MX reservations from MS owners (WINTER driving)

MX reservations from MS owners (WINTER driving)

Hey everyone. For those of you who reserved a Model X coming from a Model S: Is the reservation based on the Model S not driving too well in Winter conditions?

jjs | 04. August 2014


mrothman | 05. August 2014

After a rough Chicago winter, a definite no. I do have dedicated snow tires for the winter but this car is great in the snow. The biggest reason for the X in my household is we need an SUV to haul kids and sports equipment. With kids who ski race and frequent trips to practice and races in Wisconsin the Model S behaved like a champ last winter. Buying an X for the interior space not the 4 wheel drive. My own opinion for my winter driving is that if I were forced to choose two wheel drive MS with snow tires or four wheel drive MX with all seasons I would choose the MS. Of course my first choice would be an MX with snow tires and four wheel. If I lived in the mountains or had an unpaved long driveway my choice might be different.

Darth Fedor | 05. August 2014

Thanks for the response @mrothman. I've had my MS60 for 4 weeks now and absolutely love it. I have new Hakka R2's in storage waiting to be put on this winter. I've only heard great things about winter driving but wanted a perspective from people ordering a MX

barrykmd | 05. August 2014

Absolutely. No RWD for me in Colorado.

GLO | 05. August 2014

Nope, we want to each have a Tesla.

AlMc | 06. August 2014

My answer NO; Good snows on the RWD S during the winter resulted in NO issues.

My wife: Answer: I only want to drive AWD vehicles: So the decision will come down to an X or AWD S

Napoleonblownapart | 07. August 2014

No. The Model S does fine in snow. We live in Colorado and in the winter we get some REALLY slippery roads. I think the AWD will be great on ice. As a bonus, there will be more room to take our five (plus us) friends to the mountains!

SolarPoweredCO | 08. August 2014

Yes. P85+ does not do well in the snow. Mainly due to torque, RWD and type of tires. I haven't put on snow tires and won't. That is what the Model X is for! ;-)

Epley | 08. August 2014

My P85 rocks in the snow! Need to figure out how it handles first, but a little finesse on the accelerator and with the help of winter tires, it's as solid as many 4x4's.

Iowa92x | 08. August 2014

Snow tires and RWD will eat AWD's lunch in all seasons.

HWF | 12. August 2014

My home in New Jersey has a very steep driveway, and my house in Vermont is on a hilly dirt road. I do fine in my AWD BMW's, and I simply won't take a chance with a TESLA that does not have AWD.

SolarPoweredCO | 13. August 2014

@iowa92x my 30 years experience driving in the Rocky Mountains begs to differ.

ian | 13. August 2014

Bottom line. Get proper winter tires if you have real winter driving conditions. It will make a world of difference.


NumberOne | 13. August 2014

FWD cars with good tires generally do quite well on a hilly driveways. RWD on the other hand does not do as well because all the weight is on the tires not trying to move the car. With the Model S, the weight is very well distributed, and the traction control system is really good, which is why the Model S performs so well. The Model X will be excellent, but Model S can go where most AWD cars can (except if there is not enough clearance, in which case it is probably safest to stay home.) No matter what or how you drive, other people who are driving too fast for road conditions can still slam into you at turns or stops.

Iowa92x | 13. August 2014

Solar, so you like AWD and all seasons or? I do AWD with snows, works well.

sparkynbear | 16. August 2014

We live at 8040' in Colorado. Bought a Volt (FWD) in Oct and drove it every day this winter save for the 2 14" days. GLAD I had my AWD Honda Ridgeline. Thus, waiting for the X.