How many miles/month do you drive your tesla? More than 3k anyone?

How many miles/month do you drive your tesla? More than 3k anyone?

How many miles/month do you drive your tesla? More than 3k anyone? Anyone did their 1st scheduled service yet?

Cattledog | 20. April 2013

Nope on 3K/month, more like 1.5K/month. Should service in a few weeks, currently at 5K. A few here have, try TMC forums as well.

shs | 20. April 2013

We did 2502 miles in our first month, which was a few days ago. So far no time waiting for a charge. So awesome.

MGlasfeld | 20. April 2013

I'm driving roughly 4,000 miles per month, and have yet to head in for the 12,500 mile maintenance thingy.

I can't imagine that there will be anything for them to do apart from rotating the tires. We'll see....

fluxemag | 20. April 2013

Interesting to think about what the maximum mileage per month is on a MS. Such as, anytime you're not charging you're driving. Anyone remember Differential Equations class?

Brian H | 20. April 2013

I think you need to remember the Linear Equations class. One more equation than variables, and an expression to maximize.

tsx_5 | 20. April 2013

Not quite 3K, I drive at 2.6K -- Just got my S -- so haven't hit the 12.5K inspection thing yet...

jason@ | 20. April 2013

Got mine 1/12/13 and have 10,612 miles to date. 100 days... so, avg 106 per day, yes, over 3k a month. I'm sure I will slow down on the miles soon enough, but for now it is too much fun not to drive it.

And no electric cost - I have solar panels that I installed last year to do house and the Tesla!

Brian H | 20. April 2013

You're having way too much fun. For shame!

Ron5 | 21. April 2013

I have 12,500 miles (delivered 12/4/12). Going for annual on 5/3.

R3dStang66 | 22. April 2013

Got mine on 12/23/13 and i have a little bit over 11,000 miles.

jat | 22. April 2013

I have had mine for 3.5 months, and put 4800 miles on it, so a bit under 1400mi/mo. I did an awful lot of long-distance trips in it the past month or so, which isn't likely to be repeated soon, so I expect to do about 15k miles this year.

Brian H | 23. April 2013

That's over 3K/mo. Think you'll do 40K by next Xmas?

kkotaru | 14. September 2015

I am planning to buy Tesla for my commute which will be around 4000 miles a month. at this rate I put almost 50,000 miles in an year. I took 6 year loan on Tesla. If I can drive Tesla till 300,000 miles then it is totally worth it. Hopefully Tesla lasts 300k miles. :)

dbh | 14. September 2015

Not quite - 26.7k miles in exactly 12 months. More than half of that is road trips. Taking it in for 2nd "annual" service tomorrow. I am nearly certain I am going to get a drive unit replacement...starting making quiet a few odd noises about about 25k. Seems like it is bearing wear in the drive unit. Other than that, had one door handle replaced and that's it.

TaoJones | 14. September 2015

Driving 50K miles/year with a 6-year loan means 4 or 5 years of payments while out of warranty for all but the motor, inverter, and battery if I recall correctly.

That's brave.

And a lot of sets of tires.

sklancha | 14. September 2015

Yes. Hit the 36k exactly at 12 months. Picked up 10k in the next 2 months, and then intentionally took it easy this past month - realizing that I am almost at the 50k mark already and will have to drop an extra $5g to maintain the bumper-to-bumper warranty. For some reason I feel it won't be as painful (to part with the money) if I can get at least a year and a half of ownership in before needing to pay for the extended warranty... Of course, I am starting to question my discipline (That Tesla BEGS for roadtrips)

I've done one 'annual service' at the one year mark.
The wording on the suggested routine service is 'one year or 12,500 miles.' If I did it by miles, I would be in for a $500 service every 3 months, with 4 services in my first 14 months. That would be ridiculous.


Simply Red | 14. September 2015


Wow! That's some serious mileage.

Folks still following the 3000 mile oil change recommendation in their ICE cars! Now, that is ridiculou$!

Buttermd | 14. September 2015

I drive about 2k a month because I have a lengthy daily commute, I usually get home with 140 miles remaining on my p85d, so I think I could easily double that to 4k a month without even using the supercharger network. My work is about a minute away from a supercharger though so if I needed to drive more I could easily supercharge halfway through, and probably get a max of like 6k a month.

rxlawdude | 14. September 2015

@sklancha - Be aware you may not qualify for the "extra $5K to maintain the bumper to bumper warranty," because you must have (according to the terms of the extended service agreement) serviced at each 12,500 mile interval (given you exceeded 12.5K miles/year).

Still waiting for Tesla to either change the language of the ESA or to clarify once and for all if they will enforce the contract language and deny coverage based on not having all previous services within 1,000 miles or 1 month of when service was due.

Till that clarification, I suggest caution for those considering the ESA.

Tezla888 | 14. September 2015

I do about 5000 a month. I was at my first 12500 service at 2.5 month mark LOL.

@rxlawdude - I've asked the two service centers here in South CA and asked multiple managers/advisers who have all said the same thing. Currently there is nothing held against people who drove over the agreed 12500 mile per each service visit. However, Tesla reserves the right to deny any service as they are not going to change the wording on the ESA.

