Model III - please include all-wheel-drive (AWD)

Model III - please include all-wheel-drive (AWD)

Add me to the list of people who are extremely excited for the upcoming Model III. However, I live in New England and I will not buy a car that does not have AWD (and please don't try to convince me that RWD or FWD with snow tires is good enough).

So here's an informal request/plea for Tesla to please include AWD as an option for the Model III. Something like this: maybe 200 HP at the rear wheels, plus 100 HP to the front wheels, that would provide solid rear-biased performance with just enough power at the front for optimum handling and bad-weather control.


NumberOne | 17. Juli 2014

AWD probably will not be available right at the start, but if it is, it will include other options and will likely take the price over $40k.

DTsea | 17. Juli 2014

You won't get that for $35k.

Haeze | 17. Juli 2014

AWD will be an (expensive) option, if it is available at all on the Model III. It will not be on the base-model.

Iowa92x | 17. Juli 2014

As others said, it will be available in time for some extra dough.

AWD is not necessary, RWD with snow tires performs better than AWD with all season tires. Ask me how I know.

bryan.whitton | 17. Juli 2014

As for me, I wouldn't want it as a stock option.. Just adds weight and complexity that I will never use or need.

TSLAholic | 17. Juli 2014

Why is everyone assuming the OP wants AWD included in the $35k price?
Being that Model III aspires to be a mass produced vehicle, options and features requests cannot simply be ignored. If having AWD as an option brings 50k additional annual sales, it should be offered. We've already discussed the acceleration being limited to available traction, so no one should be surprised if the quickest accelerating III happens to be the AWD version, or if Tesla requires AWD in the performance model.
We should really stop associating Model III with a $35k price. What percentage of Model S cars out there are downright barebone 60's?
You've got to pay to play. I forecast a well optioned III to land in the $70k range.

Red Sage ca us | 17. Juli 2014

I expect that AWD will be available, standard rather, on the Performance and Performance+ versions of Tesla Model ≡. The regular versions will be RWD.

carlgo | 18. Juli 2014

I could see TSLAholic's forecast of up to $70K fully loaded and have long thought that something close to $50K was likely for a standard version. That is about half the cost of an S/X and would be quite remarkable actually for a nice Tesla.

It may not be "affordable" like a Camry, Accord or Fusion is, but it would be in reach of vastly more people than a $100K car is. Bear in mind that many people can easily afford a $100K car but simply don't want to deal with one.

A truly affordable model would be a short-ranger 100 mile version. Good still for 90% of most people's driving from a home charger and hopefully there would be numerous quick chargers in cities and commuter areas to make this kind of car reasonable for most people.

degnan78 | 18. Juli 2014

Thanks TSLAholic - yes, I would never expect AWD to be available at the 35k price point.

I'm sure the 35k price is the barebones entry point with RWD, the smallest motor/battery combo and no options, just to make headlines and get people interested.

I would expect, and be happy to pay, about 45k to maybe 50k for an AWD version, which is similar to the BMW 3-series xDrive that I am currently leasing.

Brian H | 18. Juli 2014

All wrong. AWD will come with the GenIII-X. Same as the GenII.

TSLAholic | 18. Juli 2014

If we are all wrong, then that certainly includes you, Brian. You are no better speculator than anyone else on this forum, so please spare us the spectacle.