Michelin Primacy MXM4 on P85

Michelin Primacy MXM4 on P85

I haven't seen any post on this yet. I got my P85 2 weeks ago, and noticed that it came with Michelin Primacy MXM4 (245/45/19) tires rather than the Goodyear Eagle RS-A2's listed on their website. It looks like they come with a 45,000 mile warranty (from the Michelin website).

45,000 Mile Manufacturer's Treadwear Limited Warranty
Primacy™ MXM4® tires carry a 45,000 mile limited warranty in addition to the standard materials and workmanship warranty for treadwear or mileage.

mreitman | 01. August 2013

My Tesla has the Goodyears but we have Primacies on our Mercedes. Good tire with longer tread wear than any tires I have used.

Alex K | 02. August 2013

The Michelin Primacy MXM4 tires are a "Green X" tire, which is Michelin's version of a low rolling resistance tire. You should hopefully get more range on your vehicle.

emd1234 | 02. August 2013

Thanks, Alex. I did see "Green X" on the tire, but wasn't aware of what it meant.

Are others seeing the Michelins being standard, or still the Goodyears?

TheCheetahExpress | 02. August 2013

@edoubler; I too, also received the Michelins and it was the first model s that the Dallas service center that had them on it according to the manager. i picked up the car on Monday but it looks like Tesla uses both as their tire suppliers.

mik | 02. August 2013

In the EU-version of the owners manual, these Michelin tyres are also listed in the specs page for the 85 versions.

Vicelike | 02. August 2013

I too got the Michelins.... delivered Monday in San Diego.

Vicelike | 02. August 2013

But I got the pilot sport version...21 inch wheel.

Note the fine print on the Michelin warrantee....

Split fitments - If your vehicle has tires of different sizes on the front versus the rear axles, your tires cannot be rotated as recommended. Therefore, the mileage warranty on each rear tire will cover half the number of miles as the standard mileage warranty for that particular tire line.

jandkw | 03. August 2013

Mine delivered in Feb. with Goodyear Eagle RS-A2 tires on. The tires are noisy and there is no warranty on the tires. I have 4K+ miles and the outer edges are worn, very disappointed (I'm not the race car driver type). I'm glad to hear you guys got the Michelin Primacy MXM4 and suspect TM finally got the message. I have the Primacy on my SUV and they are very good tires. Michelin just came out the next generation tire called Pilot Sports A/S 3 in June and had rave reviews and you can do the open search for reviews. I don't expect mine will last 20+K miles so this is going to be my next set.

teslamonkey | 03. August 2013

While I realize that the Michelins are now included with P85 orders after 8/3, would I hopefully be getting them as well? I ordered last week and my target date is 8/30. | 03. August 2013

Picked up our P85 on 7/31/2013 at the factory, the car was ordered in early July and was listed in production shortly thereafter. Tires were the Michelins. Also I think we got the leather dashboard, armrests and door panels, (based upon the photographs of the upgraded leather). The upgraded audio system that ordered seems to match the description of the new audio option. Sounds great either way. Would like to get the new fog lamps and parking assist, hopefully the tech package that came with my car has the hooks and scars to retrofit these two options. | 03. August 2013

Correction, the car is a MS85

Warkovision | 03. August 2013

Picked up our MS85 (no P or P+) today and was happy to see the Michelins instead of the Goodyears. Spent much of the early evening inside it meandering through the programming stuff on the display figuring it out. Thought I might have the steering wheel out of alignment issue talked about here but once I got it out on the street after leaving the Van Nuys service center, all was good. Love this car!

Navi | 04. August 2013

If new tyres are worn out after 4000 miles (and you were driving normally), the alignment of the car is messed up!