Model S big brother flies tomorrow

Model S big brother flies tomorrow

Falcon 9 important flight from Florida at 5:30 PM Monday. This one goes 1/4 of the way to the moon.

Any Tesla fire-related silliness, etc., needs to be tempered with what the company and it's other "branches" are doing to further the fortune of humanity. This is history in the making, and may the wind always be at their backs!

crazybrit | 24. November 2013

Yes. We need Elon to do well in all his endeavors. I am going to watch the launch.

Pricee2 | 24. November 2013

Where can I find this at? I looked on Spacex site and find no mention of it.

Car t man | 25. November 2013

Good to know. Please post a link, if you have it, so we can just click over.

GoodReason | 25. November 2013

Looks like it's here:

EJH | 25. November 2013

This is the best link for launches world-wide including Space-X:

EJH | 25. November 2013

Re: Spaceflight now link, as a launch approaches, there is a "Mission Status Centre" clickable link that appears, and this will bring you to a page with the latest updates, and then live coverage as it becomes available. On the left side of the page is the Falcon 9 Mission Badge, and clickable information tags such as "Mission Press Kit", etc.
This is about as leading edge as it gets!

Brian H | 25. November 2013
NKYTA | 25. November 2013

Thanks for the links, all.

Brian H | 25. November 2013

Actually, all that's necessary is this:

shop | 25. November 2013

5:30 eastern?

shop | 25. November 2013

Are they continuing to use the new platform that return the first stage back to earth?

Jolinar | 25. November 2013

this flight will be without attepmt to return first stage.

Jolinar | 25. November 2013

actually, first stage will fall (return) by itself :D
but it will be destroyed in process.

ausdma | 25. November 2013

Launch aborted. Try again on Thursday. No turkey for some folks!

July10Models | 25. November 2013

Hold! Hold! Hold?

joeisg | 25. November 2013

Launch delayed till Thursday - some issue at T-3:40.

Brian H | 25. November 2013

There were about 3 holds, and they overshot their 66 minute window.

Pungoteague_Dave | 25. November 2013

Darn, now my S is saying "Abort, abort" They need to separate software development teams ;-)

JPPTM | 26. November 2013

Bumped to Tgiving in part due to commercial air traffic and the need to keep skies clear around launch & downrange area.

Captain_Zap | 28. November 2013

Is the launch at 2PM PST today?

Mel. | 28. November 2013

Falcon 9 scheduled for 2:39PM PST.. Get ready.

ChasF | 28. November 2013

Launch aborted. May retry later this afternoon.

EJH | 28. November 2013

$200,000,000.00 on the launch-pad, and a million things that could go wrong at any second.
This is truly a business for a man with grit.

elephant in a bottle | 28. November 2013

Taking vocab from Spacex page .. "Happy Spacegiving!"

docdac | 28. November 2013

Cancelled for today.

Captain_Zap | 29. November 2013

Any word on a new launch date an time??

JPPTM | 29. November 2013

Several days--vehicle has been taken off the pad to lay on its side. They plan to borescope the engines.

shop | 29. November 2013

It was interesting watching it live. Countdown got all the way down to zero, engines ignited, and then shut off. Apparently the on board computer determined that there wasn't enough thrust.

Brian H | 29. November 2013

Yeah, went to T+0:00:02. The second time, made it to T=0:00:18.


Brian H | 29. November 2013

Typo: The second time, made it to T=-0:00:18.

Pricee2 | 03. Dezember 2013

Launching today.

Mel. | 03. Dezember 2013

It is a go. And it went.. Hooray.!

July10Models | 03. Dezember 2013

Left the pad just like TSLA today! Congrats to the team at SpaceX! Super great job!

Bighorn | 03. Dezember 2013

I missed it! Didn't miss the other two attempts though:(

NKYTA | 03. Dezember 2013

@Bighorn, ditto. :-(

Bighorn | 03. Dezember 2013

Just watched the DVR version on livestream--very exciting, but not quite as much as having the tension of whether it will go. Great work!

stimeygee | 03. Dezember 2013

Where is the DVRed livestream?

