Just Got Tesla HPC unit - anyone installed one yet?

Just Got Tesla HPC unit - anyone installed one yet?

I just got my official Tesla HPC unit and was wondering if anyone has had any experience installing one. Please let me know. I ordered it with my S. I have my car since mid October. I will probably get to it next week.



cosmomusic | 02. Februar 2013

Hi Jim,
I received mine yesterday. My contract with Solar City was for them to install HPWC when it arrived. They did my initial instillation of my 50A outlet. I just sent an email to my SC Rep just now. I am hoping it can be installed asap.

bradslee | 02. Februar 2013

I contracted SolarCity to install the garage charger back in Dec 2012 and took Model S delivery on Dec 29. I am using the 240V charger now and still waiting for the HPWC. SolarCity says that they will come to put it up for me when I receive the HPWC. With other owners start to receive the HPWC, I am hoping that mine is coming soon.