Looking at buying a Roadster have some ?'s

Looking at buying a Roadster have some ?'s

What is the difference between 1.5 and a 2.0? Is there a range difference? Are there two battery settings on a roadster for range? What is a "sport"? How long does it take to charge one from say 10% charge remaining? Is it true if you run the battery all the way down it will destroy the battery pack?


bobinfla | 08. Juni 2013

If you go to the TeslaMotorsClub, there is an excellent thread called "Roadster History North America". It details all the various changes from Roadster 1.0 through the 2.5 Sport, interior, exterior, motor, wheels, everything. I also think if you google Roadster User's Manual there's one online that will answer your charge and range questions.

Paul Koning | 11. Juni 2013
tomemartin | 02. August 2013

Although I worked at the Fremont plant pre Tesla as a Supervisor I hadn't seen a Tesla until I attended a BMW event here in Washington.
There was a S and a S+ and a Roadster. One of the owners has both a S+ and a Roadster. They were quite enthusiastic about their cars and I became interested in the Roadster. As a "sporty" car guy I'm not really interested in a sedan but a two door version of the S would work for me as it's such an attractive car. After reading some of the posts here in the forum I've lost some of my interest in the roadster. Sounds like the only viable roadster is the 2.5 and the charging situation sounds like a serious problem.

cgloewen | 03. August 2013

I own a 2.5 Roadster, and have a S on order. Not sure what you mean by charging situation?

I only know that they all will charge overnight on a 220 Volt circuit, which works for me, as I have to sleep! As far as the destroying the battery pack, Telsa indicate there are only 10 Roadsters that might have a problem if you depleted them to 10%, and then didn't charge them for 2 months.

They also indicate you will have a problem if you let the oil in an ICE go too low.

Whether the Roadster is a good choice for you depends on how you drive, I rarely drive more that 100 miles a day, so the Roadster is great fun for me.

bent | 04. August 2013

The "charging situation" is mainly an issue if you're driving much more than 300km in a single day. Drive less than that and you're generally fine.

On Friday I took mine on a 260km trip from Trondheim, Norway to Östersund, Sweden. This includes a 600m climb over Storlien, Sweden, and on dry summer roads it ate almost exactly 260km of "ideal" range. Speed limits vary from 70 kmh to 90 and very briefly 100 and you can assume I was somewhere around there.

In the hotel garage I parked next to a power outlet (230V in Sweden), and set the car to charge at only 10A because I'm not sure what kind of fuses they have down there. It's all charged up now as I'm preparing to leave. All in all not very problematic at all.

My summer trips of ~500km from Trondheim to Oslo require slightly more planning. Here's hoping for HPCs at the Tesla stations. :-)

MatthewMatt | 05. August 2013

Not much differences are made in terms of looks. But some technically changes were made such as the overall cost to manufacture, improved reliability and car servicing is made easier and many more.

Matthew Matt