Invite Launch Event

Invite Launch Event

Just received an invite.. am a Sig res holder.

Captain_Zap | 21. September 2015

The event is at 7pm on the 29th.

toby_wan_kenoby | 21. September 2015
toby_wan_kenoby | 21. September 2015
toby_wan_kenoby | 21. September 2015
thevangoghs | 21. September 2015

I'll see you there...and just in time for me to configure... : )

proven | 21. September 2015

Any non-sigs get an invite?

Captain_Zap | 21. September 2015

Invitations usually roll out in batches based on the availability of space.

eriksg | 21. September 2015

I have signature #1388. Got invite, but no config yet

Roamer@AZ USA | 21. September 2015

sig 309 got the invite. RSVP accepted.

But now I am torn. I was kind of looking forward to the surprise when the car delivered. Going to the event is like peeking at your Christmas presents before its time to open them.

eric.zucker | 21. September 2015

If you're not going, let me know, I still have time to book a plane ticket...

rossRallen | 21. September 2015

I'm going. Probably will have configured (this week?) and paid for my SigX by then, but I've been looking forward to an event for 2-1/2 years, so I won't miss it.

Agree with Roamer, but this is a special situation.

If anyone is driving, allow plenty of time. The traffic in the SF East Bay is mind-numbing at commute hours.

davediep | 21. September 2015

Just accepted my invite this morning as well (SIG #202).

WSE51 | 21. September 2015

I am a non-sig (MX Production #25xx) and got invited. But I am also a Model S Signature owner, so maybe that figured into it.

Tsla-Up | 21. September 2015

I just received the Email, how many guests can go with me?

TonyInNH | 21. September 2015

Well I guess the definitively answers the reveal date portion of the bet going on in the other thread :)

Any ideas on if the event will be streamed?

Ankit Mishra | 21. September 2015

Wow. Its finally happening. Everyone who is attending, enjoy. One question- Are those LED lights in the pic?

Ankit Mishra | 21. September 2015

@Roamer@AZ USA
My suggestion- Dont miss it. All the guys who waited with you patiently while believing in Tesla will be there. It might have a different feeling, Elon might express a lot of gratitude to you guys.

Roamer@AZ USA | 21. September 2015

@Tsla-up, Click on the box. Allows one guest.

dvk | 21. September 2015

I got the invite to the event. I am Sig#682 and no config yet.

Tsla-Up | 21. September 2015

@Roamer@AZ USA Thx, saw that!

matthew | 21. September 2015

Got the invite and confirmation, sign #742.
No config yet.

vandacca | 21. September 2015

In the invite photo, it looks like the Model-X has been up all night. Are those bags under it's eyes? :-)

ken | 21. September 2015

Got the invite this morning at 7AM. Trying to make up my mind to go or not, my wife wants me to go, but she just had knee surgery so trying to decide if it is politically correct to go. Sig#1436.

Tâm | 21. September 2015


Can you take her in wheelchair to the event?

ken | 21. September 2015

Tâm | SEPTEMBER 21, 2015 , I would do that but she can't travel from AZ to CA by car or air. Believe me, she would go if she could.

grant10k | 21. September 2015

Ken, you're clearly not listening.

"Can you take her in wheelchair to the event?"

Tâm | 21. September 2015


To be safe, if I were you, I would not leave her and have fun.

Women mean well and they honestly want their husbands to be happy but it's complicated!

Sometimes if you listen to her well intended advice, you might get into trouble.

(Genesis 16:1-6)

Tâm | 21. September 2015


With this speed (plus charging time) how can she arrive to CA on time?

sra | 21. September 2015

Sig#273 European. Got invitation, cannot attend, hoping the event will be streamed so I can follow on the net.

