Marketing of Model X

Marketing of Model X

I think the term "Minivan" needs to be purged from any discussion of the Model X. This is a serious issue. I did the Model S test drive and was blown away. At the same time, the Model X will be a much better fit for my lifestyle and that of my family. But when I showed my teenage kids the webpage for the Model X they jumped all over the "minivan" reference. It ruined it for them and afterwards for me too. This is a seriously wonderful technological leap and I, for one, am not interested in laying down $70,000 or more for a glorified "minivan". Anyone else have an opinion here?

jerry3 | 17. August 2012

I just reread the page and I don't see the problem. They aren't saying that it's a minivan, just that it has the cargo area of one.

bens-tech-toys | 31. August 2012

I disagree with removing the term "minivan" from the description of part mini-van, suv, and sports car. This is what made me want this car and made it an EASY sell to the wife. Women like minivans for their utilitarian functionality which is EXACTLY what Tesla should go for. They have the ultra sports car (Roadster), the sedan, and now the SUV (which is being marketed as all three). I think it's a very smart move.

Brian H | 31. August 2012

Teenage boys and wives have different priorities. Teenage boys are broke. Therefore, ...

FLsportscarenth... | 18. Dezember 2012

Well the Model X will be the coolest 'mommywagon' I have ever seen, if you must have a minivan to please a wife who is not into cars your best option will be a Model X. I am guessing 70% of the end users will be moms.

Teenage kids grow up to be car buyers in a decade or so yeah it matters - if Tesla keeps an image of being the automaker with the heart of a sports car than it will have ready made young customers being driven around in Model X for Model C who will then graduate to Model S and dream of a Model R (new roadster) or the Super-R (Veyron killer).

Really now how many of you as a kid dreamed of someday owning a Ford? Yeah you may have been driven around in a Pinto stationwagon but the poster on your wall had a Ferrari on it. Tesla started with the roadster, not a Model T, the kids (and Dad) will not feel so embarrassed rolling up in a Model X as in a Chrysler Town and Country, and yeah the roadster will be cool enough to be on the poster in the kids room. Model X may be the 'Tesla for soccermoms' but that is ok with me as it introduces kids to Tesla as a car you can really have and you really want...

mbergen21 | 30. Dezember 2012

I am a Mom (of triplets) and I would not be caught dead in a minivan. Label sport SUV please.

mvbf | 31. Dezember 2012

I believe they are calling it a CUV or crossover both of which do not remotely conjure images of a minivan. But somehow they have to emphasize the LOTS of people moving aspect of the vehicle. I started a discussion on another site about why anyone would buy a Model X over an AWD Model S. The most common answer was the fully usable third row seats and extra cargo space qualities we attribute to minivans and sometimes gas guzzlers like the Suburban. I like the label crossover because that is precisely what this vehicle is doing crossing over several different vehicle categories.

holidayday | 23. Januar 2013

I am AMAZED at people's presupposition on what these labels are. Good Lord, Just LOOK AT THE CAR. Who care's if it's called a station wagon, minivan, SUV, CUV, or Fat Sports Car? None of these accurately describes the car for everyone's self-defined definitions of these labels.

Get past your preconceptions. Tell everyone you know to get past their preconceptions.

Tesla is redefining the automobile. If Telsa made up a new word for it, that won't help (see "frunk").

The best they can do is say "it's like a cross between an SUV, minivan, and sports car", so if you don't like ANY of those labels, then get past the label and LOOK AT THE CAR.

Benz | 29. Januar 2013

The Model X is a very practical EV with seats for 7 adults and even lots of space for luggage. Secondly, it looks great either. Many people will prefer to buy the Model X and not the Model S. Although, originally these people would have liked to buy the Model S, if the Model X would not have been introduced yet. I think that more people would buy a Tesla car if there would be a third Tesla car on the same platform as the Model S and Model X. Maybe a stationcar?

Brian H | 29. Januar 2013

Outside of NL, that's "station wagon". There might be a station wagon variant of the Model S in the works.

vperl | 05. Mai 2015