Model A meet Model S

kjo | 17. März 2013

Like. :)

diegoPasadena | 17. März 2013


cschock | 17. März 2013

Very cool. We've (finally) come a long way! :D

models60 | 17. März 2013


ian | 17. März 2013

Wow! Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

July10Models | 18. März 2013

Will a century be as kind to the Model S?

skymaster | 18. März 2013

Awesome! Thanks for sharing! I could only imagine what people felt "upgrading" from a horse & buggy to a Model A. This "upgrade" to a Tesla Model S is about the same...revolutionary!

I have less than 11 hours to go....If anyone is on the fence about the Model S, just think of how you will feel on that last night before you get your "revolution".

To me it is not a "mid-life crisis", it is a "mid-life celebration"

torst1 | 19. März 2013

Didn't Ford have an electric car like 100 years ago already?
Think I read somewhere that for was really one of the pioneers in EV.

jchangyy | 19. März 2013

@skymaster...I like "mid-life celebration" My wife still says it's a mid life crisis for me. now, I'm just waiting for Tesla to make a flying model W (wings)

BYT | 19. März 2013

They are both so aerodynamic! ;)

@torst1, are you thinking of the Baker Electric? I know Jay Leno has one!

alcassfast | 19. März 2013

The jump or perhaps trip was from the horse to the Ford Model T, 1908 (to 1927).
The Model A Ford was created after much convincing of Henry, who wanted to make the Model T for ever.
Model A was created to compete with Chevrolet who were making prettier cars with improvements over the Model T.