I wonder if Tesla has different sources for the floor mats

I wonder if Tesla has different sources for the floor mats

I've had my S for over 3 weeks and I have driven 1,600 miles. My floor mats are fine. They are not curling up at the edges and have stayed in place. My buddy just picked his S up at the factory last w/e and already his mats are curling up at the edges and the passenger mat is flipping over on top of itself under fast acceleration. The passenger mat goes up higher to the top of the footwell and it's so flimsy that the top of it falls back onto the legs of the passenger. The difference leads me to wonder if they are buying the mats from 2 different suppliers.

JZ13 | 18. März 2013

note to brian h, I just spotted my typo in the title. Tesla, give us edit please!!!!!

David Trushin | 18. März 2013

There is an edit for the owner of the thread. It's hidden around the Tesla logo.

michaelseda | 18. März 2013

Picked up my S last week and already ordered a custom set as my passenger side won't stay up. It's a good thing the car is so amazing or I might be more twisted up about the mats

JZ13 | 18. März 2013

Thanks David!

KendallPB | 18. März 2013

Tesla's going to take a look at my passenger side mat (maybe just add some velcro?) when I bring it in Thursday (for a paint armor thing).

derek | 19. März 2013

My OEM passenger mat was folding back on itself on day 1 of ownership. It will not stay in place.


torst1 | 19. März 2013

It's those little things. Those little things that distinguish premium cars from ordinary cars.

Like Apple did with the Mac's power chord. Attached by magnets. Clever and a smart way to avoid laptop falling to the ground if someone trips over the power chord.

The MB has two small magnets in the rear sides of the floor mats. Makes it a breeze to take the mats out for cleaning - and they just as easy goes back in place when cleaned. The magnets make sure the mats stays in place and locks down the mats to the carpet. No sliding mats, no wrinkles and no fuss. Just clever engineering. Little things like that truly make a car a premium.

I am sure Tesla will do a remake on a later day - after all they are new and so are the model S. It is already packed with clever engineering so I am sure they will not rest before all those demands are met.

Xfrank | 19. März 2013

Is there someone who can make a precise technical drawing of the various mats for the model S.(dxf or dwg file)
so I can make them here in europe before the car arrive.