPT... position will be lost if the main console is rebooted.

I use my USB for music storage and have set up a large favorites list (since playlist support isn't implemented yet).

When resuming play - it always goes back to the specific music file and position and resumes.

But if the main console has been rebooted - I not only lose the position - but also the specific file that was playing - and have to hunt back through the favorites list to get back to the song I was playing.

A huge problem with playing long audio books is that the interface really doesn't provide the same functionality as the Audible interface. It doesn't provide skip forward/backward or skipping to bookmarks/chapters - so repositioning in a long MP3 file will likely be more difficult than using a smartphone audio book app.

ks-man | 22. November 2013

But how often do you need to reboot the main console? I used to store my audiobooks on my iPod and would have the same issue if I needed to reboot the iPod.

abigailyoungla | 11. August 2015

Thanks for the idea. I would like to try doing it in my car.

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UBQP | 12. August 2015

I have to use headphones or earbuds when listening to audiobooks lent out by the library. They only have an audio out jack -- no usb or bluetooth.

Barkingmad | 02. April 2016

@ UBQP I've not actually tried it but you may be able to get a bluetooth transmitter (they make portable / rechargeable ones) that takes the headphone socket and transmits it via bluetooth to the car?