Max Range charge "bad" if you don't let it get to full?

Max Range charge "bad" if you don't let it get to full?

Hi all - as most of you know leaving the car plugged in overnight doesn't not continuously charge the battery. Rather there is some threshold of "loss" when the car will kick in and start to charge again.

So I enter the car every morning with anywhere from 241 to 236 miles of rated range (temp is not an issue here)…

I'm experimenting with "kicking" range charge in to gear just to "force" the charge cycle to begin, but I never let it finish…

My understanding is that the "bad" thing about range charge is the forcing of the charge above that "standard" charge limit, not the actual charge itself. So if you don't let the battery get near full - is range charge a "bad" thing?

Electron | 25. März 2013

I think you are good. It's the state of chrage that matters.

jat | 25. März 2013

My understanding is that it isn't just the state of charge but also how long it sits there. For example, Nissan's battery report counts hours sitting near full charge.

But yes, I think you are fine.

Electron | 25. März 2013

Right, so if you are going to do a full range charge, it is best to try to start driving soon after the charge finishes.

Brian H | 25. März 2013

But starting a Max is just a way to make sure the warming kicks in. No harm, no foul.

hnashif | 25. März 2013

You can also re-start the charge cycle by removing and reconnecting the UMC.

noel.smyth | 25. März 2013

@dortor - I do that on cold days when I want to let the battery warm up so I have regen right away and I warm up the interior as well. I may get to 242 or so before I unplug. it works well and from what I know does not harm the battery. If someone knows otherwise, please share.

July10Models | 25. März 2013

I use the app every morning to top off by setting to max range before hitting the showers. By the time I m ready to leave, the car is usually ready also with an almost full charge.

CarlE_P439 | 26. März 2013

Ditto noel.smyth. This seems to work well.