That's what I do when I pass a gas station in my model S. Anyone else experience this phenomenom?

Sudre_ | 15. Februar 2013

Gas station? I have already forgot what those are... Do you mean a Quick Trip where I by bad coffee and munchies at an inflated price?

Velo1 | 15. Februar 2013

I stopped at a gas station just today to clean my windows and leave grinning MAO.

noel.smyth | 15. Februar 2013

admittedly I do grin at times... this condition may last awhile.

jymamone | 15. Februar 2013

stop for my monthly lotto ticket. thats about it.

GeekEV | 15. Februar 2013

That's where I stop to use the Redbox...

Mike C | 16. Februar 2013

I heard that once people get their car, they quickly stop looking at gas prices gas prices. Not me, I smile with glee every time I see the $4.50/gallon prices here in CA.

Brian H | 16. Februar 2013

Schadenfreud-er! Where's your compassion? Your charity? Your gratitude to all the surplus wealth that oil created that resulted in your exalted position? Be nice.

dborn | 16. Februar 2013

Not using them to top up with air?

Mocaptain | 16. Februar 2013

When I passed the gas station the other day...I pictured cavemen pumping gas

Brian H | 16. Februar 2013

Drive in, buy a chocolate bar, saying, "For energy!", and then leave.

s_curve | 16. Februar 2013

I occassionally stop in for a touch-free car wash. Dat about it.

hsadler | 16. Februar 2013

Walk in.... look around dumbfounded and say, "What IS this place?"