ICE car blocking Supercharger

ICE car blocking Supercharger

I visited the new Tesla Supercharger station on I-95 in Milford, CT the other day (southbound side). One of the two stations was occupied by a Honda Accord. I'm afraid this will become a fairly common occurrence, since these are premium spots near the convenience store/dining, even though the spots are clearly posted as for Tesla vehicles only. A couple came out and got in their car a few minutes later. I wanted to make a snappy comment guaranteed to shame this guy, but I was at a loss. Anyone have any ideas for rebukes that aren't likely to cause a fistfight?

wbrown01 | 17. Januar 2013

Sign says:
Tesla Supercharging station,
No Parking Unauthorized vehicles will be
TOWED AWAY at owner’s expense

Sudre_ | 17. Januar 2013

Heh. I read an article where a company booted an ambulance while the EMTs were inside working on a person who had a heart attack. They parked in a 'customers only or tow' spot.

So I am in the same place as wbrown01.

Manta | 17. Januar 2013

Re. Delaware Superchargers...

The "Towed Away at Owner's Expense" must be new. Maybe enough people complained about getting ICEd?

I took a picture on January 1 , and the signs read

Tesla Supercharging Station
No Parking ("P" with red circle and slash)
Except for Electric Vehicle Charging

Brian H | 17. Januar 2013

Use img HTML, which requires a web-hosted URL for the pic.

ChristianG | 18. Januar 2013

While of corse Tesla super charger stations are nice, how many cars can charge there? 4? So now you're complaining about a guy who parks there for a few minutes. If those spots are used by Teslas they probably stay there longer. Also as it will take a while to top the car off they are probably not there waiting and doing something else. So they might not be around when the charging is finished but half an houre later or worse...

People also tend to drive to same destinations at the same times, so chances will be that if you need it, this will happen. To use Electric charging stations effective some kinda valet service will be needed and/or a lot more of them.

joey | 18. Januar 2013

maybe municipal governments could recognize a new income stream by allowing photos of car and tag of illegally parked cars to be issued tickets in the same manner as redlight cameras, only have the pictures taken by smartphones and sent to special email address where they would be reviewed by traffic officers. I would love to see this in driveway blocking, double parking, idiot parking, handicapped parking, as well as ev parking. Or maybe i just need my car to arrive so i will get away from this forum.

Anthony H | 18. Januar 2013

Anyone still on these forums still needs his/her car to arrive. :)

Cirrus | 18. Januar 2013

2 of the 4 spots at the Delaware house were ICEd today when I stopped.

weeandthewads | 18. Januar 2013

Park behind them and block them in.

Carefree | 19. Januar 2013

It might make sense to install a barrier to get into the charging bay. The barrier would automatically open when you get close to it - ideally for Tesla cars ONLY but even if it opened for everyone it would add a level of hesitation for ICE drivers. I don't think many would proceed with parking their car in that spot.

NO2PTRL | 27. April 2014

Something must be done. If you are out of fuel and must get a charge, waiting on someone to finish shopping is intolerable. Someone is going to get HURT during an altercation and it will be on Tesla! Tesla will be sued......

#1. Like in Europe, have a post that goes down when a MS approaches, and goes up upon exit.

#2. Tesla owners "through purchase" pay for a valet parking assistant on location.

#3. Print up cards that say, I don't park in your gas station, please don't park in mine!

#4. Have an extended charging cord and park in-front of the ICE, when you are done, they can leave.

How mad do you suppose and ICE owner would be if we parked in-front of their pump and just left our car their?

DTsea | 27. April 2014

You cant supercharge on a long cord.

NO2PTRL | 27. April 2014

To bad. Any ideas?

bigd | 27. April 2014

Speaking of which, I was at a collage last week and noticed 2 charging spots. In one was a Tesla and the other had a leaf. However, neither one was plugged in. I know ICE cars have no reason in the spot. Curious if this also a common practice for EV to park all day in charging spots when they are not charging? Yes, they were very nice spots, closes to the buildings :-)

Nuts4MS | 27. April 2014

I had that problem at the airport, non plugin Prius's were taking up half the spots, and the rest were full. I didn't want to be a jerk but I know they were the same ones from the last 3 times I went (left notes the last two) so I was just fed up and called the garage operators on the sign, 10 minutes later a tow truck showed up and then another. I pointed out the offenders and they were towed away then I parked, pretty sure they came back for the other two.

