Lost key fob detector

Lost key fob detector

I have misplaced my key fob several times and eventually it turns up. This time, as I was trying to figure out if it might be in the car I realized that the car will tell me if I just try and start it. Unfortunately it did not detect the key so now I need to go through the house. If I were looking for my cell phone I'd just call it and use my ears to detect the ringer. Of course that's not possible with the key fob. However, I know that it is constantly sending a radio signal. How can I detect that signal other than with the car?

PaceyWhitter | 08. Oktober 2013

I don't think you will be able to access the fob's communication, you may want to look into a third party locator. These look promising, but not out yet:

elguapo | 08. Oktober 2013

I use HipKey attached to my fob. It's a bluetooth device that will do several things. It will alert you if your phone is more than x feet from the Hipkey (which is a keychain) and it can alert with vibration, sound, etc. It also knows when you're home, so it won't bother you in a "SafeZone". It's fairly good, and it has come in handy with little ones who like to take my keys. That said, it does have a tendency to have more fals alarms than I'd like. It's on Amazon and in the Apple Store. Interesting device.

elguapo | 08. Oktober 2013

I forgot, you can also send a signal from your iPhone to HipKey so that it makes an alarm sound to hepl you find your keys. It seems like this is the feature @PatT would want.

christurbeville | 08. Oktober 2013

Check your kids matchbox collection first.

EVMD | 09. Oktober 2013

christurbeville- +1

2050project | 14. Oktober 2013

Best move - check out the Fob Pocket so you don't lose your key fob so easily:

Or, check out this option too: