The "I'm waiting for Brian H to tell me I'm spelling my name wrong" thread

The "I'm waiting for Brian H to tell me I'm spelling my name wrong" thread

...and other random nonsense to pass the time while we wait for our Model S's.


Alex K | 15. September 2012

Maybe this thread should be in the General Discussion section?

bfranks273 | 15. September 2012

I like yours better. Put up a poll.

BryanW | 15. September 2012

ha ha!

First post is a good old fashioned critical one and it's not even from Brian H!

@Alex, perhaps, but I'm not waiting for a "general", I'm waiting for a "Model S", as are many here on the Forum. Thus we pass the time, waiting for a Model S, beating each other up over nonsense...

@bfranks273, thanks! I like it, but perhaps I'm biased. It does seem to me that the number of Bry(i)an's who post on Tesla forums seems disproportionally high compared to the general population.

Jason S | 15. September 2012

True story: I had a college english tell me I spelled my name wrong and told me exactly why it was spelled wrong.

I had no idea what to say, but upon reflection I should've flagged him as batsh*t insane and left the class.

jerry3 | 15. September 2012


I had the same experience, only it was in grade school.

nickjhowe | 15. September 2012

No problems with spelling, but you'd have thought that pronunciation of four letters wouldn't be a problem. For my surname I've had "ho", "hova", and "howie". (it is "How" BTW.)

Oh, and I've had several people over the years say (for no apparent - yet somehow common - reason) that my first name should be Christopher rather than Nicholas. Bizarre.


Waiting, waiting, waiting...

brianman | 16. September 2012

I'll field this one.

BryanW, you spell it wrong. ;)

Brian H | 16. September 2012

My brother once gave me a Chinese signature cylinder. Names are pretty much phonetic "puns" in Chinese, it seems. For our last name, Hall, the closest-sounding Chinese word is "Ho", so that's what's on the cylinder. No idea of its meaning(s).

STxTesla | 16. September 2012

My first grade teacher told me that my nickname was spelled wrong.
I always spelled it Ricky....she insisted that it was RIckey.
I was known as Richard from the second grade on.

BryanW | 16. September 2012

Or my parents did... ;) They said they just liked it better with a 'y'.

Growing up, it seemed all of the Brian's were with an 'i' and all of the Ryan's were with a 'y'. I've since met quite a few other Bryan's with a 'y', but I can't think of any Rian's with an 'i'...

I also have a cousin named Jayson.

I guess our family has an affinity toward 'y'.

@Brian H, thanks for joining, it would have felt incomplete without you. I'm of Japanese descent and it is always funny to see our western names translated into an Asian construct.

Brian H | 16. September 2012

I rather doubt there is such a thing as a "correct" spelling of a name (especially a given name). Judging from e.g. the names of many well-known black athletes, that sub-culture seems to deliberately choose off-beat and phonetic variants of standard names, to emphasize individuality, etc. Perfectly fine; a name is a personal label, and there's no particular limit to labelling.

Brian H | 16. September 2012

E.g.: if I saw someone with the first name "Briyan" I would think, "Interesting!", not "Wrong!".

BryanW | 16. September 2012

While not 'spelled' wrong, I did have a young and naive patient once tell me that she wanted to name her daughter 'Chlamydia' because it sounds so pretty. We had a little talk, and she picked something else.

Brian H | 16. September 2012

Yikes! Always consult a dictionary before "adopting" a real word as a personal label ...

Docrob | 16. September 2012

I can trump that we had a patient whose choice of names was rejected by the office of births deaths and marriages, they wanted to name her Bus stop #19, stupidly I asked her why...that's where she was conceived of course.

jbunn | 16. September 2012

I rather like Chlamydia as a girls name. No better honor for a doctor to have a disease named after him. Why not the reverse?

MandL | 17. September 2012

Used to work with a woman named Phyllistine. It always made my smile a bit when I saw her lunch bag in the fridge.