must have options?

must have options?

I'm at a decision point. As a car enthusiast I'm really liking the performance S, however I would have to forgo almost every option for the extra performance. The regular S with tech pkg, hi-fi, and pano roof is like $83-84K. I'm looking at $93K for the perf edition similarly equipped - that will pay 100% of my reg and taxes. So to my question, what options are "must haves"? It looks like one would be foolish to not get the tech pkg. i've lived through enough shared cars (my wife would drive also) to know that memory seats alone are worth the coin...then consider resale and it really seems a no brainer. Outside of that, what must one get -- I'm talking bang for the buck, value here. The $83K version is really in budget, I'd be stretching with the perf version. Is it really worth the difference? Any chance the the inverter will ever be made available separately, as I will opt for the 85kWh battery?

Liz G | 14. Juni 2013

My 2cents

Having driven both now I would say the performance is AWESOME!! But I'm fine with just the standard that I have. The performance beats the standard hands down on off-the-line acceleration but at highway speeds going from 60 to 90 when passing, I barely notice a difference. Now the standard off-the-line is no slouch either, I have no problem getting up to highway speeds and merging into traffic.

You won't be disappointed with the standard. If you can afford the performance I say go for it. The launching off-the -ine is really fun though you risk giving your passengers whiplash. But if you can't afford it, the standard is still a lot of fun to drive.

As far as other feature I would say at minimum you want active air. I've had the opportunity to drive both a car with and a car without active air and I can really notice the difference in the drive.

If you are likely to have tall passengers riding in the back seat you'll want the pano roof as it affords more head room in the back.

The other items are really your preference. I, personally, HAD TO HAVE the door handles that auto-presented when I approached so I got the tech package. Now though, I really appreciate having the auto-lift tail gate and xenon headlights that came with it.

I have not heard the standard stereo, I only have the upgraded stereo so can't comment on the differences or need to have the upgraded stereo.

I rarely have the opportunity or need to utilize the dual charger so I am not upset that I did not get that option. You'd have to decided how often you would need/be able to utilize the dual charger.

And I did not get the jump seats as my son is 16 and could not utilize them. Though my friends who have kids and have the jump seats say their kids absolutely love them.

elguapo | 14. Juni 2013

Search the forum with There are several threads on this.

stephen.kamichik | 14. Juni 2013

I am thrilled with my standard 85. I have air suspension and tech package. The ride is excellent and the tech package features are great.

fluxemag | 14. Juni 2013

Here's a cross post from TMC on my loaner:

Just got a loaner in Scottsdale. A regular 85 with cloth, air, solid roof and 19"...hmmm. The car had 120 miles on the odometer when I got it. I have a "40" with pano, leather and 20" aftermarket wheels (all show and less go). Definitely prefer my car, can't tell the difference between suspensions except the air makes more noise. I had chosen the pano for headroom based on sitting in a solid roof car at a store. Either they changed something or I didn't adjust the seat in the store car, because there is plenty of headroom. The extra performance is noticeable in the 85, although only when maxed out (there's no speed limiter on the loaner I have btw). Disappointed it wasn't a P85, but it was still pretty sweet to have the car valeted to my house.

Also, the tech package seems uninteresting for the price. The auto present door handles are great, but I don't really understand why that isn't standard. Nav I don't need. Fog lights aren't really fog lights, and add more chrome on the area around them. Xenon headlights would be nice, but the LED DRL are the best part and those are standard. Homelink would be nice.

Both this car and my car have the upgraded stereo, so I can't comment except I like it.

Memory seats are included in the standard package without tech.

stevenmaifert | 14. Juni 2013

Even a bare bones MS is pretty awesome. I'd say there really are no "must haves". It's all a matter of personal preference and driving requirements. What sort of features do you feel a premium luxury sedan should have? Is the price of the various options/packages for MS worth the enhancement to your driving experience? Between TMC and this forum, there are pros/cons discussions on all things MS that my help you with the decision making. When it comes to overall cost, remember you will also have maintenance plans and an extended warranty to decide on too.

George with SacEV | 14. Juni 2013

Performance PLUS seems good IF one has the $