iHeartRadio App for Tesla S

iHeartRadio App for Tesla S

I love my internet radio listening through TunedIn in my Tesla Model S. Problem is, TunedIn doesn't access radio stations owned by Clear Channel/iHeartRadio...and they own more popular radio stations in the US than any other owner (well over 850). Most other cars have a dedicated iHeartRadio App at this point, but Tesla does not. Since I have known the CEO of Clear Channel for over 35 years, I asked him WHY.

First of all, he drives a Tesla S - so even the CEO cannot hear his own stations around the country while driving to work! And he says the problem is not with Clear Channel/iHeartRadio, it's with Tesla.

Not sure who to lobby at Tesla - but I live in LA and would love to listen to New York radio stations I grew up with like WOR and WABC. I don't think I can get this issue to Elon Musk's desk - but maybe a few of us can.

Garth in LA

sbeggs | 22. Mai 2015

Flag it

Slimpikers | 28. Juli 2018

When can we expect the privilege of getting access to Clear Channel/IHeart radio? I primarily listen to talk, sports, etc on my daily drive, and we are restricted from listening to the am band (interference issues???). Some of the most popular radio stations in the country are on Clear Channel. I don’t have unlimited data on my phone, so listening to it that way doesn’t help me. Maybe I should install a old fashion am/fm receiver under the dash?

rxlawdude | 28. Juli 2018

Not to mention that on most of these streaming services, local MLB games are blacked out. You need the MLB app. :-(

blakamp | 29. Juli 2018

Couldn’t agree more. iHeart has the top stations nationally. Tesla could also use better custom radio, which iHeart provides. Spotify integration too.

I was frustrated enough that I wrote about how to upgrade the Tesla entertainment experience on a number of fronts....

fernando | 31. Juli 2018

Get a Roav Viva from Amazon and you will have your Alexa connected to your car through your phone

I have now not only Alexa, but iHeart radio and Spotify on my Tesla model X

Good luck

susanebland | 09. September 2019

The iheartradio apknite browser in the Tesla is pretty simple and not very good. There are plenty of hacks out there for it, so maybe there is one. The workaround is to connect to your mobile device and listen via Bluetooth.

reed_lewis | 10. September 2019

I would love to see Tesla open up a SDK for adding apps to the Tesla screen. For high data consumption apps (like music/video) perhaps require some extra data package to deal with the increased data.

Tesla could set up an app store like Apple and vet the apps before being available. In my mind, with the security present in the car, I would be not as worried about running an app because it can be 'sandboxed' pretty easily.

Imagine having a app version of Sirius/XM, iheart, etc.

There will always be those who will post something like "Well, I do not listen to that, so why do you?" but remember everyone has different listening consumption.

julious.sagan | 17. September 2019

That's exactly what I do, I connect to my mobile device and listen via Bluetooth.

blakamp | 18. September 2019

Bluetooth is a workaround. CarPlay has been discussed in detail on a couple other threads. Both are lesser solutions compared to a fully integrated solution.

Musk has stated that Spotify is coming. Hopefully that's executed with an eye to allowing users to activate multiple audio services simultaneously... like Spotify, iHeart, Pandora, MLB, etc. The clean way to do that is for Tesla to control the overall experience, including consistent UI, unified search, and voice integration, while allowing users to add-in approved services via settings or otherwise. For reference, think Sonos as a comparable example of how that might be executed in a Tesla.

In execution of that, Tesla needs to address a couple other items (menuing structure, meta-data, consistency, voice functionality, etc), but they'll get there. I wrote about all that on Medium last year. Link in a previous post above.

kfo2v9pvms | 28. September 2019