The last piece to consider is the value that comes with the ESA. Wheel alignment is no longer included as part of annual $600 service. However, ESA includes wheel alignment, and rotor/pad replacement. A full brake job on the MS will be around $2000. This was told to me by a higher up from the Costa Mesa Service Center. Tear and wear on the rotor/pad is completely depending on the way youd rive. I have a P85D, I drive the way this car was built for and I think my rotor/pad will need replacement sooner rather than later. This is why, with the amount I drive per month (I'm not going to drive any less than 4500/month), I still got my ESA.

f3rretus | 14. September 2015

100 miles per day, 12 days per month. Right now, wife is driving the car 7 miles/day, 20 days per month. Trying to pamper both my girls.

rxlawdude | 14. September 2015

@Tez1314 - I think you're confusing the Prepaid Service Plan with the Extended Service Agreement. The Prepaid Service Plan is the one that provides the wheel alignment as part of the "annual" (12.5K mile/1 year) service. That has similar language that suggests for the 30K mile/year driver that the Four Year plan really is for substantially less than four years, due to the "whichever occurs first" language.

The Extended Service Agreement (what some incorrectly call "extended warranty" after the factory 50,000 mile/5 year warranty expires) explicitly requires that all prior maintenance be done within 1,000 miles or one month of when it was due. Thus, the high mileage owner who takes their MS in at one year (say, with 18K miles on it) for annual service, and at two years (say, with 36K miles on it) is NOT in compliance and Tesla can deny any coverage under the ESA.

Note that Tesla's ESA is very atypical of "extended warranties" of most automakers. None of these other factory extended warranties require that all maintenance be performed (within a month or 1,000 miles of when due) in order for the agreement to be honored.

As an attorney, if the service centers are actually telling you that they are currently ignoring the language but reserve the right to enforce it, that's not only scary but downright disturbing to me.

Bighorn | 14. September 2015

I got a free alignment with my very recent $600 annual service.

NKYTA | 14. September 2015

BH, your first response on this thread should have been "Depends on the month". ;-)

But that's IMHO, of course. ;-)

tmaz | 14. September 2015

I'm at 23,000 in 7 months so over 3k a month and I've yet to take it in for a service. I've reviewed what they do in that service and just don't see the value in having it done. I rather put the money to a repair (if a repair is even needed) rather than piss away hundreds for the service center to tighten a couple bolts and change the batteries in my fobs.

tjhappel | 14. September 2015

So far 11 months and 37k. Zero issues except early alignment stuff when I first bought it. I do not have the extended maintenance plan and really on the fence about it. I'll basically pay 5k for 13-14 months max of coverage... In my case probably not worth it but I guess a few things can add up very quick.

Love my car and think it's the best daily commuter of all time, I'd love to be depreciating a model 3 more than the much more expensive model s, but that'll come soon enough. Hopefull larger battery pack or better mile pack will let me drive even more, I could have closer to 60k on it now but limited by the range and charge times.

tmaz | 15. September 2015

I just cant justify the extended warranty. at the rate I'm driving I'll be at the 100,000 mile mark by month 30 of ownership. So basically I'm hedging that I'll have more in warranty repairs between 50k and 100k miles than what the warranty cost me. Seems like crappy odds to buy the warranty. I'll just roll the dice.

If the extended warranty was an extra 4 years, unlimited miles I'd be all over it like a fly on sh*t.

rxlawdude | 15. September 2015

@tmaz - Even the most mainstream manufacturer, Toyota, has their best extended warranty cut off at 100,000 miles. (You can choose the time duration for some slight variations in cost.)

Bottom line, if you're cranking the miles like you are, you're our canary in the coal mine. Thanks for that. :-)

sklancha | 15. September 2015

@rxlawdude It was my local service station that reminded me that I will want to get the extended warranty before I hit the 50,000 mark, so I cant imagine them denying it. We are fortunate that we can keep extending every 50,000 miles, but I really hate the thought of parting with that money so frequently.

Of course the thought of curbing our roadtrp appetite is even more depressing. Yet another distinctly Tesla disgruntlement :-)

rxlawdude | 15. September 2015

@sklancha - Just remember that the ESA specifically states that no Tesla employee may modify the ESA terms.

Caveat emptor.

Bighorn | 15. September 2015

I hadn't heard anything about extending beyond 100,000 miles...what do you know?

Ricco831 | 15. September 2015

@sklancha, how many miles did you have at the one year mark when you had it serviced? I have 15k since March and was gonna wait until about 20k to get the "annual service" and right before my 1.5K trip to Florida from New England.

sklancha | 15. September 2015

I had my 'annual or every 12,500 miles' service right at the 'annual' mark (36,000 miles)

The car goes in for tire rotation every 7,000-miles (generally every 6-12 weeks), so they I see and talk with them often.

As for how often the warranty can be extended.... I need to look into it. The assumption was based off my communications at the service station, but- but no explicit statements. Need to take another, closer look at the warranty.

mpjnmd | 15. September 2015

i just crossed the 9K mile mark. Took Delivery on birthday on June12th so 3 months ago...... Loving every mile.....

qblack1 | 16. September 2015

~2200 per month from about 2 years now.
Like new still.