Listening to podcasts in my Tesla

Listening to podcasts in my Tesla

I like to listen to podcasts in the car. Right now I have it set up with my phone and the bluetooth playing through the car.

Has there been any talk of Tesla having an app where you could listen to podcasts right from the car?

Rowlie | 11. Januar 2016

TuneIn Radio allows you to save Podcasts. Have you tried that?

ryan4sc | 11. Januar 2016

No, I have not. I'll check it out. Thanks!

ryan4sc | 11. Januar 2016

OK, so TuneIn Radio shows popular podcasts in their list, but it doesn't appear I can pick the podcasts I want to listen to.

Any ideas there?

Boonedocks | 11. Januar 2016

Create a "Free" TuneIn account on a computer. When you are logged in find your podcast and add them to your favorites. In your car go to control / settings / apps /media and put your new TuneIn credentials. You will now be able to see all of your podcast. I have to go to the media app and do a quick Log out Log in each morning to get the latest but it really is that easy

ryan4sc | 15. Januar 2016

So I tried this and I was able to log in to my TuneIn account and see the favorite podcasts on my Tesla screen.

The issue is, when I try to play many of them it says the bandwidth is too heavy and I should connect to Wi-Fi. Has anyone experienced this? If I am driving I should be able to download those podcasts with no problem, just like I can on my phone.

Once I was listening to a podcast, got a phone call, then when I went back it wouldn't connect to the podcast again.

And I am doing this with full or close to full bars on the 3G signal.

Rowlie | 15. Januar 2016

I'll have to try one through TuneIn again. I haven't done it since they introduced TuneIn Premium which may have mucked up the works.

I have never gotten any bandwidth errors.

Most of the time I just use the podcast app on my iPhone via Siri.

flight505 | 15. Januar 2016

I listen to podcasts in my Model S.

I like "Stuff To Blow Your Mind" podcasts, good shows on a wide range of subjects.

ryan4sc | 19. Januar 2016

Is there a way to update your favorites when new episodes come in? I try to back out, go back in, and nothing. It keeps showing the episodes that were already there, no new ones showing up.

Also, unlike my phone, when there is in interruption or you leave the car, the podcast doesn't continue playing where you left off all of the time. Are there settings where we can change that behavior?

I'd love to use this app, but just having so many problems with it so far. | 19. Januar 2016

@ryan4sc - No setting. Not sure if there is a bug or by design when you leave the car.

Seems like usually (but not always) when you exit the car for a short time, it resumes where it left off.

I just ran a test last night from music on the USB. It was in the middle of a song when I left, and this morning it started over from the beginning.

Son of a Gunn | 19. Januar 2016

Most convenient solution is to save podcasts to your iphone. Save it while home, bypass weak cellular signals.

Made in CA | 19. Januar 2016

This is great info. I have never tried using TuneIn for this but, based on the comments above, it sounds like a pain.

I have used the Downcast app on my iPhone for years to organize, download, and listen to podcasts. In Downcast I set up podcast playlists using all sorts of criteria. You can start a playlist on the phone then control it via bluetooth on the car. I works really well for me. Plus I can pick up listening when away from the car, if desired.

appleblossom-us-pa | 19. Januar 2016


To update the podcast list, restart the center screen (hold in the steering wheel scroll wheels for several seconds). This can be done anytime even while driving. Not terribly convenient but it works every time.

ryan4sc | 19. Januar 2016

Thanks everyone. Podcasts on my phone work fine, just thought it would be better if I could play them directly on my Tesla.

So far, it just makes me want to go back for my phone.

Hard to believe resetting the center screen is how you update your podcasts!

Annie19900615 | 12. April 2019

Might you can try to listen to podcasts from Spotify in the car. Because there are lots of music tool for Spotify, like AudFree Spotify Music Converter ( enables you to download and convert Spotify podcasts to common MP3 format so that you can transfer them to USB flash drive and play podcasts in the car from USB stick. And then you can do any other things from other apps but don't interrupt the playing podcasts.

spatters805 | 12. April 2019

TuneIn is great for podcast listening, but does not include several very popular podcasts for some reason, including including the Serial podcast, which is apparently the most popular. I was unable to find some of my podcasts on either the free or personal versions of TuneIn. Also needs a better skip function to skip 15-30 seconds forward. That’s not built in the GUI and should be.

baldwin | 15. April 2019

My tune in GUI does have 15sec skip buttons, but I have two niggles with the tune in podcast GUI. First, the 15sec skip buttons are so small that having to skip through 1-2 minutes of "commercials" is almost dangerous. Second, the podcasts are listed as most recent to oldest, but consecutive playing plays from top to bottom so cant play from oldest to most current (or at least I haven't figured that out). This means a lot of scrolling through the list which is also dangerously distracting while driving.