Bighorn | 03. Dezember 2013

Was here...

Looks like it timed out.

PorfirioR | 03. Dezember 2013
pilotSteve | 03. Dezember 2013

The engineering excellence and intelligence that went into this achievement leave me speechless. BRAVO, SpaceX! and BRAVO Elon.

EJH | 03. Dezember 2013

Mission accomplished!!!!!

Space X has crossed a major threshold today with it's successful placement of a satellite into high orbit.

The numerous aborted attempts added to the suspense, and congratulations are due to all of those involved.

I suspect that they all will be sleeping tonight with big smiles on their faces.

PapaSmurf | 03. Dezember 2013

I suspect that the people at United Launch Alliance (ULA aka Boeing and Lockheed) are not sleeping well tonight. Their Atlas and Delta rockets have had a monopoly on the US government launches. That is seriously at risk now with this successful launch to the most valuable orbit location.

Boeing and Lockheed are not even remotely competitive on cost.
They charge about 5X to 10X more than SpaceX. The ULA estimated launch charge is typically over $400 million for Delta or Atlas rockets. SpaceX reportedly launched this commercial satellite for $58 million. SpaceX gave a discount for the risk, but even full price from SpaceX is dramatically cheaper than ULA.

Boeing and Lockheed don't invest their own money in rockets. They only do R&D on contract for cost plus. Meaning, they only do work for the government when the government takes all of the risk. SpaceX can now make the case that the government doesn't need to subsidize Boeing and Lockheed any longer.

ULA receives an estimated $1 billion per year just to cover their overhead, even if there are zero launches. This is paid by the US government just so they can maintain launch capability. There will be a serious effort to cancel those subsidies to ULA when the current 5 year contract expires in 2017-2018.

ULA is not even remotely competitive for commercial launches. All of that business has been going to Ariane or ILS for years.

SpaceX might seriously put Boeing and Lockheed out of the launch business.

Even the French and Germans (Ariane) are worried now. Their own rockets are not competitive if SpaceX steals all of the commercial business. That just means that the French and Germans will have to subsidize Ariane even more.

EJH | 03. Dezember 2013


All very true, and yet somehow virtually unbelievable.

How is it that a 40 year old man can orchestrate this while also running several other multi-billion dollar businesses?

I think that what we are witnessing here is an extremely significant move forward in our evolution, and I am thrilled to be even a small part of it with my Model S!

I have never felt more excited about tomorrow.

Go Elon!

PapaSmurf | 03. Dezember 2013

If you look back to the articles a few months ago, the French and Germans were debating about upgrading Ariane 5 or going for a brand new Ariane 6. Either strategy is going to take years of R&D. And that is just to compete with Falcon 9's current rocket.

The simple fact is that space used to be reserved for only governments. But governments cannot compete with what SpaceX is doing. The European Space Agency is a classic example. They are not building Ariane based on cost competitiveness. They are making decisions based on the number of jobs allocated to Germany or France. It is not a space program. It is a jobs program. But at the same time it does need to be moderately commercially competitive because they need a few commercial satellites per year to keep the government subsidies affordable.

But all of that is at risk if SpaceX can put the heaviest commercial satellites into Geo Transfer Orbit so much cheaper than anyone else.

They are expecting Ariane 6 to be ready around the year 2020 !!!
By then SpaceX will likely be on the Falcon 1000 (aka the Millennium Falcon)

PapaSmurf | 03. Dezember 2013
Brian H | 03. Dezember 2013

And this wasn't even the Falcon Heavy. Heh-heh.

I.C.E.Stalker | 04. Dezember 2013

Does anyone know if (Tesla) Space-X program released or made available Falcon 9 patches? I'm a collector and like to add a Falcon 9 patch to my collection.