Key FOB -- Attaching keys

Key FOB -- Attaching keys

Seems silly that Tesla would spend so much money on design and ignore the non-electric keys in our lives. My delivery person suggested using a camera strap or something like a woven piece of webbing?


Anyway now that I am stuck with this little tiny charm of a FOB (think "charm bracelet") can anyone give me some ideas of how they resolved attaching the FOB to a key ring?

If you want to send an picture feel free to text it to 727-492-4690 or email to


MandL | 19. September 2013

Lots of threads on this, but of course no good search options. Check out this one:

Then again, who wants keys? Put one of these on your house and be done with them:

BetterThanEdison | 19. September 2013
mallynb | 19. September 2013

The key is designed for a small split ring. Look around your house. We found several on unused keyring devices. Or go to your local Dollar Store and look for one.

teriyaki88 | 19. September 2013

I didn't like the cheap string that came with my FOB.
Instead I used my daughter's nylon lacrosse string for extra strength. I burned one end so it won't come out.

portia | 19. September 2013

I guess this may be more of a problem if you don't have a purse, I just put my FOB in a pocket inside my purse, other keys are on a keyring, but the FOB is not.

2050project | 20. September 2013

Favorite one right now is coming from:

Rumor another style might be coming from:

WhisperingCJ | 20. September 2013

@teriyaki88 Did you also paint the fob? Or are they now available in matching colours?
I was thinking about getting a black car to match the fob, but if the fob matches the car I may have more options!

teriyaki88 | 20. September 2013

I wrapped my car with 3M vinyl. It protects while keeping the nice FOB visible while keeping the small size. I got the Abstractocean one for my wife since she keeps her's in her purse. Too many stuff in there so it needs the protection. :) For me, it feels too bulky in my pants pocket with the protector on. I got lots of samples from the company's website. If I get tired of the color, then I can change it. My first one was carbon fibre look. If it wears out, I can always do another color.

teriyaki88 | 20. September 2013

Here's my original one. The original black string broke.

ssarker | 20. September 2013

I use a hot pink Case Logic flash drive case. I don't need to take the fob out but it helps me find my house keys in my very cluttered purse.

WhisperingCJ | 20. September 2013

@teriyaki88 Thanks - you did a nice job (and inspired me :) )

As for keeping it in my pocket - when I'm in business meetings, I plan to put it on the table. No way am I hiding it in my pocket, lol

Brian H | 20. September 2013
NKYTA | 20. September 2013

Two small black zip ties, suitable trimmed. I'm low maintenance.

EJH | 20. September 2013

Thanks for the find, 2050project.
I just ordered some abstractocean covers!