Model S - Specs page change again (Wi-Fi ready)

Model S - Specs page change again (Wi-Fi ready)

Wi-Fi ready - was removed.

Does this mark the end of Wifi, or becomes optional?

kenliles | 15. Februar 2013

Good question. Seems a little strange as the WiFi radio is normally part of the same radio chip I think

nickjhowe | 15. Februar 2013

Probably don't want to be accused of false advertising - people are looking for any excuse to ding TM. Assume they are just battening down the hatches and being cautious right now.

Sudre_ | 15. Februar 2013

They have done stuff like this before just to put it back a little later once the option was ready.

I hope they get the WiFi part working before the free 3g contract runs out because I plan on using 4g by tethering to my phone. The car can log onto the WiFi at home and work when my phone is not in the car.

nside | 15. Februar 2013

I think that if the Wifi gets canned it's because of security concerns about the car software. If I'm right it won't be available before several months.

ddruz | 15. Februar 2013

It is also possible that WiFi will become one of the connectivity options, not a standard feature as we have expected. It will be interesting to see what Tesla decides to do because they have said from the beginning that Model S would have WiFi.

Robert22 | 16. Februar 2013

Yes indeed they have. As of about a month ago there was no suggestion to introduce wifi as an option. I was told tethering would be an option for those choosing not to subscribe to connectivity package. Blowback would be huge so I doubt plans have changed.

hsadler | 16. Februar 2013

I suspect that it was simply a code left out when page was updated. Not intentional. If it were, we would likely have seen a notice.
Same as when the res numbers disappeared - then returned.

stevenmaifert | 16. Februar 2013

Well... the specs page used to say "Lighted Sun Visor Vanity Mirrors" too, and it said it for a long time before it went away. Don't assume the disappearance of the "WiFi Ready" was an unintended omission. I hope so, but it also could be one of GB's "accuracy of the moment" things and is now gone.

nickjhowe | 16. Februar 2013

@stevenm - the TM service techs are still (last week) saying new visors will come eventually. ::confused::

drp | 16. Februar 2013

In terms of security, couldn't we each have our own password protection? Be a lot harder to hack everyone with a different pass.

Brian H | 16. Februar 2013

Repeat, passwords:

In any case, master passwords for techs are needed.

Robert22 | 16. Februar 2013

The commitment to lighted vanity mirrors has not gone away. Much like the sunshade for the panoroof these items have been promised repeatedly and at high levels. Delivery is rightfully expected for items that were stated to be included in the purchase price of the car upon payment. I can understand the delay given the necessary preoccupation with learning disabled journalists, etc. Not quite sure though what the delay is in fabricating a flat plastic board for a cargo shelf.

jeroens | 09. März 2013

"Wifi Ready" was added again today. Also confirmed by Elon that it is coming, hopefully this summer (troublesome feature but chip is there)...

glaserud | 09. März 2013

That is in line with what he said during the Norwegian gathering on wednesday: WiFi will be enabled, probably before EU deliveries in July.

He did mention something about WiFi being a pain in the...

bp | 09. März 2013

There's an extra charge for my smartphone to act as a WiFi hotspot - will be interesting to see what the charges are going to be for the 3G service, and if it's inflated to provide the potential for having the car act as a mobile hotspot...

lolachampcar | 09. März 2013

ATT has indicated they can "tell" if you are using your IPhone as a hot spot (without the plan) and will up your bill accordingly. I do not know the truth in this but suspect others on this forum might be able to chime in and clear it up.

shop | 09. März 2013

Verizon certainly charges an extra monthly fee to allow your iPhone or iPad to act as a wifi hub.

Longhorn92 | 09. März 2013

With the new shared plans (shared data across all your devices), you get the hotspot feature included. If you are still on an old plan, then you do have to pay extra.

kyleket | 09. März 2013

My wife and I are on Verizon's "Share Everything" plan, each with our own iPhone. There is no charge for Tethering, or "Personal Hot Spot," as the phone refers to it.

Also, I know that there is a tethering app on Cydia which will mask your usage from your carrier. I don't need it, so I can't remember the name, but I have a buddy who uses it.

Robert22 | 09. März 2013

Not true. Connectivity package will not be required for tethering to wifi.

T-mobile doesn't charge extra for enabling wifi tethering on some iPhone plans.

Runar | 10. März 2013

Noone of the others offer streaming of music and surfing, or? Seem not very likely that they will pay for unlimited use for even the first year.

Jolinar | 10. März 2013

Don't bother with nickniketown, he is comparing incomparable...

mcx-sea | 10. März 2013


RAFellows | 10. März 2013

mcx-sea, Jolinar is talking about a thread from a known troll who's post was deleted.

Robert22 | 10. März 2013

Thought I was losing my mind. First it was there and then it wasn't. Thanks for the heads-up.