jump seat air circulation help

jump seat air circulation help

Hi everyone. We want to take MS on road trip this weekend but poor air circulation for my son in the jump seat area. "Its too hot back here." Can anyone post links to what you've bought to help alleviate this? Windows are tinted at 35 pct with crystalline. Kids complain within 5 to 10 minutes of taking off so not sure if its the sun or not.

P85marin | 20. Mai 2014

Use volkerize
Many many posts on this topic
Standard approach:
Tint windows
Get tesla sunshade
Purchase portable fan
Precool car
Use vent setting not recirculate for AC

PhillyMomof4 | 20. Mai 2014

I has a serious air circulation issue back there today with my two dogs.About 10 minutes into the drive my larger dog (135-pound bullmastiff) got his head stuck on the rear headrest, trying to get air from the front part of the car because it was too hot in the back. His throat got stuck on the headrest and he couldn't figure out how to move it. He was making a horrible gagging sound and my daughter had to climb to the back seat and release the rear seat back forward to relieve my dog of his misery. He was essentially choking himself.

She sat in the back seat the rest of the ride home to ensure the dogs were ok. But she said it was easily 10 degrees hotter in the rear cargo area where they were than in the rest of the car, and that was with the a/c on LOW and full fan (11). I had the sunshade on the rear window.

Thank goodness I had my daughter in the car who could help the dogs while I was driving on the highway. Otherwise I would have been hard pressed to find a safe place to pull off or exit the highway to save my dog from choking himself.

We have the rear jump seats option. You'd think that with that option there would be rear vents installed (like they install the second bumper). Even without the jump seats, maybe Tesla didn't plan for live animals to be in the cargo area and didn't think about circulation issues, but it seems to be a real problem. Whether it's humans or dogs (or other animals), it's too hot back there. The sunshade doesn't seem to do anything, and having the a/c venting on low doesn't help either. Not sure how I'll jimmy a portable fan back there given that the outlets are up front (and my dogs can't hold a fan in their paws).

Maybe tinting the rear window would help, but until I find a solution, I can't bring my dogs in the rear of the car now knowing that overheating in warm weather is likely.

church70 | 20. Mai 2014

Tinting doesn't help and I just recently bought the sunshade hoping maybe that might help but I'm not holding my breath
I'm actually angry about this this involves my children one of the main reasons for buying the car is that it offered seven seats the part that angers me Tesla knows about this problem but continues to sell the car with this option
I've been on the phone recently with Tesla urging them to put this on the top of the list this involves our kids I tell them Time will tell I guess I really wish they could come out with some retrofit for us current owners I'm not sure how possible this is but it's definitely needed

church70 | 20. Mai 2014

And yes Brian I know about the fans but come on kids just hang on to this fan for three hours ? Really

chenglo1 | 20. Mai 2014

Sounds like we wait then guys. Also sounds like my family will not be able to take MS to visit my mother in law this weekend. I also paid extra for the jump seats because i have 4 kids with the 2 younger kids that absolutely love riding in back. Winter was fine but now with the warmer weather (70's and sunny), i can't leave them back there if not for their health, my sanity (dad!!! its too hot back here!!! can you vent the sunroof?) Good to know the Tesla shade doesnst help a whole lot. I'll save my money. What we really need are at least 2 vents that branch off the main vents from the front. Any HVAC experts here??? I sure do hope Tesla reads this discussion of ours. Thanks guys. I'll reach out to my SC also.

church70 | 20. Mai 2014

In fairness I should add my car is black this adds to the problem

arldent3300 | 20. Mai 2014

Lack of air circulation in the back is the exact reason why I did not buy the jump seats option after test drove a car with that option. My kids were sweating and complaining of lack of air back there and it was not even a really warm day. Great design on the seats but someone forgot to work with the A/C guy on getting air back there. What a shame!

Brian H | 21. Mai 2014

"hang on to to fans"??? means what? An O2 fan tucks neatly into the side of the trunk and moves the air. No "hanging on to" required.

amitb00 | 21. Mai 2014

My kids love sitting in the back seat :-) Some times they will like to come in the front. I have bought a car fan which runs on the power outlet from car to save on battery which will deplete fast. Cable length is enough to go to the rear.
Of course summer is coming, and situation may change!! I also recommend to have a vent in the trunk area as well as the power plug back there.

