Mother of all News: Delivery completed and Joined the Haves

Mother of all News: Delivery completed and Joined the Haves

Friends, I am delighted to let all of you know that I got my black beauty on 5-Mar. I named her Stela. I have a feeling that it is most common name for Tesla since it is re-ordering of the TESLA letters. It is a delight to drive it. In fact there are two types of persons. One who drive Tesla and other who don't. I have changed groups and now am part of the Haves. I am still learning about the car and will keep you updated with my experiences and also let you all know if I encounter any issue. I have the big Tesla grin :-) Cheers, Amit

Bighorn | 06. März 2014


diegoPasadena | 06. März 2014

Congrats! Tons of fun to come!

Burt Court | 06. März 2014

Congratulations! Obvious, if black, not in SoCal. The fun begins as you play with all the gizmo's on the screen. If you promise not to tell, I was out playing last nite, and fell asleep in my white S-85 in the garage while charging...

jbunn | 06. März 2014

Welcome to the future. We've been waiting for you.

Gokool | 06. März 2014

Congrats! Can't been too long.

Brian H | 06. März 2014

Elon's original and all upgrades are a) in SoCal and b) black.

sbeggs | 07. März 2014

Hi @amitb00, it's a dream come true...we've been following your thought process since the beginning as you made your choices. Will be interested to hear your reactions to everything you discover!

J.T. | 07. März 2014

Great news amitb. And thanks for sharing your journey.

thranx | 07. März 2014


NKYTA | 07. März 2014

Glad you've finally got her - now get off these fora and go drive! ;-)

sudeepchandra | 07. März 2014

Amit, so you know, some learning (adaptation) is required in driving this car. I got it a few days before you did and have followed your posts. Good luck and you are a celebrity now.

T-Dad | 07. März 2014

Fellow Enthusiasts, I’m so there with you. Am beside myself waiting for my P85 to arrive in 10 days. Let’s celebrate the privilege we have, but “Haves”?! Yikes.

amitb00 | 09. März 2014

Hi Sudeep: indeed there is a learning time when you explore new things and continuously get amazed at the car.
Hi T-dad: when is the delivery? You will have a great time.
Cheers, Amit

PhillyMomof4 | 09. März 2014

Congrats @amitb00! We are like Tesla twins, as we ordered our vehicles on the same day. I pick up my baby on Tuesday near Philadelphia.

Have really enjoyed following your journey to own a Tesla. Keep posting!!

Captain_Zap | 09. März 2014

A dream car named Desire.
Welcome aboard. The journey has just begun.

Webcrawler | 09. März 2014


I was to get mine on the 7th, but it was delayed due to shipping issues. I hope to get it on the 10th...

amitb00 | 09. März 2014

Wow we crawler!!! Tomorrow is the D-day . Enjoy.
Hey Phillpmof4, indeed we are Tesla twins. It is exciting to see so many of us getting our Teslas!!! Let us know about your experiences!!!

T-Dad | 10. März 2014

Hey Amitb00 -- Car just went into production today should have it mid next week! I hope your baby is doing well... :)

ccbldg | 10. März 2014
wolfpet | 10. März 2014

Congrats and welcome ;-)

sbeggs | 11. März 2014

@T-Dad, shouldn't be long now, 3 or so days in production, then shipment! Congrats!

amitb00 | 11. März 2014

Congrats T-dad. In 2 days it will be production complete and then in next few days, you will be the proud owner. I am enjoying my baby. She is terrific. I will post few pictures of Stela soon.

T-Dad | 11. März 2014

Thanks guys. She's going to a grey on grey on grey p85. I'm usually more colorful than that, but I couldn't get past that color combo! Thanks for all the good wishes!

sbeggs | 12. März 2014

Today is T day! Leaving for San Diego Service Center, will report back on delivery of blue Model S85 after appropriate cooling off period!

nickjhowe | 12. März 2014


amitb00 | 12. März 2014

Congrats sbeggs!!!
Nick, your handbook is very nice and detailed. Thanks for putting in so much effort for fellow owners.

sbeggs | 12. März 2014

@nickjhowe, we made three copies of your valuable checklist and one of us used it to check exterior finish, one checked mechanicals (doors closing etc.) and then one of us checked the options, electronics and paperwork.

We couldn't find anything wrong! Grateful for your work.

@amitb00, may you have many beautiful years with your Stela. We're hoping for many enjoyable trips with 14TFOR2.

And to the other two Tesla deliveries today at the San Diego Service Center, enjoy them in good health!

Mike C at Tesla SC (DS) was great .

NKYTA | 12. März 2014

@nickjhowe has made our cars better cuz' Telsa knows exactly what is coming from owners. Whee! :-)

NKYTA | 12. März 2014

...and again, drat you @nickjhowe, checklist coming out one week earlier and I would have been even more obsessive. ;-)

ZRO CO2 | 12. März 2014

T-Dad has production Completed yet, Mine went into production on the evening of the 8th. and still in production. Also Grey but Black seats.

Roamer@AZ USA | 12. März 2014

One day it will just seem normal and iCE will seem strange and foreign. I feel like an idiot when I have to buy gas and can't remember how to use the pump. Having a full "tank" everytime I get in the car is still a joy.

Congrats and enjoy.

T-Dad | 12. März 2014

@sbeggs. Congrats on your baby! Really happy to hear delivery went well. I'm also working with Mike C as my DS. He's been great so far.

@lanr. Production complete today and being prepped for delivery to San Diego. Delivery date scheduled for 3/20 and likely getting moved up. Hopefully the same will be happening for you. Crossing fingers!

chrisdl | 12. März 2014

Congratulations, Amit and all other new owners! I'm out for a week and look how many new babies! Cheers, everybody. May you enjoy her for a long time to come.

amitb00 | 13. März 2014

Great news T-dad . Enjoy

ZRO CO2 | 13. März 2014

Production Completed this morning 13th, March. Took just over 4 days. Now pushing the DS for early delivery. if I have to wait for the 26th I think I will go Mad especially now she is alive and sitting waiting for me. :-)

plusplusjames | 13. März 2014

@lanr: "will go mad?" Take a look in the mirror and join the rest of us in the loony bin! LOL! (Delivery scheduled for March 25th). (Bangs head on the wall).

fikernaut | 13. März 2014

@Ianr: Congrats! another milestone achieved!

ZRO CO2 | 13. März 2014

Thanks @++James and @Vin33865 are you in Production yet? must be close

fikernaut | 13. März 2014

@Ianr: Not yet ....

sbeggs | 13. März 2014

hey @ianr VIN33401 and @plusplusjames, perhaps @PhillyMomof4's head and neck problems resulted from those pre-delivery head-banging episodes! On day of delivery I had to take Advil after new car's torque threw me back against headrest (repeatedly, LOL!)

plusplusjames | 13. März 2014

@lanr: My Production was complete and they were preparing for delivery as of yesterday. Why does my forehead hurt?

Brian H | 13. März 2014

Check your walls for dents and blood spots.

ZRO CO2 | 14. März 2014

Delivery now moved up a week to the 19th. only 5 more sleeps....

amitb00 | 14. März 2014

Great news Ianr