Loud HUM from below

Loud HUM from below

Twice yesterday I put my car into gear and shortly a hum started from below and got louder and higher pitched. I thought it may be on the radio so I cut it off and the hum got louder. After about a minute it slowed down and stopped. I called Tesla but Ashley said she had not heard of this. Later it happened again. I have call into my service center but no reply yet. Anybody else experience this?

JZ13 | 15. Mai 2013

It sounds like what happened to me on Sunday. When I put the car in gear there was a noticeable hum coming from behind the dashboard. Sounded similar to a fan but more like a hum. It lasted a minute and then went away. It happened on 3 different occasions and each time it was when I got into the car and put it in gear. I've had no repeated humming since then. I've driven the car about 100 miles since Sunday. | 15. Mai 2013

There is a fan for cooling the 17" display module electronics. This might be variable speed and might act like this, although I've not heard this in my car. Was it unusually hot inside when you started up (i.e. sun on the dash)?

christurbeville | 15. Mai 2013

Was it hot? The AC fan or perhaps the compressor are quite loud (compared to how quiet the rest of the car is of course). Often when I get in on 90+ days the hum is very distinct. But the compressor is so good it lasts just a little while and then the car gets frosty:)

andex23 | 15. Mai 2013

I agree with the above poster. Anytime I get in the car when it has sat in the sun and gets hot, something fierce starts humming out of the frunk. it gets the car cooled down and then turns off/ramps down. You can notice it best if you were to get out of the car. I can also feel it vibrate through the brake pedal.

The other hum is at higher speeds and is probably the diff.

Brian H | 15. Mai 2013

Call the Service Center and report that your car has turned into a Hummer; they'll be so horrified that they'll get right on it.


JZ13 | 15. Mai 2013

You guys are correct. It was very hot on Sunday and yes it was parked outside. I wonder if it's cooling the battery pack?

jeffaa | 15. Mai 2013

That happens when I turn on the car & a/c on a hot day. I think it's the a/c.

David Trushin | 15. Mai 2013

The ac will be very loud when you get into the hot car. It ramps up in dbs and frequency, then as the cabin cools, it quiets and the frequency decreases to an annoying vibration then stops. They told me the low freq will be changed in the next software update because of the sympathetic vibration. The battery coolant pump is a steady, low db midrange hum. I hear it a lot now when the car is charging in the hot garage.

kw1 | 15. Mai 2013

David, Thanks for the info. I hear this sound too. I was worried as well, but have noticed that if I turn off the climate control (bottom center of display) that the sound and vibration immediately stop. When I turn back on the climate control it will start up at a lower level of vibration and then after the AC has ramped up and cool air starts flowing the sound/vibration will disappear. My guess was that it was the air conditioning compressor going to max power on startup when the outside temperature is significantly higher than the temperature I selected inside. If I select 73 degrees or above I hardly ever hear it, but at 68 it is very noticeable on startup. I look forward to the next software update.

jbunn | 15. Mai 2013

From the outside of the car the AC on a 100 degree day is almost as loud as an idling car.

I had my car washed last weekend. 5 minutes later I started hearing a horrible roaring, whining noise. Jumping to the conclusion that the water had caused a problem, I freaked out, until my wife pointed out the guy outside the car with a leaf blower.

The car is quiet enough that you can here things you wouldn't normally, but that doesn't mean that I'm still not a dork. Doh!

olanmills | 16. Mai 2013

Those are the angels announcing the arrival of your car to bystanders.

Shelmire | 17. Mai 2013

Very strange that Tesla folks dont have an answer for this when you call in. I have called my local guy twice with no reply. I hope that means its not a big deal, but thanks for all the replies.