P85marin | 21. Mai 2014

It is definitely not ideal and would be fantastic if Tesla created a retrofit solution for those of us who got this option.

That said, there are workarounds as previously mentioned. Takes a bit of trial and error and the workarounds are far from perfect. I use 2 battery operated o2 fans that kids hold on to because I haven't figured out yet how to get the fans to stick to the side "shelves" back there. It is a pain to have to pull over when one kid drops the fan while driving.

If you don't mind the increased wind noise, lower the rear windows and/or pano if you have it and air will circulate. Also can fold down the split seats on one side which I find helps to get ac from 2nd row to trunk

My children are 6 and 4 and small. I hope to get 3 - 4 years out of the jump seat option. Shorter trips up to 1 hour haven't been terrible. Real test will be our first long road trip SF to LA this summer with all workarounds in place. If it doesn't fly, they get upgraded to boosters in the main cabin.

_thierrY | 21. Mai 2014

I should receive the Tesla sunshade today. Lots of opposite feed-back on the device so I’ll test it myself.

In the meanwhile, the best workaround I found is to close all front vents and direct the air flow of the rear vents toward the roof of the cars. Using max A/C settings, you can feel some fresh air entering the trunk. With this configuration, I got acceptable temperature for both driver and users of rear-facing seats. However, second-row passenger might find this solution somewhat cold ;-)

If you use this config and find it to noisy, it’s probably because you are recycling air. Follow Tesla advice and make sure you are NOT recycling air when there are passengers in the trunk.


However, I believe a retrofit will be necessary. Personnaly, I don’t think the solution is to push more air into the trunk. Pulling hot air from the trunk would be more efficient: if Tesla engineers could manage a small conduit (with a small fan) from the bottom of children feet to the bottom of second-row passenger feet, it would induce a nice convection movement. (But I guess this area around the inverter is really crowdy, so it might be technically difficult)

Mathew98 | 21. Mai 2014

Open the roof to vent position. It will help with the air circulation issue if you have pano roof.

PhillyMomof4 | 22. Mai 2014

How do you close the front vents? I wanted to do that to direct the air through the back seat vent but didn't realize they close.

Amitb, which car fan did you buy?

I am totally bummed that my 4-up hates the rear jump seat (he can't see out the rear window and hurts his neck trying to look out), and I'm bummed that it's too hot back there for both my kid and my dogs.

Still love the space but need to find out how I can make the rear tolerable for the dogs!!

_thierrY | 23. Mai 2014

@PhillyMomof4 You can close front vents manually : move the plastic tab completely left for the 2 left vents, and completely right for the 2 right vents. It will push WAY more air in the rear vents. Then aim the rear vents toward the roof.

It does not totally solve the problem, but it helps.

PhillyMomof4 | 23. Mai 2014

Thanks @_theirrY. When I mentioned to my daughter the other day that I had asked about the vents in this forum she said "What? Of course you can close the vents." How did she know and I didn't? I was expecting a separate open/close button in addition to the directional handle.

MichaelN | 23. Mai 2014

I have jump seats - I bought O2cool 10" and 5" fans, some industrial velcro - one 5" fan velcro-ed on the jump seat release handle, one on the drivers rear and one 10" on the passengers rear, fit is snug enough - no one hold fans - they are directional - I also tinted the rear window and bought the shade - one grandson get car sick, the other then gets lonely - but they are great for shorter trips - the grandkids love em' -

BiffandSully | 24. Mai 2014

My car due in June has the rear seats and these posts worry me. I'll be very upset if the seats are not useable. In fairness, this is a known issue of which I was aware when ordering the car. But at the time there were enough "my kids love the jumpseats" posts to weigh in favor of the seats. Now it seems most of the posts are negative. My youngest is 6 so we won't get too many years of use out of the seats, but it was a major factor in buying the car.

While they are working on a solution, if anyone at Tesla is listening, as a start may I suggest that cars incoming with the rear seat option get the sunshade included gratis? It doesn't make me happy to have to go onto Amazon to order a bunch of fans for a 100k car. But then that's my weird paradoxical cheapness coming through.

m2s2 | 24. Mai 2014

My model s arrives june 28th with jump seats, I would like to be prepared as my wife is already saying the jump seats are a waste. I've got 4 kids under 9, and live in Florida. Tinting windows is a must. As far as those of you with fans, seems to O2 are popular and available all over the net, are most of you getting battery operated fans? Or charging through the car? If charging through the car it appears from reading this post the only port is up front, so how long a cord have found works? Does one need an extension or are most of the standard fan cords enough?

