Model S is amazing because...

Model S is amazing because...

... it only costs $0.03 per mile in fuel costs, vs $0.22/mi in my other car (~ $4/gallon and 18 MPG).
... I can fuel up at home. No annoying stops for gas when I'm in a hurry.
... it has converted me from someone who hated to drive into someone who loves to drive.
... no maintenance costs/hassles other than annual checkup. Frequent oil changes and other periodic ICE services are a pain in the butt.
... the car can improve over time thanks to software updates. e.g. The map in my other car is out of date and Acura wants $100 for a new DVD - no thanks.
... lack of physical buttons and the large screen makes it look so modern. My other car feels like something out of the old Eastern Europe.
... the smoothness and responsiveness of the acceleration is like a video game, and has not gotten old after 8 months and 6K miles.
... free Supercharging

To be continued...

jbunn | 19. November 2013

My fuel savings makes one full third of my monthly car payments. When you take off the federal tax credit, the state tax incentive in my state, and the lack of gas, it's not that expensive to own.

It is the most expensive car I have ever bought. And it is the least expensive car I've owned.

Brian H | 19. November 2013

Nice phrasing.

dborn | 20. November 2013

And nothing goes to our enemies....

edcalis | 20. November 2013

Very soon, it will be a source of power to energize homes in blackouts. Can you imagine running your home appliances from the 85KWH battery?

odellj | 20. November 2013

@edcalis, anyone know how to harness the energy in the battery in a blackout scenario?

Captain_Zap | 20. November 2013

After one year my battery capacity has gone from 302 ideal miles to 300 ideal miles.

Brian H | 20. November 2013

The battery is not designed for external output. Maybe if you could tap into the motor feed. Difficult.