More Passenger Compartment Storage Space Please

More Passenger Compartment Storage Space Please

Can anyone give the latest from the rumor mill on plans to give the MS some usable storage space in the passenger compartment? Map pockets in the doors, closable box on the floor beneath the screen, etc? I am a reservation holder who thought that the center console that has the front cupholders was for storage (btw, why no back cupholders in the same console?), but one of my friends told me it is a non-usable bump with HVAC vents in it. It would be nice if we had some semi-concealable space for phone charger cable, radar detector, purell, change for the meter, sunglasses, tissues, mcdonald's ketchup packs, etc. The glove box is, well, a glove box..... The way this car rockets,

trydesky | 01. Januar 2013

I've been following this thread, and have been thinking if TM made a mistake or not. But considering this is the 1.0 version, I'm fine with what they have done. And I completely agree with others who have mentioned about how every component affects the supply chain, and how every addition affects the weight, which we all know, went into every design element on this car.

DouglasR | 01. Januar 2013

Has anyone looked inside the existing center console, the one that holds the sliding armrest/cup holders? I know it has vents for the rear cabin climate control, but that amounts to a couple of tubes at most. Otherwise, it's a big box that feels pretty hollow. I'm surprised that better use was not made of that space.

edavis008 | 01. Januar 2013

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A Tesla designed center console is badly needed. A principal component of the aftermarket CCI from Soflauthor is another cup holder which is not needed as much as covered storage space. Soflauthor's covered storage will be very difficult to access - too far away from the passengers. Kangaroo pouches in the seats don't provide enough storage for change, sunglasses, umbrella, etc!

riceuguy | 01. Januar 2013

I agree with TheAustin; I thought the CCI was going to be about $300. I mostly need a better cupholder (my wife who is usually the passenger orders large drinks, and that's bad enough with my Infiniti cupholder. I just had my car detailed and they put all of my stuff in a bag, and I am realizing that I haven't taken 90% of the stuff back out after 2 weeks. I am starting to think that mostly I just need a better/extra cupholder, a rear cupholder, and a place for change and sunglasses and I would be happy. Anybody have any wacky ideas on at least solving the cupholder issue?

sj | 21. Februar 2013

Looks like my choices are to go to a custom shop for grab handles, or to decline delivery of my "finalized" Model S and get a gasburner with a finished interior.

Alex K | 21. Februar 2013 | FEBRUARY 21, 2013: Looks like my choices are to go to a custom shop for grab handles, or to decline delivery of my "finalized" Model S and get a gasburner with a finished interior.

There were no promises or specifications that said the Model S would have grab handles. It's possible that they have mounting points already in place for grab handles, but you would need to remove the headliner to find out.

You can do what's happened to me: My dad, that always has a hard time getting in/out of cars, tries to grab the sun visor.

Brian H | 21. Februar 2013

Basic entry trick: back into the car. Sit, grip seat, swing legs. Done.