Mathew98 | 24. Mai 2014

The O2 fans work with 2 D batteries and last for 15 - 20 hours or so. You can get a 12' extension for 12V to power the fan in the back.

rallykeeper | 24. Mai 2014

@BiffandSully. The jumpseats are just fine as long as you don't intend to rely on them for your primary kid seating.

- They work great when picking up that extra friend or 2 from school.

- They work great when you have other adults with you and want to throw the kids in the back for a quick trip to dinner.

- They work fine generally in the winter (and early Spring and late Fall here in SoCal).

- They work fine when the kids are filthy (i.e., muddy soccer games!) and you can't bear to put them in the main cabin. ;-)


They don't work well on >1 hour trips.

They don't work well on >15 minute trips in the Summer.

If you want an all-season full-time 7 passenger electric vehicle, you still unfortunately have to wait for Model X.

blue_tesla | 25. Mai 2014

I used this brilliantly stupid DYI solution to cool down the hatchback area for my pet on a recent road trip.

Warning: it is very SILLY! Also, it does not work if there are 3 passengers in the back seat.

Since I am kinda ashamed of this solution, it will self destruct in a month. :)

PhillyMomof4 | 25. Mai 2014

I pretty much agree with @rallykeeper's assessment of practical use of the jump seats. I initially bought them to be my youngest kid's (4 yo) seat, but after 2 weeks he couldn't sit back there because he got headaches and neck aches from trying to look out the rear window. And now he (and my dogs) can't sit there because it's too darn hot. We still make him sit back there for the 10-minute drive to dinner when all 6 of us want to go together. Even though we rarely use the seats I guess I'm still glad I got them for the few times we have needed them. We did hope a 7-seat MS would fully replace the need for our minivan, and I'd say it has since we rarely used all 6-7 seats in the van.

church70 | 25. Mai 2014

I agree short trips work the best solution I have found without trying the fans I just lower the back windows halfway and I can see the breeze hitting their heads that's been my fix for short trips fortunately for me I live in the North East so seven months or so this really isn't a problem but I find as soon as it starts getting near the 80s it starts to get pretty hot back there

My loyalty to Tesla is strong I hate posting negative stuff and I still love my car just felt like I should ad this

BiffandSully | 25. Mai 2014

@rallykeeper - thanks for the clarifications.

@blue_tesla - that's hilarious. But at least an option.

Pungoteague_Dave | 26. Mai 2014

The seats are unsafe anyway in my opinion. One of our loaners had them. While very well made, there is no head protection for a rear end collision. Would you put your loved one in a car with no headrests for any distance? If struck from behind, anyone in rear facing seats is vulnerable to neck injury or worse. This is why baby seats are designed to face back for very small infants, but must be switched to face forward for larger babies. It is also why all race cars must now be equipped with HANS devices, since Dale Earnhart was killed in an easily-protected situation. The Tesla rear facing seats have a good body harness, but zero neck protection. I would not put my kids there.

Mathew98 | 26. Mai 2014

@PD - I believe all your kids are grown up. The jumpseats are for kids 80 pounds or lighter. There is about 6 inches between the top of the headrest to the top of the roof. If your kids' heads can touch the roof then they do not fit in the jump seats. Otherwise, the head rest are fine with young kids who actually fit in these seats.

Perhaps demos with real children might change your opinion.

SarahsDad | 26. Mai 2014

Photosync tint. Rejects about 65% of the total solar energy (heat)even with the lighter tints. I left my car parked in the direct 80 degree sunshine yesterday for 2 hours (no kids or pets inside!) and the internal temp had only risen to 88 degrees (according to the climate setting on the Tesla App). FYI I also have the rear shade which I think helps.

_thierrY | 26. Mai 2014

@Pungoteague_Dave : All other 5 seats have no head protection for frontal collision! It's way more dangerous because frontal collisions are much more violent than rear collision!

Also : human head is less vulnerable when bending forward then bending backward...

So, from a statistical point-of-view, rear facing seats are safer than front-facing seats. | 26. Mai 2014

@blue tesla +1
The best solution is the simplest one. Thumbs up from me. Lol

amitb00 | 26. Mai 2014

I bought Comfort Zone CZ6V fan from Amazon. It charges from car so no battery expense.
My kids are 8 and 6. They love to sit in the back as it is their space.
Let me know if anyone wants a link. You can search with above though.
If you have small kids, this is a great option to have. Even if you use it few times, your car is that much more usable. Just like frunk is cool amongst us. this has a cool factor for kids. They want to show it to their friends.

JoeH | 26. Mai 2014

My kids sit back there with no problems. Drove from LA to Phoenix and back Easter weekend. I just bought a fan that runs off the 12V after that trip so I don't have to blast the AC up front in order to keep them cool in back. Other than that, no problems at all with them back there for an 8 hour trip.

magicdoc | 26. Mai 2014

@RallyKeeper "...They work great when you have other adults with you and want to throw the kids in the back for a quick trip to dinner..."
To be politically correct, I would probably not "throw the kids" into their special seat area. However, on some days you are 100% correct, throwing them there would be the toss of the day :-)

great suggestions from all...keep 'em coming and Tesla, keep reading!

info | 26. Mai 2014

I guess my age and upbringing are starting to show. First, @Blue Tesla-there's no reason to apologize. That solution is creative, effective and inexpensive (unless you used aerospace cardboard). Cover it with $8.00 of black auto carpet from Wal-Mart and it would look like a custom installation. You could also go to Home Depot and get a vent piece for over the range microwaves that would attach and then you could use a dryer hose to vent cool air into the back. There are ways.

When I was a very little kid, my car seat was one of those with a tray and a steering wheel. My dad put it on the front seat of our two door car. There were no seat belts. My dad and mom then proceeded to light up their cigarettes and off we went without sunscreen into the summer. Oh, how far we've come. The little buggers are kids, they deserve to suffer a bit. You're not going to fry them (and it probably wouldn't be that big a pity if you did). Now before you start feeling sorry for my kids, I don't have any. But the only difference between us is that when we both sitting in the nursing home, you're going to turn your head when you hear a door slam because you think your children are coming to visit. Wrong. The only difference is that I'm not going to turn my head because I know I'm not getting any visitors. We're both going to get the same number of visitors. So get even now! Why do you think kids have been referred to as "small fries"? Fry 'em.

Finally, I grew up in New Jersey. When we put people in the trunk we really didn't care how they felt about it. As a matter of fact, someone suggested duct taping the fans in the back. My suggestion is duct taping the mouths of anyone in the back so you don't have to hear the complaining. No wonder this country is going downhill.

I live near a school and watch as mother after mother drives their kid to class. There's a school every three blocks in my neighborhood so the most these kids would walk is a block an a half. And then there's the texting......

I have to go now, I don't want to use up all my curmudgeon points in one post.

Red Sage ca us | 26. Mai 2014

Dang'ol whippersnappers... Back in my day...
< mumble, grumble, expletive deleted, unintelligible... >

info | 26. Mai 2014

Hey Red, I know your day ain't that far ahead of my day. Why can't they be like we were, perfect in every way. What's the matter with kids today?

jhvalentine | 09. Juni 2014

I found this post helpful too:

I plan to order the fans asap as my daughter gets very hot and uncomfortable in the back. Tesla: PLEASE put some vents back there!!!

AmpedRealtor | 09. Juni 2014

There's always the 5-gallon bucket air conditioner that you can attach to a 12v fan and place in the corner of your trunk...

Mathew98 | 09. Juni 2014

A 10 gallon ice box filled with ice cube would help too. How far are you willing to go?

I just switch the rear hatch tint from 60% visibility to 5%. It is now a bat cave in the trunk. A battery operate fan works fine for my clones back there. Who needs the trunk cover???

_thierrY | 13. Juni 2014

Did anyone tried the "Noggle" ???

TeslaRider | 20. August 2015

All fellow Model S owners with rear facing child seats,

I've created a rear facing child seat ventilation/entertainment/usb charging solution that I'd love to share with the Tesla community. I'm hand making these in my shop and have posted them on Etsy for $550 (includes shipping to the Continental US).

(Pictures and further description in Etsy listing)

Elon, if you happen to read this, thank you for all that you do. Also, I would love to turn over my design plans to your engineers for a discounted Model X. Please email me at if you are interested (worth a shot, right?).

Link to original post with more pics-