Red Sage ca us | 21. September 2015

ken: I take it she is in bed, strapped to a Continuous Passive Motion Machine? Knee surgery sucks. (Confidentially -- no one knows how to fix a knee.) Even if she were to go, she might not be able to enjoy launches if there are test rides given. It would probably cause shooting pain if she were to instinctively attempt to brace herself with the leg when taking off. It is a dilemma of course, but I'd probably advise you go. Just make sure that if given the opportunity to look at the Model X inside and out, take copious notes and lots of pictures that you can share with her. Who? Us? Nah... Forget about us... We are just some guys on the internet. Take care of your Wife!

Ankit Mishra | 21. September 2015

+1 @Red Sage

Mark Z | 21. September 2015

I have read at TMC that the event will be live streamed.

From the Model X Premere in 2012 to the Model X Launch Event in 2015, the two bookends of the electric vehicle of the future. This is going to be a fantastic event for all to enjoy.

ken | 21. September 2015

Settled, my daughter is going in her stead. She is a real car enthusiast and she will tell my wife what she thinks. I will take pictures for all of you, several of the 2nd row seats, let me know of other things that you want pictures of, I promise I will deliver.

NumberOne | 21. September 2015

This is so exciting. I have waited for 34 months so far although the wait really started at the reveal, but I did not reserve until later. I reserved my license plate before my car however, because there can only be one. I am going to have to stay up quite late as I am on the east coast.

bbeutner | 21. September 2015

Ken: Could you take pictures of the third row of seats please? Maybe with someone sitting in them if possible for size reference.

jdb | 21. September 2015

Another MX production reservation, in 600's somewhere, who got invite, but probably was let through the velvet ropes as Sig MS owner. Am expecting good reportage from participants on this site who attend.

carlk | 21. September 2015

I wonder if anyone is selling the invitation on eBay?

rossRallen | 21. September 2015

The Model X looks like an angry bird in the invite photo Probably because it's been in the cage too long?

csp | 21. September 2015

That picture made me realize (for the first time) that I've been looking at MX test mules with MS headlamps.

Now suddenly I believe that the front of the X will be very different from the mules we've seen.

johnse | 21. September 2015

I would love to go...but doubt I'll get an invitation at my 17K+ reservation number :P

Gayatrikr | 21. September 2015

Could one of u post a nice clear video greatly appreciated


NumberOne | 21. September 2015

The event will be live streamed by Tesla.

NumberOne | 21. September 2015

As Mark Z pointed out. | 21. September 2015

It doesn't matter that I didn't get invited. I probably didn't want to go anyway.......

rdalcanto | 21. September 2015

Weren't people posting that Tesla told them there would be no event? Just quiet deliveries to the founders...? Since it is clear that Tesla employees don't know anything, it gives me hope that the second row might have a folding option after all....

nelsonc | 21. September 2015

If anyone wants to sell there invite email me privately.

eric.zucker | 21. September 2015

@ken: if you could have a good look in the trunk and frunk, I'd like too see if there are tie-down eyelets and 12V DC outlets there. With 1G acceleration things had better be anchored down tight.

Front picture I'll catch on the live stream... 2nd row seats as well.


reitmanr | 21. September 2015

Mirrors! Darn....had high hopes for cameras. Maybe later. Just glad to know the birtdate. How people think of suvs will change forever. Cant wait to meet an X owner at a supercharger.Enjoy!:-)

DriverZ | 21. September 2015

I am invited, but half of the country away and cannot go.
Are the invites transferrable?
No, I am not going to try to sell it on E-bay, but I would consider giving it to one of the regular posters on this forum like if they didn't get an invite, want to go, and could actually really make it there.

I don't recall seeing a lot of posts from @nelsonc. If really can't go, can anyone vouch for @nelsonc?

JeffreyR | 21. September 2015

I was invited to black diamond test drive event but not this one, yet (I hope). I have a place near downtown San Jose. So if anyone needs a ride and does not mind me tagging along, I'm game. I can offer you a place to crash for your trip, but I'm still fitting out my new loft. You'd have to use the old inflatable mattress trick.

If you are feeling generous or don't mind my accommodations, you can message me over at TMC.

Otherwise I'll see you online.