Model X Signature Ordering

Model X Signature Ordering

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know if they opened the configuration for all signature holders or just the first handful. I am around signature 500 but it hasn't opened up for me yet.

Jon Wray | 04. September 2015

Just a handful, I was told. Please post again when you're invited (I'm > 1000).

madodel | 04. September 2015

Only to the first 25 Signature holders so far. They are testing the system and the production line.

carlk | 04. September 2015

I hope by the time your number is up Tesla might have changed the policy. On the other hand if you do have the fund available perhaps you could still consider getting the P. It's not like you're wasting the money. You will still be able to get part of it back when you sell the car in the future.