DTsea | 27. April 2014

Nuts4MS- very brave of you.

Did you return to find toyota key marks in the doors?

MNGreene | 27. April 2014

Nuts - seems justified. Bet they won't park there again.

Nuts4MS | 27. April 2014

MN - I felt bad doing it but I did leave notes and since they were repeat offenders they were pretty much asking for it :(

amitb00 | 27. April 2014

At Ft. Meyers SC, there are signs saying that spots are for EV while getting chraged. I did not see ICE parking there.

thranx | 27. April 2014

Best solution goes way back to @Sudre and others. "Parking for charging Teslas only. Non-compliant vehicles will be towed at owner's expense; minimum charge $200."

Four-letter words are cheap. Anything with a dollar sign in front of it gets immediate attention.

bigd | 27. April 2014

@amitb00 These were not ICE, rather EVs, but it seems like if they are not charging they should leave the spots open. someone may need a charge.

AmpedRealtor | 27. April 2014

Here's the problem I've found with superchargers being marked as fine or tow-away zones. Even if the local ordinances support such penalties, business owners are loathe to see some of their customers fined and/or towed. That's one of the reasons why the signage at a lot of the superchargers also allows for general parking. This is one of the flaws in the arrangement that Tesla has made with some of these establishments.

Here in Buckeye, we have a BofA branch that has front row parking reserved for "energy efficient vehicles". These spots are always occupied by SUVs and big trucks. One of the reasons why I banked at this branch was due to their policies to promote fuel efficient vehicles. One day I asked the manager who enforces the parking restrictions, when clearly the cars parking there were not efficient in any way. She told me there is actually a non-enforcement policy in place if you can believe that. I told her that I wanted someone from the branch to ask those cars to move, and she politely declined. I didn't expect her to act on my request, but wanted to test the limits of what the branch was willing to do when someone was violating their own posted signage.

There is a statute on the books allowing for $350 fine for blocking an EV charging space, but the signage on these spaces by BofA doesn't qualify because they are not specifically reserved for EVs. BofA uses a very vague "fuel efficient vehicle" term and then does nothing to enforce the signage they placed on their premises. As far as I'm concerned, their false advertising duped me into banking with them. I will be moving my accounts shortly.

DallasTXModelS | 27. April 2014
DTsea | 27. April 2014

It's already the law in Washington State- $124 fine, and applies to EVs NOT CONNECTED TO THE CHARGER as well.

RCW 46.08.185
Electric vehicle charging stations — Signage — Penalty.

(1) An electric vehicle charging station must be indicated by vertical signage identifying the station as an electric vehicle charging station and indicating that it is only for electric vehicle charging. The signage must be consistent with the manual on uniform traffic control devices, as adopted by the department of transportation under RCW 47.36.030. Additionally, the electric vehicle charging station must be indicated by green pavement markings. Supplementary signage may be posted to provide additional information including, but not limited to, the amount of the monetary penalty under subsection (2) of this section for parking in the station while not connected to the charging equipment.

(2) It is a parking infraction, with a monetary penalty of one hundred twenty-four dollars, for any person to park a vehicle in an electric vehicle charging station provided on public or private property if the vehicle is not connected to the charging equipment. The parking infraction must be processed as prescribed under RCW 3.50.100, 35.20.220, 46.16A.120, and *46.20.270(3).

(3) For purposes of this section, "electric vehicle charging station" means a public or private parking space that is served by charging equipment that has as its primary purpose the transfer of electric energy to a battery or other energy storage device in an electric vehicle.

[2013 c 60 § 1.]

*Reviser's note: RCW 46.20.270 was amended by 2013 2nd sp.s. c 35 § 17, changing subsection (3) to subsection (2).

Brian H | 27. April 2014


tes-s | 28. April 2014

@noptrl - how many times have you been ICEd out of a supercharger?