How Many Cars Can Tesla Sell

How Many Cars Can Tesla Sell

In 2012, the three largest luxury car makers - BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Lexus - sold over 799,000 cars in the US, up from about 691,000 cars the year before. In 2011, the top ten luxury car makers sold just over 1.5M cars in the US. The tenth largest brand, Volvo, sold 65,000. Porsche sold about 35,000.

Where does Tesla fit in:

2013 - First Full Year Model S Production?

2015 - First Full Year Model X Production?

2016 - First Full Year Gen 3 Production?

Cattledog | 22. Januar 2013

Posted too soon!

I say as follows for US only:

2013 - 25,000 Model S
2015 - 40,000 Model S, 15,000 Model X
2016 - 40,000 Model S, 15,000 Model X, 40,000 Gen 3

FYI, Porsche sold about 35,000 cars in the US and 30,000 in China last year and is now in the process of doubling the number of dealers.

BMW aims to sell over 300,000 cars a year in China.

Porsche's Market cap today is $20B, BMW's is 50B. Tesla's is $4B.

This company could need to be making 200,000 cars a year in four years. Can they?

Cattledog | 22. Januar 2013

How MANY Cars can Tesla Sell.

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Brian H | 23. Januar 2013

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FLsportscarenth... | 23. Januar 2013

I am sure Tesla can beat Porsche in the US in 2014, worldwide, not till 2017? I hope our european friends will be seeing their Model S's sooner, end of 2013 is it? China will be more difficult as the noveau-riche over there love established brand names and the bubble may pop by the time TM establishes many stores there.

jeroens | 23. Januar 2013

The european friend are hoping they will start signature production in March, first deliveries May, bulk over summer (2013). Me included ;)

Cattledog | 23. Januar 2013

FLsports - Yes, I think 2014 Tesla takes out Porsche in US. They sold 141,000 cars worldwide in 2012 and their goal is 200,000 worldwide by 2018.

It makes what Tesla's doing seem more remarkable. They could equal Porsche's sales in 5 years. Incredible. Porsche has been brand for what, 80+ years?