Model S will arrive in Copenhagen on December the 19th

Model S will arrive in Copenhagen on December the 19th

The Copenhagen showroom announced today that Model S will be on display in the Danish capital December 19th-22nd.

Brian H | 06. Dezember 2012

But no eating those crumby, flakey Danish buns inside the car! >:(

tomas.hutters | 06. Dezember 2012

Cannot promise that, the 19th happens to be my birthday!

Brian H | 06. Dezember 2012

Well, allowing the 20th for hangover day, that still leaves the 21st and 22nd!

NielsChr | 06. Dezember 2012

Looking forward to see it in real life - need to tutch and feel :D
Especially the drivers Comfort in regard og hight, Seats, visability ect.
next thing we need is EU prices, only by then i will know for shure if my next car is a model s. - looks alright so far.

NielsChr | 06. Dezember 2012

@thomas H.
What a great birthday pressent to get.

tomas.hutters | 06. Dezember 2012

Thanks NielsChr - I just wish they would actually deliver my car on the day! But well, meeting it in person for the first time also counts. Btw, would you happen to be Danish?

Fred O | 06. Dezember 2012

We'll beat you by a few days :-) It will be in Holland from 13th till 15th. I'm taking a day off to get a close look. The only thing that may get me to cancel would be EU prices. Guestimates are anywhere between €57000 (optimistic) and €92000 (pessimistic).
EU P1734

ArieK | 06. Dezember 2012

Does anyone know if this will be the car that got crashed in Norway two weeks ago?
Perhaps the Dutch can find out next week.

Brian H | 06. Dezember 2012

Not yet; that's been designated a special crash demo car. You can practice your best full-contact technique with it.

tomas.hutters | 07. Dezember 2012

@fredodijk - take good care of it, please!

I wonder where else it is going?

€57000 (optimistic) and €92000 (pessimistic) - that was a huge interval. €92000 sounds like a realistic, somewhat pessimistic guess for a Signature (I am #45, juhuu:-), but where does the €57000 number come from?

P85_Norway | 07. Dezember 2012

There are now 2 Model S in Norway, one for testdrive (siver) and one i the store (black). I had a nice testdrive on, snow all night before, and -14 degr.C on testdrive. The car was nice and varm, trac. controll is working perfekt. :-)

tomas.hutters | 07. Dezember 2012

P85_Norway, you are lucky up there - we will not be offered test drives this time around.

PS: I am sort of keeping this thread warm in order to see if we can gain just a wee bit of Danish and/or Scandinavian momentum on the forum. I am aware of some Norwegian activity, but apart from that it has been a rather lonely waiting time here.

Fred O | 07. Dezember 2012

@tomas you dont have to worry. no test drives yet. both figures were for the 40kw models. the former is in a book about ev‘s which came out last april. among others things it compares model s to bmw 5 series. with all the tax benefits currently in place in holland it calculates one might be able to drive this ms for as little as €270 a month all-in (under very specific conditions). i will settle for twice that amount :-) the latter is on a website of a lease company. it predicts the 85kw will cost as much as €117000 (cant remember if that would be a performance model). i think this guess was not very educated but rather they are trying to get some attention.

hbh | 07. Dezember 2012

Does anyone know this.
Is the 40kw models not coming to Scandinavian ?
I can see it have been removed from the Web in Denmark.

Fred O | 07. Dezember 2012

the €92k was about a ms 85kw but not a sig. €117 should read €112k for the perf but still no sig.

tomas.hutters | 07. Dezember 2012

@hbh (compatriot, hej!): it's a red hot topic, take a look at this thread dedicated to the issue:

Looks like it might be the case - I wonder what Tesla's reasoning behind it would be.

@fredodijk: phew! As for the guesstimates, it is going to be exiting. One important thing to remember about European prices is that each and every country differs in what regards car tax regimes, EV incentives etc. - in other words, there will not be one European price but a lot of them. For Denmark (zero tax on EVs, 25% VAT), I have come to expect ~60.000 EUR for the 40 kWh, ~70.000 EUR for the 60 kWh and ~80.000 EUR for the 85 kWh . I.e., more or less the US prices, only with a different currency symbol applied. But we will know soon - and then we are off to work on the TCO.

Carl Barlev | 07. Dezember 2012


For anybody concerned about crumbs in Copenhagen, it isn't "Danish Pastries" that they should be worrying about... In Denmark they're called "Viennese Bread"... :)

Carl Barlev | 07. Dezember 2012


I can help you keep this thread warm. I'm living in Oslo, but I'm more Danish than anything else - half Danish and half Kiwi (various this-and-that from New Zealand).

Model S test drive here next week, then heading down to Denmark the week after for Xmas with family :)

bredell | 07. Dezember 2012

What about Sweden? Surely the car can't be touring Copenhagen and Oslo, and not visit Stockholm?

Brian H | 07. Dezember 2012

Sticking with baking, the mixture of prices and comparisons with TCOs in the EU (and Switzerland) is going to look more like a fruitcake than bread or pastry!

I suspect the Supercharger network is going to be especially significant there, and 40kWh cars can't use it. I can see the outlines of the "Plan" now ...

martin.sjoberg | 08. Dezember 2012

@bredell I don't think it will stop by in Stockholm since we don't have a dealer here yet.

tomas.hutters | 08. Dezember 2012

@Carl - great, let's keep it alive!

Actually, it might be worth a thought to branch of here. So let's take a look at the current situation

Scandinavia wise:

The Norwegians have a private (reservation holders/owners only) forum under \Europe\Norway.
I created \Europe\Denmark in January 2011. # of posts: zero

I think it is a pity - it would be nice to have an active forum for Denmark, and maybe also one for

Scandinavia as a whole.

Curious to hear what you think.

bredell | 08. Dezember 2012

@martin.sjoberg: No dealer? Is that the problem? But someone in Sweden is selling the Roadster, can't the same dealer also sell the Model S?

Brian H | 08. Dezember 2012

No 'dealer' sells Teslas. They can present info, but a true dealer owns inventory and marks it up an resells it. Tesla does not allow this. These are company stores.

Carl Barlev | 10. Dezember 2012


I can add a comment now and then, but not sure about how "active" I can be. Sorry to disappoint, but I already spend too much time on this forum. Can't make any commitment to spend even more!

Besides work, we have three kids, the oldest of whom just turned four. Life is pretty hectic :)

Carl Barlev | 10. Dezember 2012


Statistically speaking I should be somewhere around 1/32nd Maori... but as always nobody can really know for sure :)

Our kids are half Danish, half Kiwi, half Canadian, 1/8th Norwegian and 1/64th Maori... no wonder they were above average birth-weight :)

Carl Barlev | 10. Dezember 2012

Check that.

They ARE half Kiwi and half Canadian.

Statistically I would expect that they SHOULD (also) be half Danish, 1/8th Norwegian, 3/16th Scottish, 1/64th Maori... etc.